4-methylmethcathinone - The Six Hour Orgasm

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    Let me just start things off by saying this drug is by far the most heavenly, euphoria-inducing, orgasmic experience I have ever felt.

    - weight - 155lbs
    - average height for my weight (5'10")
    - average/above average tolerence to alcohol
    - average reaction to everything I try
    - drug use in week following experience: 2.5g's of Ketamine spread throughout the week, marijuana smoked for half or less of the days within the past week.

    PREP -
    Suck up 10mL of distilled H2O heated to just about steaming in a tea kettle (tap water has shit in it). Pour a shotglass full of the water, suck up 10mL (not much) with a 10mL syringe. Empty in bag containing powder, it’s the size of an average ziplock but has no zipper.
    A little mixing and it's all VERY WELL dissolved in the water. The powder took maybe a minute and a half to get it all absorbed into the water, including all mixing and everything until the water was completely clear. I dumped this back into the shot glass very carefully. I’m going to have to do this with something to catch the substance because the bag could break. Sucked it up in the syringe and had ~100mg/mL solution. Shot 2mL into the glass (45mL, a 22:1 ratio of root beer to 4-MMC-laden water).

    9:45pm - Dose ~200mg (in distilled H2O) in a shot with root beer. Even in like the root beer, it was intensely bitter (maybe like ½ that of DXM HBr powder). I held my nose and didn’t taste it, but it’d of been really bitter and nasty if I did. Worse than methylone (which was drinkable in a like water), but it went down easy and smooth.

    9:50pm – I’m feeling a little nauseous. But really it’s just because I didn’t know whether to expect it. The feeling seemed psychosomatic as it disappeared within 5-10 minutes and started about 5 minutes after ingestion). Take 2 huge bong rips of momma kush (and another smaller one)

    10pm - feel odd, heart rate seems fast and hard. Like highly so but I am not worried. So I am probably fine.

    10:07pm - heart rate seems like it’s gotten a little harder. I should have taken Vitamin C. I will now. Maybe I can safe myself a little.

    10:10pm - starting to feel VERY euphoric and a really nice body high. Reminds me of methylone a little (the body high), but far more orgasmic. Lots of teeth grinding, I'm watching that. Took 2 vitamin C, gagged on the 3rd, will try now.

    (beginning of peak) 10:11pm - take the 3rd. Three grams of Vitamin C (now drank .25L of water since 9:45pm) should help protect my brain against the obvious neurotoxicity of something like 4-methylmethcathinone. I've read some insane shit about this stuff.

    10:15pm - heartbeat feels less POUNDING and faster. I feel better about that. I feel INCREDOBLE. Music sounds amazing. This is extremely immensely euphoric like holy fuck. Better than methylone I think.

    10:20pm - Feel amazing. Seems to have topped out. I seem to be peaking.

    10:28pm - music appreciation is through the roof. Music is amazing. FUCKING AMAZING. I'm dancing and shit in the chair. (Love On My Mind (Original DJ Hope Mixshow Edit) // Freemasons Feat. Amanda Wilson)

    10:37pm - going STRONG. Goddamn the body high is just fantastic, as is the mental high. Not as stoning as methylone, it’s nice. Methylone can be a little stimulating on the body and stoning on the mind, which can be a little difficult.

    10:45pm - Seems to be lapses in euphoria, still peaking though. Taking another 100mg same as before.

    10:52pm -
    starting to feel even more incredible. Vision is doing weird things. Eyeball twitching whatever that's called scientifically (nystigmus). Ugh I am in fucking heaven x1,000,000,000!!!

    (peaking + beg. of 2nd peak)
    10:54pm - Experiencing strongest euphoria I have experienced in anything I've EVER done. Holy fuck!!! What a ride!!!! If I compared 4-methylmethcathinone in nothing but euphoria with methylone, formally one of the most euphoric things I've done (oxycodone to a lesser extent, LSD and shrooms have been the most blissful), 2-4x realistically. Imagine 2-4 TIMES the intensity. Heart beating hard. BPM 190. DAMN!!! Fucking HELL that's high.

