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  1. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    Ok, I normally wouldnt do this...but I've run out of alternatives entirely.

    All my sources for 2ce have completely dryed up, gone out of buisness, or stopped selling chemicals with recreational value in the last week...I have other sources for other good chems, but i really really really would like some 2c-e for a camping trip next weekend. The acid in my town dryed up till next months festies, and there arnt any psychedelics around right now. If someone has a reliable 2ce connect that they would like to trade for a tryptamine or a DOC supplier, pretty please PM me...im desperate...i feel like a whore begging on my knees for a crack rock but you know what....you do what you gotta do.
  2. nesta

    nesta Banned

    can't help with any synthetic substances, but you could always get some san pedro or stuff to make ayahuasca very easily (if you choose to go with the ayahuasca, be SUPER careful with dosage, and make sure you carefully regulate your diet in preparation of ingesting an MAO inhibitor)

    also worth thinking about is orally administered salvia....i'm thinking of getting some salvia tincture myself, just for this purpose. supposed to be much longer lasting than smoked salvia, more mellow, and less intense...the tincture would be a middle ground between simply chewing leaves and smoking it, though, as it would be more quickly absorbed in the mouth than with the leaves, but less quickly than through smoke inhalation. you're not supposed to swallow, i dont think.

    also, if you dont do it often and arent afraid of NMDA antagonist neurotoxicity, you could consider DXM, though it would be a MUCH different experience than most psychedelics provide (but then so would ayahuasca or salvia)

    anyway, hope it works out for you, and i hope you're safe whatever you do. if nothing else you can smoke a few bowls and enjoy some good beer.
  3. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    Im ordering 500 grams of Puruvian Torch powder next week, so thats already in the works. I hate salvia and all dissasociatives for that matter. Ketamine is fun but i dont think ill ever do that again at a high dose. To be honest, i like bumping it up and just getting high off it as apposed to blasting 3 twenty bags and going head first into Ket-Land. I like tripping off substances that resemble LSD in hallucination style. Im going to start getting into the tryptamines a little more just because LSD is loosing its flair. But LSD and phens will always be my favorite. Im also getting 500 milligrams of DMT freebase verrrry soon and im so stoked for that.
  4. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    PM sent Myke
  5. Synthesis

    Synthesis Banned

  6. nesta

    nesta Banned

    salvia is NOT a disociative. it is a full blown psychedelic with effects and feelings somewhat different from most of the psychedelics people commonly use, but this does not make it dissociative. it is far, far, far more comparable to DMT or DPT in its intensity of effect and visuals and the likes than something like ketamine or DXM. very short acting and intense psychedelic in every sense of the word.

    if its not for you its not for you. i'm certainly not trying to convince you to use it. but its not a dissociative.
  7. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    I would strongly advise you not get the tincture.

    I used a whole bottle of the tincture once, rinsed with Listerine beforehand, dilluted it with an equal amount of warm water, and held each mouthful for 10 mins +. It is in a very high proof alcohol that makes your mouth incredibly slimey and tastes like a blended up mouthful of plant... The alcohol also burns your mouth, and can leave your mouth burned and sore up until a day or so after.

    After one mouthful, I didnt feel anything. So I proceeded to take another, and another, and another, until the bottle was gone. By that time I had been holding the nasty shit in my mouth for at least an hour, and all I felt was very, very mildly relaxed; just a slight notion that something was "off." No visuals, no weird body high, no crazy laughter, just a slight relaxation. If you ask me, you're better off going with some other herbs known to produce the same effect, at a fraction of the price.

    However, if this is what you are seeking; go for it I guess. The tincture I got had 44mg of Salvinorin A, suspended in one ounce of alcohol. I paid 60$ for it, plus shipping, and I was TOTALLY dissapointed with it. If you can get it for a lot cheaper, and are interested in those type of effects, go for it. But if not, dont waste $70 on it, believe me its not worth it.
  8. nesta

    nesta Banned

    thanks for the heads up. i have heard good things about it, too, though. i dunno. perhaps if i went with a different supplier. what you described sounds pretty much exactly like what i was looking at is described, though, but i know ive seen it elsewhere for cheaper, i just cant remember the site! too bad i've been pretty much out of the loop in regards to psychedelics for the past year and a half :-\
  9. Synthesis

    Synthesis Banned


    A dissociative is a drug which reduces (or blocks) signals to the conscious mind from other parts of the brain, typically, but not necessarily, limited to the physical senses. Such a state of sensory deprivation and dissociation can facilitate self exploration, hallucinations, and dreamlike states of mind which may resemble some psychedelic mindstates. Essentially similar states of mind can be reached via contrasting paths—psychedelic or dissociative. That said, the entire experience, risks and benefits are markedly different.

    The primary dissociatives are similar in action to phencyclidine (PCP), and include ketamine and dextromethorphan (DXM). Also included are nitrous oxide (laughing gas), salvia divinorum, and muscimol from the amanita muscaria (fly agaric) mushroom.

    Many dissociatives also have central nervous system depressant effects, thereby carrying similar risks as opioids to slowing breathing or heart rate to levels resulting in death, when using very high doses.

    Their effects are characterized by intense feelings of depersonalization, derealization, and analgesia.

    Salvia IS a dissociative. I've done salvia 20+ times, with 20x and 40x extracts. I know what the effects are. When you can look at something that you've looked at for over 10 years and not remeber what it is, and then not even understand what "it" is, I would say you were on a dissociative.

    With a true FULL BLOWN psychedelic like DMT you still are aware on a certain level while in space. With salvia there is no "aware". The concept of awareness is gone. There is no where, to be aware of.

