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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 42017, Jan 1, 2019.

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    You do know that like the NY Post, and the National Enquirer, the Dail Mail is a tabloid
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    From Wikipedia, The Daily Mail has been noted for its unreliability and widely criticised for its printing of sensationalist and inaccurate scare stories of science and medical research,and for copyright violations.

  3. How about the BBC then?

    Hunter Biden: What was he doing in Ukraine?

    Biden has only denied a meeting took place, he hasn't denied the emails could be legit

    And the photo of Hunter with a crack pipe definately isn't a fake
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    He has admitted he had a drug problem, so what.
    You're desperate.
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    Is not running for president.
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  7. Running for the board of the China Construction Bank by the looks of things though
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  10. And then what?
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    Hopefully we won't see anymore of your drivel.
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    It's the ususal pre-election Russian fake news.
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    Yeah, what would he do? He'd have to get a life, and that would be hard for him.
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    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away

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  15. Why would they wear masks, they already have gotten Covid?

    The irony now is Trump can donate plasma to help treat others
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  18. I'd love to see you try and explain it to everyone

    Go on, tell us all, two weeks after they return a positive test result, how are they going to infect anyone or become infected

    Why do they need to wear masks?

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