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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by Bucket head, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Bucket head

    Bucket head Member

    Hi all, I am am obviously new to hip forums. I usually post Over at R.I.U but ive been lurking on hip for a while now and decided to register finally. Anyway I got my second order so far of 2c-i from what seems to be a controversial vendor and i was looking for a Little advice on long term storage. The reason i ask is that last time i got my order i dosed and it was great. After that i put it in the fridge for like three months and the next time i took some it just seemed way less potent. I don't know if it was the vendors fault being that it took proly four months to get to me. So now i got the second order and once again i dosed and it was awsom, but the thing is me and my girl are try to go to a geoge clinton show n trip but that is so time from now. I want to keep this stuff as fresh as possible. So please if anyone wants to chime in on this one im all ears. Sorry for the long ass post.
  2. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    Buy some amber tinted vials online, fill them up with the 2c-i and screw the caps on. Then get some moisture absorbing strips (they have them in beef jerky, the thing it says not to eat) and some oxygen absorbing strips (can buy these online) and put a few or each in a baggie. Then wrap your vial with foil and put it in the baggie then baggie it one more time and toss it in the freezer.

    2c-i shouldn't degrade much at all no matter how it is stored though really, it s a pretty stable chemical.
  3. Lodisx

    Lodisx Member

    I have a question pertaining to this, I'm getting an order of 2c-e and was curious if it could be stored in solution for a period of time or would this greatly affect it's potency and lifespan?
  4. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    if you use very high proof alcohol it should actually help keep it good longer, but 2c-e doesn't really tend to degrade much either. If you use water it will degrade though.
  5. Lodisx

    Lodisx Member

    Alright, that's good to know. I only have access to a scale certain times during the week and I don't think i'd be able to weigh our 20mg samples in the time I have so my plan was to weigh the initial amount and dissolve it in solution and dose from there. Looks like i need to get some everclear =D
  6. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    why do you have to dissolve it? you could weigh it out ahead of time, but just store the powder in some kind of small container.

    and binary, it's obvious that tap water would degrade it (chlorine), but would distilled?
  7. Bucket head

    Bucket head Member

    thank for the quick replies. I go shoppin for them viles.
  8. explorer83

    explorer83 Member

    While alcohol is better, I would think that DI (De-ionized) Water shouldn't be a problem. It's the Chlorine and other ions dissolved in tap water that would degrade it quicker.

    EDIT: Just saw the post above where someone else pretty much said this. DI would be better than distilled, if you can get it. I work in a lab so I can get as much as I need.
  9. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    Alcohol is still better I think, but am not positive as to why. I have heard reports of 4-ho-dmt for example losing a great deal of potency very fast even in distilled water. I think it has more to do with reaction with water than it does chlorine for most drugs. Chlorine is bad for acid because it destroys it on contact. Erowid says that LSD in distilled water will maintain potency for a number of days, but I know from first hand experience that LSD in alcohol will maintain potency for much longer than that. I would avoid water, even if it is distilled. Plus alcohol wont freeze if stored in a freezer. I wish I knew the details of why water is bad to store many chems in even if distilled, but I am not sure. For stuff like 2c-X and 5-X-X it shouldn't matter a whole hell of a lot but I think most 4-X tryptamines and other sensitive compounds wont fair to well for too long in most any type of water.
  10. Bucket head

    Bucket head Member

    good to know thank you guys:cheers2:
  11. do most 2c-x's store well? say.. i get some now. will it still be fine come summer?
  12. Bucket head

    Bucket head Member

    Well, I had the same questions today. From what Ive been told 2c-x Phenethlymines are suppose to be fairly stable. And they seem to have a decent shelf life, but i guess time will tell right?
  13. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    2c-X are generally very stable. It should be perfectly fine even next summer.
  14. Lodisx

    Lodisx Member

    All good to know, as per the question of why i plan to store it in solution, the scales i have access to are in my chem lab class (lol) so i was going to just quickly get an initial amount and go from there. There might be time to weigh some out in vials, but if i could store it in solution for a month or two it'd be less of a hassle for me.

    If solution storage isn't an option I'll invest in a scale, but at this moment it'd be the easiest/cheapiest option for me.
  15. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    ^lol, great use of university equipment.

    then again, our lab DOES have milligram scales. hmm.... :p
  16. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

  17. abilities

    abilities Member

    ah, i should've figured as such. i wouldnt have even posted that question if i were able to PM... as a mod can you tell me when i get access to PMing? hos many posts do i need/days do i have to wait?
  18. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i can think of two possible reasons for "water being bad"
    1. the more unstable chems (tryptamines) may undergo a reaction with water.
    2. water won't inhibit bacterial growth like alcohol will.

    joker, store your 2cx in the baggie it comes in, in a ziplock bag, in a dark, airtight container, in the fridge, with a desiccant (like silica gel packet from beef jerky). or some combo of that. although it'd probably be fine at room temp in just the original bag, the above has worked great.

    lodisx - i used the lab scales as well. i had some alone time with the scale, so i weighed out doses into microcentrifuge tubes or eppendorf (eppie) tubes. if you know what those are, they work great. they come sterilized so...that's a plus. little plastic tubes. and then i wrote the number of mg on the tube. stored those in the fridge.
  19. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    you need 20 posts to send PMs. (i think)

    you'll need a lot more to get any guidance on where to find a source - other than the sticky (at the top of the list of threads)
  20. peacegrow

    peacegrow Member

    One thing with keeping it in the freezer would be to make sure it reaches room temp before opening it up so condensation doesn't get on it.

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