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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 42017, Jan 1, 2019.

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    Just like Trump, those estimates indicate that you lack empathy and are totally disconnected from reality.
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    So, if there was fraudulent voting in the presidential election, doesn’t that mean there was fraudulent voting in the senate races? Maybe the dems should demand a recount in The Graham, and McConnell races.
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    Isn't it kind of weird that Graham was begging for money for his re-election and then 1 week later said he would cough up $500,000.00 so Trump could sue some states... There's just something inherently wrong with that guy.
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    I heard that graham just gave $1 million to the republicans in Georgia to fight the democrats "radical" agenda.
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    im sorry but this had me weak lol from what i read he just trolling on here
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    He trolls on every thread- and for years! This is what he does all the time, he loves the shit.
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  7. Oh thats right, the Honda one is called the Jizz
  8. Its not trolling man, what did the NYT say, there were 25 million all up involved in those protests?

    I'll be generous and give you 50% were there genuinely showing support to end police brutality

    But 100% of them? Come on man....you remember that indian chic that looted a cheesecake?
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    There will always be those that take advantage of chaotic moments- steal TVs and other merchandise, and some want to eat cheese cake. Who cares? This is nothing new. It’s apparent that the demonstrations weren’t in vain, because here we are. Biden won, and Trump supporters are butthurt, and refuse to accept defeat.
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    lol i see but that comment made my day
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    Wisconsin completes vote canvass as Trump camp mulls recount

    The Trump campaign is mulling a recount request in Wisconsin after a statewide canvass showed the president trailing President-elect Joe Biden there by 20,608 votes.

    All 72 counties in Wisconsin have now completed their canvassing process, The Associated Press reported. The final tally shows Biden, who has been projected president-elect, with a lead of about 0.6 percentage points, or roughly the same margin President Trump won the state by in 2016.

    The Trump campaign previously pledged to request a recount in Wisconsin, but it has not yet submitted one. "The legal team continues to examine the issues with irregularities in Wisconsin and are leaving all legal options open, including a recount and an audit," Jenna Ellis, a Trump 2020 legal adviser, said in a statement.

    The campaign has until 5 p.m. Wednesday to request a recount. Doing so would cost nearly $8 million, and the campaign has been furiously fundraising in the two weeks since Election Day to cover potential legal expenses.
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    Thirty four republican senators are up for reelection in 2022, and only twelve democratic senators are.
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