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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by digisynth420, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. digisynth420

    digisynth420 Banned

    Does anybody have a material safety data sheet for 2ce? I would like one as the vendor i go through does not send one with it when i buy.
  2. LoC

    LoC Member

    What exactly do you want to know that you think you're going to find on an MSDS? I find they are often deficient.
  3. digisynth420

    digisynth420 Banned

    well i would like to keep it with the chemical just for legal purposes. I would like one like the most famous candian vendor sends
  4. Spicey Cat

    Spicey Cat DMT Witch (says husband)

    There's not going to be an MSDS on 2ce. That would qualify as unauthorized and illegal research.
  5. l3e57M4N

    l3e57M4N Member

    I was under the impression that in order for a vendor to be 100% legal, they where required to send the MSDS. How would them sending the MSDS make your research illegal?
  6. Spicey Cat

    Spicey Cat DMT Witch (says husband)

    2ce scheduled under 1986 analogue act. MSDS is in America. No 2ce vendors in America (that i know of). MSDS mostly available for the items one uses to MAKE drugs such as NaOH. Remember, all vendors list it as for research only and "not for human consumption," which instantly equates to "Not evaluated/approved by the FDA."
  7. l3e57M4N

    l3e57M4N Member

    Hmm I was unaware of this. Glad you made mention of this, I was about request it from a polish vendor I finally found (I'm pretty sure you know the one I am talking about, I saw you on SoS posting on a similar vendor) to add some extra legitimacy (like how the guide here says), but that could have ended badly, though, they seem very independent researcher friendly so I probably should even bother trying to make it seem more legit.

    Btw, is talking about a vendor's location against the rules here, it appears as if it's okay, but I would rather be 100% sure.
  8. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member

    Ummm I have a MSDS for 2c-e? Sent straight from the canadian vendor your talking about. Also I know of several vendors that operate within the united states that carry and sell 2c-e.
  9. l3e57M4N

    l3e57M4N Member

    Is this Canadian vendor worth looking for? I'm sure I already have it's link in my vendor list is it any good? What products do they carry?
  10. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member

    ^no its the famously over priced and slow vendor... Even the free 75$ credit they gave me for my "kind patronage" does not make it worth it to go back and use them again. Plenty of better, more efficient vendors I can deal with, without having to wait a month to a month and half to get my product. Also all of their products you can easily find else where for cheaper.
  11. l3e57M4N

    l3e57M4N Member

    Righto, I now have no desire to even check if they are on my list :O thanks, but 75 dollars free? why not just use it? or do you feel that they are too risky to use?
  12. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member

    ^well the thing is, in order to use it I first have to make a minimum order of 400$, which I would have no problem with, if their bulk prices wernt just as over priced as their small orders! Now some people have told me they have a price match option but there is nothing that would make me want to use them again. The only thing i was seriously considering was 20 grams of methylone for $450 with the credits, but even that can be readily found cheaper, so really theres no point. I mean I have no questions to their validity, I would just rather pay less money else where for better customer service
  13. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    can you post the details on the msds?

    maybe just some specifics?

    that would be awesome
  14. l3e57M4N

    l3e57M4N Member

    I see, well thanks for the heads up on that canadian vendor, now I just need to find a cheap/high quality vendor for 2c-i. Off on my quest to find a vendor. lol.
  15. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    lol MSDS won't be useful to you in any legal way ever. Nor does it help vendors.
  16. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member


    None of its too interesting and doesn't really have any info most people don't already know, but I did find a few things interesting.

    For instance:

    In the storage guidelines it advices to keep the 2c-e in a tightly closed container, that can be stored for short term at room temperature, but for long term should be kept refrigerated (surprising because I've seen a lot of info saying the 2c-x compounds were all very stable even at very long term in room temp).

    In the "Fire Fighting Measures" section it says if burned 2c-e "may evolve toxic fumes in a fire". I've seen some guys at bluelight suggest this may mean smoking 2c-e might be a viable ROA, but I really doubt it. Maybe if you turned the hcl material into freebase but even then I dont know why people would (but idk why people snort or plug 2c-x's either).

    Health Hazard "May be irritating to eyes, skin membranes, and respiratory tract"

    Regulations "The handling of this product is subject to national regulations and controls for the hazardous materials and may also be subject to additional regulations within your country."

    Handling "Should be handled on by qualified individuals trained in laboratory procedures and familiar with the potential hazards of handling chemicals"

    (I doubt many of us could pass for the above in a court of law or something like that)

    Other Information
    "Must be handled by suitable qualified and skilled personnel"
    "Soluble in ethanol, methanol, and water"
    "Melting Point 247-249 C"

    also it identifies the chemical as a "serotonin agonist" under the section of "biological activity"... something I would rather have customs not reading, but I guess its very small odds they would search it in the first place. still tho
  17. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    thanks man

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