2CB and 2CI?

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by red_rufus, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. red_rufus

    red_rufus Member

    I hadn't heard of these till recently, but was introduced to it by a crusty mate of mine. I tried both on seperate occasions and found them to be great psychedelics:D .

    They come in white powder or pill form. 20mg was the dose i took it lasted about 8 hours good visuals and loads of giggling. Only side effect? sore jaw from laughing.

    Anyone else tried it, or heard of it?
  2. jimfag2000

    jimfag2000 Member

    yeah, i did some at the big green gathering festival last summer. I personally didnt trip, or giggle much and felt really odd, but my freind had a great time - i put this down to the fact that i had done lsd the day before and he hadnt.

    Ill prob try it again, when im not all tripped out from acid first!

  3. NitrousBum

    NitrousBum Member

    Ive done 2C-I twice. The first time was fun, but not all that intense. The second time I took it w/ DXM and cannabis, I was tripping hard, it was intense and fun. I would highly recommend the combo. BTW I took ~17mg both times
  4. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    ive taken both drugs twice and i think 2c-i is even better than 2c-b. i took 20mgs of both substances. i took a bunch of ritalin with the 2c-i. i was very sociable, talking to peope a lot and i found the most interesting patterns in the floor tiles and the ritalin gave me the most intense urge to draw and i made some really crazy drawings of all the patterns i saw. 2c-b was more of a mind trip for me, not that i didnt get really cool visuals but i was so lost in a world of thought i wasn't very productive. generally i draw, paint, or take photos when im fucked up but the 2c-b lacked inspiration.
  5. red_rufus

    red_rufus Member

    Oh! i was smoking lots of weed on both occasions so i was pretty chilled to start with.

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