5 Herbal Remedies for Stress

Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Marvin7148, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Hello guys

    I found some herbal remedies for stress, take look and give me your feedback.

    The following are some herbal suggestions for stress control and amelioration:

    1. Borage is used to relieve depression and stress and is a mild diuretic.

    2. Chamomile is a gentle herb used in tea to soothe and relax the nervous system. In stressful circumstances, chamomile is used to soothe the digestive tract. It is an anti-spasmodic and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    3. Chive is said to have some natural antibiotic properties to help the immune system under stress.

    4. Echinacea is said to improve immune function and stamina, especially the body’s ability to fight off viruses and colds, by boosting the power of white blood cells to destroy invading organisms. It has long been a popular remedy among Native American peoples.

    5. Ginko Biloba is said to increase blood flow to the brain, improve neurotransmitter function, and improve the metabolism of brain fuels. It also is said to scavenge free-radicals from the circulation, thus helping to slow aging. As such, it is being touted as helpful for holding off symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. For the healthy population, it is used to increase alertness and concentration.

    Thank you fore replies,


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