    11:00pm -
    Complete body orgasm just raging on and on. Powerful mind orgasiming along with infinite bliss. Absolute INSANITY. Moved the report to Word. Mental tasks remain a breeze. Body high feels like a continuous furious orgasm.

    11:05pm –
    put on headphones and am rocking out with the music LOUD. Euphoria is too much to describe in words. Unfuckingreal. Don’t even call it euphoria, call it orgasm. This stuff must REALLY FUCK the dopamine receptors. I hope I don’t crash unbelievably hard. Experience is highly preferable over methylone and MDA.

    11:13pm –
    Rocking the fuck out. Orgasiming still, haha. Music is pretty damn awesome. I am fucked up, and would not be able to act normally. Walking is odd and the body high is a bit heavy in a light way.

    11:15pm –
    put on Foo Fighter’s album One By One. Awesome album. Mouth has been drying and reminding me to drink water often, I don’t remember otherwise, lucky me J. Like ever 3-4 mins. Take some gulps.

    11:25pm –
    just spent 3 minutes bolding the times, adding PM’s and a sentence at the beginning. Doing things is a breeze mentally.

    11:38pm –
    Enjoying the hell out of myself. Talking to people on AIM and posting on HF (haha). I’ve been switching around to dance, trance, and rock.

    11:43pm –
    Lots of teeth grinding. I’m managing to keep it to a small amount, but I am grinding lightly a little bit. Jaw is constantly moving. I can do anything I want/need to do if I concentrate even a little (Has been this way throughout entire experience), though I wouldn’t drive on this. I drove on methylone and did completely fine but I wouldn’t on this.

    11:49pm –
    Water is highly necessary. I automatically remember every 3-5 minutes or so minutes. It makes you REALLY thirsty when it comes time. It would be easy to forget if I was ‘clubbing’, haha.

    11:55pm –
    I think physical activity, like dancing or anything like that, would easily get extremely tiring. It’s not the pot because I went away 5 minutes. Maybe it was but I’m on a powerful empathogen.

    12:00am –
    Still peaking strongly. All effects have been constant since I came up. 100mg’s was the perfect booster. Moving feels amazing.

    (2h 10m since 1st peak started)
    12:21am – Talking to people online is fantastic. No overwhelming need for physical company like with methylone. BPM: 155. I’ve never measured BPM before but I read a lot about this drug being pretty hard on the heart. It’s interesting to know I’m probably going to start coming down soon.

    12:26am –
    Tactile sensation is fantastic. Much more so than with methylone. The blankets and pillows on my couch make me happy when I touch them. Heh >_>

    12:28am –
    Since like 12:15 I’ve felt pretty hot, like it’s maybe 77-80F in here when it’s actually It’s 68-70F. I’ve drank a liter of water so far and half a can of root beer (6 ounces – 177mL). Water does a better job, obviously. Can’t waste root beer though! Taste has not really been enhanced that much.

    1:02am –
    I hadn’t really lost track of time. I’m holding like 3 or so conversations at the moment. I closed this because it was getting glitch-y and forgot to open it. I was hot for like 10 minutes. Started to get hot again, this time more like 75F (if that was the room temp).

    1:06pm –
    BPM: 130-140. I’m using a stopwatch for these. Amount of beats in six seconds times ten, taking an average of 3 quick trials. Hotness has lessened.

    (~2h since 2nd peak started)
    1:15pm – Time is not as dilated as it was. 10 minutes felt like awhile. Though I won’t put any minutes for that because it’s more like you just don’t notice t.he cock. I don’t want to give people expectations. Euphoria has diminish by maybe 5-8% overall

    1:30am –
    Have drunk like 1.5L of water now. I sort of lost track. 1.5-2L. Not nearly enough

    1:35am -
    I’ve really irritated by upper lips and the skin right above them with the tongue thing that tends to happen on all stimulants when you take a lot. It gets red. It comes from your mouth drying out and it’s all rough without the saliva to lubricate it. I put on some pomegranate Burt’s Bee’s, the best ‘lip balm’ ever =).

