34 Terra Moon Arcs Arching to 36

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    34 Terra Moon Arcs Assimilating to 36..

    a quintillion first steps in all vectors of a sphere
    is where i feel my inner clockworks
    unfold as dry-ice subliminates

    earnestly i reveal my precious datum, unfurling,
    crewel-work of hyper-dimensional antiquity
    present in this, to you
    to me,
    with concern that inexpressible cosmo-mythopoetics
    will break down in language
    short-circuiting lingual hyper-ribbits

    this eternal ephemeral euphony of euphoria
    ethos of my face before birth
    etched into eternity
    a concentrate of Om
    vibrating in me

    hissing sidewinder known as
    kundalini zymurgy
    the iconoclastic imagination
    hypo-hyper hypnotic consciousness
    my forte',
    to grease the loom of infinite realities
    tickling the floodgates of the Source

    this last time around
    rotation in samsara
    with no more re-incarnation left
    I endlessly wandered the impotent fury
    of suicidal breaths
    inner-time is relative,
    henbane fugue
    sexing the ecstasy of death
    in asylum corridors
    an esoteric method
    sow and ye shall reap
    belabored obdurate era
    with each spasm in death's embrace
    psychic ejaculations of despair
    impregnating unknown futures
    isotopes of SelFoolisHerOmens

    these pains to bear
    mitigated for a time
    some superficial bloodflow
    coloring necrotic layers of who i was
    grafted to the smothered trill callings
    traipse onward
    butchering my innards
    coalescing with virulent tryptamine nightmares
    masking fatal prognostications
    with truculent ideals
    foreplay of demise

    spiritual rape
    broke me

    in trance-possession state--
    --a psychic snapped her fingers
    waking me from caustic fog
    as i lead my body self and soul
    to the guillotine’s lair
    catching scent of the maniacal
    decay of this embodied parasitic demonous predator
    nauseating to the core
    deceleratedly resigned to witness fully
    a razor laceration
    second primal wound
    into my nucleus

    from which gushed forth
    all sense of self and soul
    while i damned myself in mobius loops
    unforgiving of my own unfolding wake of agony

    now 34~ moons have arced—
    with each one, 4 element based dressings fell off my wound
    the tidal inrush of original face
    has formed me in the forge
    and atop the blacksmith's anvil
    the deepest dressing on this trauma
    coming off, dried secretions crystallized,
    appearing as chintz
    laced with dew of cosmic consciousness
    nursing from Devi's breast
    as i am pushed from her womb once more
    glistening with amniotic acumen

    two mirrors placed against one another
    reflect into dual infinities—
    the center between is godhead original face

    here i om here i nature here i imagine
    here i try here i live here i trip
    here i joy here i pray here i flow
    here i cry here i lust here i cut
    here i die here i see here i laugh
    here i feel here i love here i share
    here i sit here i grow here i sex
    here i dance here i touch here i meditate
    here i native here i fail here i journey
    here i draw here i bond here i suffer
    here i shapeshift here i wish here i listen
    here i be here i am here i was

    om nama shiveyea
    spangle of trident
    metallic chimeras
    cobra poison nectars
    LSDemure, nebulous
    mystical footsteps
    rejoiced in forested knolls
    acorn and cherry lattice beadwork
    umbilical chordate of dreams.....
    ...even odd
    unbalanced harmony
    retarded wise
    sacred and profane
    noble and depraved
    imperfect perfection
    young and old
    hedonistic ascetic
    less and more

    Alpha right, I am woman, night
    Omega left, I am man, day
    diurnal meerschaum ideologue
    I am human
    living in the median
    before day and after night

    Niobium yoke of the Bardos
    inverted transposed excised
    a periodic table of dimensionhood
    outside of Brahma’s breathe
    after death, previous to birth
    vistas of lightning's shadows
    flash-burned with each nimbus inhale
    of life,
    and entities
    my own apple of Eden
    the cerulean tundra lotus
    assimilating glaciers like fungi
    pollinates with alien-glyphs
    in space
    in void

    my spores drift onward silently
    along aquiline atolls
    long after my cessation
    and before i was conceived
    nothing lasts
    but nothing’s lost
    tears in emptiness
    endless stands of ageless arbor vitae
    babbling brooks of everclear divinity
    polishing solar wind
    faraway inertias
    at home in welkin
    and waveform gesticulations
    curling, folding, meta-magnetic fields
    into these eyes
    compassion rolling boundless
    down my cheeks
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    A full cup, each stanza a poem in itself.
    A wealth of images and concepts, feeling a way
    to the readers understanding.

    How can someone respond in full,
    without meditation on this poem?

    Quite a rich tapestry.
  3. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

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    I really like it, but all the big words make it seem like it's trying to be too smart. Great work though, keep it up. :)

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