    With psychedelics it's your mind that does most of the bending. With salvia your body does just as much bending as your mind, like your body being extruded through an infinitly elaborate system of gears, which can be "painful" so to speak. Of course YMMV, but -most- people get the same or very similar experiences with lady salvia. While she does have the capability of a psychedelic, she is without a doubt a full blown dissociative. At least with extracts. I don't see a point in smoking just the leaves. You need potency.

    I also would not compare salvia to dmt at all. IMO they are not similar at all.
  10. uplink

    uplink Member

    Any drug can have psychedelic or disassociative or depressant qualities. That doesn't necessarily mean it is a psychedelic disassociative or depressant.

    For instance HBWR has depressant qualities.
    DMT and LSD are both disassociating at high doses.
    Kratom and Ambien can have psychedelic properties at high doses.
    DXM and Ketamine are psychedelic drugs, but of course they are disassociatives.
    Marijuana has depressant and psychedelic properties, but is classified as neither.

    Classification has to do with how the chemical interacts with your brain not just effects.

    To make things worse the group of drugs that contains deleriants, dissociatives and psychedelics are often referred to has hallucinogenic or psychedelic drugs.
  11. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    DMT LSD Ambien and THC do not completely block all sensory info to other parts of the brain. Therfeore that are not dissasociatives, regards of dissasociative-like states they may produce at high doses.

    Sry uplink my bad...after rereading your post, i realized i pretty much just repeated what you said anyways. I misinterprited your post.
  12. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    erowid has salvia aa an 'atypical psychedelic', and didn't put it as a dissociative as it does K and DXM. So I'm going with erowid on this one, and not classifying salvia as a dissociative. But for the original post, I'd love to get a sourve for 2c-e or 2c-i or something like that, I've been looking around for a while. Some places I've checked don't respond to emails, and the one that did sold at uber large amounts, like 100 grams, which I can't afford. So I would greatly appreciate a source pm, but really don't expect one.
  13. Synthesis

    Synthesis Banned

    My question to you is have you ever done salvia? Don't believe something just cause Erowid said so.

    It all depends on what YOUR definition of a psychedelic is.

    To some people psychedelic means seeing pretty colors and geometric patterns.

    If we use the literal definition of psychedelic, then all substances which cause you to think in a different way from your normal thinking would be considered psychedelics. This would include MOST drugs used today. From cocaine to meth.

    Hell if we use the literal definition, even hydrocodone is psychedelic.

    This subject is very subjective. So, from my point of view, I still stand by my statement that salvia is alot more of a dissociative than a LSD or DMT type psychedelic.
  14. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    I think salvia is a psychedelic without a doubt. But due what reaction the drug has with your brain, ide say its classified as a dissasoc.

    I would classify as a diss. psych. like Ket. Because it has the same diss feeeling as ket, yet your def trip, and see shit that isnt there. Ket is MUCCCHH more friendly tho
  15. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    yes I have done salvia, but by no means consider myself an expert. I understand you saying method of action as a dissociative because I think it is like a b-opoid something or an other, but it like blocks it. but I would consider it more psychedelic rather than dissociative. not psychedelic like a phen or tryptamine, thus the atypical part.
  16. Synthesis

    Synthesis Banned

    Everyones opinion is fair and valid.

    I myself, after touching the tips of infinity with chemicals like Dmt, get nothing from salvia but a mental and physical rollercoster of terror.

    Yes I agree, salvia is absolutly CRAZY on the psych! But I learn nothing from these trips. It's like it wants to be a psychedelic but it doesn't want to teach you anything. It just wants to freeze time. Divide your body into sections like octopus arms, then each section sent through a meat grinder in opposite directions leaving you in a dark room with this mysterious lady who doesn't ever teach you shit.

    I never trip for recreation. I'm always looking for something positive to come out of it. The only thing positive about salvia, for me at least, is the comedown. But even then I feel like shit , like real dizzy and nauseous. Equalibrium is all fucked up like an inner ear infection and I hate that feeling.

    With LSD I am given knowledge that can be used to my advantage.

    I noticed you were asking for phen sources which leads me to the next question. What psychedelics have you done and how many times? I ask because if you have never had a true psychedelic experience, then maybe you would change your mind on what a psychedelic is if you had.

    It doesn't really matter though does it? Anyone whose tried salvia can agree on one thing...... PSYCHO ACTIVE!!!! lool ;)
  17. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    What have I tried? that depends on what you consider psychedelic. I have yet to do LSD, shrooms, mescaline and yage, but all of these are on the way for the summer. but if you consider them psychedelics, I've done salvia, yopo seeds, weed, sinicuichi, amanitas, mg seeds
    and if you count them, which is less likely, dissociatives: DXM, nitrous, and deliriants: nutmeg, mandrake root
  18. uplink

    uplink Member

    I'll sum it up

    a) Psychedelics/Hallucinagenics are a class of drugs (that includes deliriants/dissassociatives).
    b) Any substance can have psychedelic properties
    c) Psychedelics are a sub-group of drugs (under hallucinagens)

    Salvia is dissociative simply because of the way it acts in the brain. It is a selective kappa opioid receptor agonist... while most other disassociatives are NMDA receptor antagonists. That's why it feels different.
  19. Synthesis

    Synthesis Banned

    Ummmmm I'm a little confused as to why you quoted me because if you'll read through the whole thread I have been telling eveyone salvia is definitly a Dissociative.

    I agree with every thing you just stated. So why quote me like I've been calling you a liar? When in fact we agree. Confused........
  20. uplink

    uplink Member

    hahaha sorry. I don't check the user who posts each message, and you don't have a signature that I can recognize you by. Reading your post alone makes it sounds like you were only acknowledging letter b, the properties. Mostly it was the fact that you said everything that manifests the mind (true definition) was psychedelic that bothered me. But, I agree completely now.

    I'll edit my post.

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