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Discussion in 'Politics' started by WritersPanic, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. soulcompromise

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    South Park making it known this November election is all about what you prefer
    a douche bag (Biden) or a turd sandwich (Trump)

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    The GOP knows they don't win when people vote. They depend on making the system difficult and discouraging people from trying. Isn't it funny that the same party that thinks voting is so damn important thinks people cheat all the time and also says that all government is essentially corrupt and meaningless so you should avoid it. They both love and hate democracy simultaneously.

    Democrats don't go on on both sides as much as Republicans and they are also the party that is more for easy voting for Americans. I've always voted by mail and my home area tends to elect a lot of Democrats. They check my address and signature. There is no real evidence of large scale voter fraud. Trump has had more evidence on several topics that are "witch hunts" according to the same people who want to stop most people from voting.

    It's a 2 pronged approach. You can't really vote easily and it's a waste of time anyway. So the biggest turnout is old people who are retired (not always easy to get off work even when it's the law) and rather than growing up in the modern America they stay inside all day only watching Fox news. They grew up in a time when voting was marketed very differently. Between Fox and their romanticized view of being a kid in 1962 they end up supporting fascism.

    There is a large age difference between the parties. Sure each side has young and old but the majority of people under 40 vote Democrat and even more people under 25 have zero issues with socialism that pushes Democrats from a centrist right party to something approaching true socialist policies. The younger people now are set to become the boomers. They will be the dominant demographic. It's why it's so important to fight their motivation now. Two sides have a very different view of Europe and tax. And each said is scared the other is so selfish and stupid they can't be trusted.
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  4. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    The sources are crap. Of course, the credibility of a claim is dependent on the source. If CNN reports that Trump is a member of a pedophile ring, I'd want to see corroborating evidence before I'd accept it as true. The video shows that someone working for Project Veritas claiming to be Eric Holder was able to obtain Eric Holder's ballot, showing how easy it is. Project Veritas is notorious for right wing bias. What became of this person, committing blatant voter fraud? Was he arrested and prosecuted? What became of the election board worker who gave him the ballot? Was he fired, or is he still working?
    Project Veritas: how fake news prize went to rightwing group beloved by Trump
    Project Veritas - Media Bias/Fact Check
    A Trump-backed conservative group is trying to undermine real sexual assault victims with fake ones
    So is Prager U.
    ("Overall, we rate PragerU Questionable based on extreme right-wing bias, promotion of propaganda, the use of poor sources who have failed fact checks, and the publication of misleading information regarding immigration and climate change" )PragerU - Media Bias/Fact Check
    [Fighting confirmation bias] Does anyone else think Prager University is excessively ideologically driven? :
    KotakuInActionThe Immoral Majority

    Why haven't Trump, Barr and the Senate Republicans brought this up?

    If we have places where ballots are handed out to anyone asking for them, I agree something needs to be done. In my state, voter ID is now required. But before that, when I'd show up, before being given a ballot, I'd be asked my name, the volunteer would look it up in their book, and I'd be required to sign on the line next to my name. And there would be several other officials at the table handing out ballots. The procedure shown in the video seems extremely fishy.
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  5. stormountainman

    stormountainman Soy Un Truckero

    Oh But but but Trump is so far behind Biden. His numbers are dismal.
  6. stormountainman

    stormountainman Soy Un Truckero

    Project Veritas is total BS.
  7. stormountainman

    stormountainman Soy Un Truckero

    I have always said we should require a dental exam before voting. Most Trump supporters are meth users and if the dentist certifies the condition they should be prevented from voting, because of mental health concerns.
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  8. stormountainman

    stormountainman Soy Un Truckero

    project veritas sets up the conditions before they film. Their product is always fake.
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  9. soulcompromise

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    I looked at Joe Biden's website today. I was trying to find something to post, and I just found that I was disappointed. He's sort of reaching out, in my opinion, to every group of voters he can.* So I don't know if he honestly wants to reach out to "Rural America" or if he just wants them to believe in him.

    I guess it's become really divisive in my mind. It's like someone flipped a switch when I saw him saunter across the aisle that way... :D I know that's so bad of me. Really. But I feel like he's I guess pandering for votes. I don't know what he expects to accomplish except for getting elected. I suppose there are rurally situated democrats and he wants them in his corner.

    I am pro Biden. I want him to get elected. But when it comes down to it I feel like I'm getting diluted drinks at a bar serving alcohol.

    Pour me a stiff one, Mr. Vice President. :sunglasses:
  10. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    The Republicans are clearly making mask wearing a badge of partisan loyalty. Pence, giving his corona briefing today, wasn't wearing one, and refused to say whether or not they should be worn. Trump won't wear one. And Republican congressmen downright refuse to wear them. What gives? One would think that rational people wanting to get the economy moving again would be behind rational efforts to do so without endangering others.
    Citing 'irrational fears' of killer pandemic, Republicans fight face masks in Congress
  11. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    That's what most traditional politicians do. Trump is an exception, focusing exclusively on his base, which he stirs up with hateful rhetoric. I'm afraid we're not at the point in history when we can afford to be too fussy about the candidates. The fact that Biden is trying to be president of all Americans is something I consider a plus.
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  12. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Who said any of those guys are rational?
  13. 120 million?

    Yeah this guy still has all his marbles

  14. soulcompromise

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    Well, we've officially been warned (as Democrats) not to become overconfident about the November 2020 presidential election. I sincerely hope everyone manages to vote some way or other... If we vote our hearts and minds, we would be insane to reelect.
  15. hotwater

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    When you first heard him utter those words it's my guess for at least a millisecond you were in ecstasy
    before coming to the realization that it was only 120,000 dead
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  16. Joe probably thinks its 129 million days until the election
  17. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    I wouldn't care If he thought the election was held yesterday (and neither will anyone else) just as long as he wins in November.

    Ronald Reagan during his last two years in office was clearly suffering from Alzheimer's disease, but his wife Nancy was
    there to make the decisions. Biden's wife can do the same..

    BTW We just learned that Vladimir Putin put a bounty out on US Soldiers in Afghanistan,

    Trump has known about this for months and has done absolutely nothing about it. I wouldn't expect him to start a war
    over it but at bare minimum he should impose strict sanctions. Trump is as incompetent as he is stupid.
  18. Idlewild

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    Joe has always been prone to gaffs. He'll be a good president as long as we give him a Democratic Congress.
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  19. Tishomingo

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    Donald Trump thinks Canada once invaded the U.S. and the American Revolutionaries secured the airfields against the Brit's. Back in the day when the stock market was doing well, he asked Twitter users how their "409K's" were doing. He thinks Belgium is a city, thinks the Baltic states are the Balkans, thinks he is building a border wall between Colorado and Mexico, thinks the noise from windmills causes cancer, said terrorists attacked the World trade Center on 7/11, told the Prime Minister of India "It's not like you've got China on your border", etc.,etc.
    409 mistakes? Donald Trump's funniest social and political gaffes
    Donald Trump's funniest social and political gaffes
    10 of Trump's most embarrassing gaffes
    The debates between him and Biden should be interesting.
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  20. None of them come close to thinking 1/3 of Americans have already died from the Kung Flu, your dude has dementia man

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