    1:40am –
    Experience is still going on 85% of the high point in the peak (estimation obviously). Pulse is 140. I wish I could’ve measured my blood pressure but I haven’t noticed any of the side effects that come with that (messed up vision, feeling the general discomfort, tingling, etc).

    1:50am -
    I was hoping to get 3-4 good hours so I ‘m happy. It will probably last another 1-1.5h without diminishing below %70-75 unless it drops off really fast at one point. I’m sort of expecting a mix between the 2. I remember people saying this has no comedown. But I boosted with half the original dose so here’s hoping.

    1:55am – Writing and holding sober-literate conversations has been a breeze. I tend to ramble a lot though, as you can probably tell. In real life, it would probably be tougher. Though speaking is not difficult right now. It feels a lot like the mental clarity of some extremely pure speed, but much more flowing.

    2:15am –
    Still feel a good 75% of the drug raging. Euphoria is still quite powerful and there is still a lot of rushing. 4h 30m since original dose and everything is still strong. I find it very odd I don’t feel alone on this, though I have been talking with like 8 or 9 people during the course of the effects. With methylone I felt I HAD to be with someone else. Dosed 200mg’s, came up, ands HAD to drive to ex’s house (not an ex then, lol).

    2:40am –
    It’s easy to forget to drink water, especially if you’re actually doing something (like out somewhere). Make a point in your mind to sip every couple of minutes and that you will probably forget if you don’t implant that into your brain before you come up. Doing any mental task has been pretty easy and quick (Conversations, math (simple), writing, etc.). Though I can ramble about anything I start talking about. It’s more like an anti-ADD drug. Switching often and staying intensely focused on what you’re doing at that moment only.

    2:45am –
    I can’t believe this. It’s been 5h/4h since dose/booster and still going quite strong, though it’s starting to go away a little in ways I can’t really place my finger on. Slight anxiety noticed. It would be worse and prevalent if I was around anyone who didn’t know I was on it and would be annoyed at me for it.

    3:00am -
    Had 2.5L of water over the experience. I’d of probably had a liter more if I remembered more often. The thirst is enough to remind you when you switch things you’re doing and aren’t so heavily focused on what you’re doing. Body is beginning to feel physical fatigue in all muscles. BPM before smoke (last measure was at 1:06 @ 130-140): ~145. It has not decreased much over the past few hours. Going to take a few rips of Kush. I still feel GREAT and am not using the weed for a ‘comedown’ at this point.

    3:20am –
    Finally hit 3 huge rips of the Kush in the gravity bong. Euphoria of the 4-MMC was at slightly more than half the peak feelings. This is very strange. It’s most than likely the booster? It’s almost like it’ll just weaken until it goes away. And maybe not produce a brutal crash or comedown, or any.

    3:28am –
    Pretty stoned. I love how gravity bong hits develop. Now I just feel retarded in the head. 4-MMC is still somewhat euphoric, decent amount of rushing. I can’t believe I’ve seen sitting at the PC all this time, or most of it. Eh I like to get a feel for it in my basement where if something happens I’ll be fine.

    3:45am – 6h/5h since dose/booster. Pretty much the fun part is over, as it slowly keeps getting less euphoric and more anxious. Not too bad, but I guess compared to being on 4-MMC, sobriety would feel like anxiety and shit, plus the neurotransmitter drain. The pulse rate topping at 190BPM for me when my pulse rate maximum is 200bpm for my age (supposedly 220 – age = max heart rate) is pretty scary, even though I’m pretty healthy and fairly active and that’s just general. At this point I suppose it becomes life threatening or damaging internal side effects might occur (some 4-8 hours? Of 190-150bpm? And it goes back up with weed?). I wouldn’t take another dose because I feel I’ve strained my heart more than enough. I did that too much with d-amphetamine. Pulse rate is back up to ~175bpm. I figured weed does this to me when I’m pretty high, that’s why I’m only smoking a few hits.

