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Discussion in 'Movies' started by seamonster66, May 30, 2004.

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    Ok, finally watched it. I thought it was really entertaining, especially since it captured what I consider an interesting scene ....Manchester in the late 70´s and early 80´s.

    I liked the early part where it focused on Joy Division, but also thought it was interesting once the guy opened the Hacicnda and the rave culture was getting started.

    The guy really had some bad luck....Joy Divisions singer hanged himself right when they were getting big, the Happy Mondays blew most of his record labels money in Barbados recording a record that ended up having no singing on it, and his club never made any money because everyone was taking E instead of buying drinks.
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    What's the movie about?
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    I love that movie. It took me so long to just sit down and watch it, but when I did I found it to be very good. I love Joy Division so it was definately a good movie.
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    I was really looking forward to it. I love rock, I think Steve Coogan is so fucking funny, but by the second half is was boring.

    I prefer "This is Spinal Tap"

    Did anyone else catch the error in the film? In the beginning when actor Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson meets the guy in the club he says "Hey Steve", and Steve looks a bit odd and says "Hi my name is Tony Wilson". Damn, that must have sucked.
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    is that what that is called...I caught the last hour or so one time on tv but the cable company was rebooting or something so I didnt know what it was....I thought it was about New Order.

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