    4am –
    If you didn’t notice. Writing is awesome on 4-MMC. Thoughts flow easily and quickly. Pulse @ 160bpm. I’m still pretty active and hyper, but I’m sitting down. Still lots of jaw movement like teeth grinding, constantly licking lips when not fully hydrated (happens on moderate doses on amphetamine) and just general effects of being cracked out on a powerful stimulant. Music has lost it’s empathogenic tone. Music sounds pretty normal now. I’m Still pretty euphoric between the weed and the receding 4-MMC effects.

    4:10am –
    Pulse @ 140-150bpm. Chest is sore in the heart region. Feels like the heart itself.

    4:20am –
    Eh the anxiety has gotten worse. The weed is keeping things fine though, at least it seems. It’s fairly bad when I concentrate on it. It’s like an intense loneliness because you feel so chemically (and therefore emotionally) drained, and surprisingly still not missing real life people so much. I feel a light emptiness (emotional). Thank god for marijuana!

    4:30am –
    The 4-methylmethcathinone is definitely wearing off. It’s leaving behind super milked receptors. It’d be cool if I just had some l-tyrosine, as I don’t feel like eating. Waves of moderate anxiety noticed every 3-5 minutes. Cotton mouth from these things combined has made it nearly impossible to keep moist very well. It was one hell of a ride, just orgasm in drug form. As long as you can supplement the comedown with l-tyrosine and 5-HTP (probably would be helpful), and have weed or maybe benzos on hand. Careful….

    4:36am –
    Pulse @150bpm

    4:45am –
    7h/6h since dose/booster (200mg/100mg) . Overall, while it was complete heaven in nearly every way, I’m going to try 150mg/100mg(75?) next dose. I think it’s a little too much on the heart at 300 total. I can’t believe boosting made it go for so long. Pulse @ 140bpm. I seem to be peeing out a lot of the water I’m drinking. Blah.

    4:54am –
    Peed. Feel much better. I don’t care to get up until it’s really urgent, lol. This post-peak period from like .

    5:16am - In much of the time I’m not physically typing, I’m reviewing, changing and fixing this report like crazy. It definitely makes you extremely motivated to do work, in a sort of half-insane, cracked out way. I’ve been fine sitting down a lot of the experience, though I could’ve just as easily be moving in the right atmosphere I suppose. Physically the stimulation is very much still there. Instead of rushing, it is now just pretty strong stimulation like maybe 35-40mg of d-amphetamine when peaking.

    5:20am –
    Weed is good. I would be miserable if I didn’t have some herb. I feel somewhat sad but alright at the same time. Two or three more bong rips and I’ll be good. Hopefully I can sleep at like 6am.

    5:32am –
    Just one but I am back in a pretty good mindset. Very sore chest right now and it has been for like 75 mins. I forgot where my grav’s bowel was. I hid it in a different place. Found it in like 2 minutes of searching.

    5:45am –
    I don’t know if I’m going to sleep. I guess I will try at like 6. Who knows. (8h/7h) still felt in stimulation, jaw nonsense, and general highness. I’m still feeling the 4-MMC’s aftereffects strongly.

    5:50am –
    I’m going to lay down. BPM @ 140bpm. Not tired at all.

    Laid around for awhile, got up at 8 and smoked like 6 bong rips. Finally slept at like 9ish -12:30pm. Went back to sleep until 3:30ish. My lips are all swollen and bright red. They’re a little raw to the touch. Never gotten that quite so bad before. Front half of my tongue feels very similar. Afterglow noticeable in the form of a nice lighthearted mood.

    The report is really long-winded. The stuff made concentration and though flow effortless. Far more so than amphetamine. I really want to do more. Urges yes, not quite cravings though. By far the most orgasmic, euphoric thing I have ever experienced. The peak was really just unreal. The duration of the really good effects was a good 6 hours, and another 4 or so until it was possible to sleep when really baked.
    I’ve fixed a lot of spelling and grammar errors but there are still loads of them.

    Overall pros and cons

    - Most intense euphoria ever experienced (previously most euphoric tried heroin, MDA, oxycodone, methylone, amphetamine). Blows them off the face of the fucking earth.
    - Immensely positive experience. Seems pretty impossible to have a bad experience in any way (with correct dose)
    - Extremely powerful experience. Never tried MDMA but I cannot imagine it would be better than this. Easily multitudes better than MDA and MDMC (methylone).
    - Orgasms last a good 6 solid hours with the doses I took.

    - Heart rate was almost inhuman. Peaking on both doses it maxed out at 190-195BPM, and I wasn't even doing anything. 200 is supposedly the maximum times my heart is physically capable of beating in 60 seconds.
    - Body was heated up. Cold will not make you feel cold. Keep hydrated or you'll regret it.
    - Raw, swollen lips and even tongue from the insane jaw action induced by 4-MMC. This could be lessened if you could actually remember to sip water every few minutes.
    - Duration. Unlike MDMA, MDMC, MDA, etc., this stuff lasts a good 10-12 hours total before sleep is a possibility (and this is with good bud), with the doses I took.

    A MUST ADD (4 days after first dose)

    This time I tried 150mg, followed by 100mg's 30 minutes later. It's still nearly as awesome ass the 300 total BUT my resting heart rate is 130 PEAKING on both doses.This is me not really paying attention to anything but rambling to people. No excitement from music, so it's the VERY lowest.

    It seems 150mg + 30min + 100mg DRAMATICALLY decreases the side-effects.The jaw action is even a FRACTION as bad as it was before. And the dehydration symptoms aren't nearly as bad.


    Dosed 300mg Monday night (2/02), 250mg Thursday night
    (2/05) and 300 Sunday night (2/08).

    2/02 - 200mg + 100mg at an hour - 12/10 (rating of 10, which is perfect)
    2/05 - 150mg + 100mg at 30min - 08/10
    2/08 - 200mg + 100mg at 30min - 6.5-7/10

    First: WAIT AT LEAST 60 MINUTES BEFORE REDOSE. At least with the 300mg. The blood pressure got pretty high. It could be the other 4-MMC metabolites in the system helping, but seeing as this stuff is 100% water soluble, probably not. I would never exceed 300mg's total. I can see this becoming a side-effect hell if you try to binge.

    Noticeable tolerance has already built. The 300 doesn't even feel as good as the 250 three days prior. Had been taking a multivitamin daily, eating protein-rich foods and things of the like. That's not enough to restore the dopamine. I'd do this once a WEEK, if that. Possibly even once every 2 weeks at the most. But in reality it should be a RARE occasion.

    Longer-term Cons

    - The tolerance is very fast. The potency by weight is already bad (250-300mg total)
    - The substance releases extreme amounts of dopamine which takes 4-7 days? Possibly more to restore itself.
    - Somewhat high addiction liability. Though bad side-effects will get bad with multiple uses .
    - I developed VERY high blood pressure (symptoms) tonight. It was either the proximity of the doses or too frequent use.
    - Getting addicted would undoubtedly destroy one's life (and body) FAST.
    - NOT WORTH doing often, despite the fun. Addictive, exceptionally hard on the cardiovascular system, tolerance is wicked fast and I bet it's highly neurotoxic too.

    Once or twice a month, with 4G's of ascorbic acid 20 mins before dosing, and another 3g's four hours in. Should help protect against the neurotoxicity.

    I'm thinking judging by the time frames and doses, it could take as long as another really powerful dopamine releasing drug to restore the 'magic' of first-time use. Heroin. A few uses can take weeks to get the dopamine back..... we'll see.

  2. Severely stoned

    Severely stoned Senior Member

  3. bmw5233

    bmw5233 Member

    What effect do you think the booster had? Just an extension?

    Your timeline from ingestion to sleep is a really long time...much more than what I like.

    Did you ever get annoyed with the speedyness of the substance?

    I'm not in a position where MJ would help me...so what do you think it would've been like without the MJ?

    Thanks for the report...look forward to your next, lower dosage report.
  4. does2

    does2 Member

    Nice report, sounds like a good time.

  5. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    ooooo im supposed to be getting some soon im excited.
  6. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    Nooo, that nullifies half of the trip report for me :/

    Can you write one like this without the weed sometime? Sounds amazing but who knows how much of that was weed/placebo.
  7. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    It was easy to tell what was weed and what wasn't. The 4-MMC blew away the weed effects with intensity. Although I knew I was high, once the peak started it wouldn't have mattered either way. This drug is far more intense than cannabinoids.
  8. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    God that post almost made ME fucking orgasm.

    What a fucking trip. Nice.

    I wish I had ANY idea where to get ahold of that.

  9. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    Awesome.. want to try...
  10. bmw5233

    bmw5233 Member

    The stuff is out there u4ia. It's one of the easier ones to find, IMO. Just keep looking and you'll find it.
  11. jaredfelix

    jaredfelix Namaste ॐ

    Wow, that was a great trip report geneity.
    I am so excited to place an order for mephedrone. I found a great deal on 25 grams for under $400 :D

    I cant get enough of reading trip report on Mephedrone.
    One thing i would like to know is how easily it degrades. Ive heard the samples that smell bad, or have a strong pungent smell degrade alot faster then the better synthed batches.

    I mean I am making a large order and i dont want the stuff degrading before its gone...

    hah i found a vendor that sells a kilo for $4400!!
  12. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    just had to point out a funny typo, haha

    sounds like quite the experience. glad you didn't inject it (had me worried at the beginning with the syringe). have fun but don't die:cheers2:
  13. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    The syringe was just to measure in mL (and a placer to keep the solution which doubles as an easy doser). Solution is 1mL/100mg. No needle on it.

    I need gotta find someone who would do this with me. Haha.

    And lol porkstock.

    Yeah, nobody should ever inject something that will make your pulse nearly the maximum physical times the heart can beat in a minute with only oral ingestion. I could imagine IVing this would be the most heavenly thing in existence.
  14. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    Anything with Meth in the name twice, has to be fun. :cool:
  15. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    I added something pretty important at the bottom. Makes the compount much more promising.
  16. pbjube3

    pbjube3 Cock Blaster

    wow what kinda of fuckin drug is this, sounds intense, is it meth? lets do some!
  17. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    it's apparently even more of a dopamine releaser than meth. A lot of people prefer it to MDMA or meth. Ahaha!
  18. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    Added a longer-term effects section at the bottom of the OP. I know, I'm going overboard but writing, texting and talking are super fun.
  19. Adamist

    Adamist Member

    Awesome report. I just came off a 3-day long binge of this Mephedrone (slang term). My first trial I ingested a capsule with 100mg, waited about an hour and then started snorting lines... this was a bad idea considering how much I spaced out the lines, trying to keep the high going all night. I ended up with a HORRIBLE headache, the left side of my brain was just throbbing.. actually woke up the next day with the same pain. This really freaked me out because this was my first trial with this substance, and I felt I could be doing some really bad damage to my brain and body. Also I definitely noticed some stress on the heart, similar to a coke binge. Last night however I stuck with oral ingestion and had no headaches or much negative effects. I did about 200mg total and felt pretty good overall, even with tolerance.

    I am waiting for my 5HTP to arrive so I can try to minimize some of the toxicity I feel this substance causes. Any ideas on other supplements that would be a good idea?
  20. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    l-tyrosine. Ascorbic acid before ingestion.

    I noticed a lot of those bad side-effects as well. This should be done like once a month. It's too draining on the brain to do all the time.

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