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    U.S. AG Eric Holder's Ballot Offered to Total Stranger
    US Attorney General Eric Holder’s Ballot to Vote Offered to Total Stranger
    The Project Veritas video showing Eric Holder’s ballot being offered to a stranger prompted an investigation by the D.C. Board of Elections. Here's the Washington Post’s coverage of the investigation and how they politicized the result.
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    Oh no not pragerU

    A far right propaganda machine

    PragerU has been generously funded by two of the richest men in the United States, billionaire brothers Dan and Farris Wilks, who made their fortunes in fracking. Farris Wilks is also the pastor of the Assembly of Yahweh Seventh Day Church near Cisco, a conservative Messianic Israelite church that was founded by his parents in 1947. The church takes a literal approach to the Bible, considering it historically and scientifically accurate. So much so, that in fact, they think homosexuality and abortion (including in cases of rape and incest) should be convictable crimes.

    Farris Wilks has called homosexuality “a perversion tantamount to bestiality, pedophilia and incest.” The Wilks brothers also believe in a sinister “gay agenda” that is held up by evildoers in order to curse the younger generation.

    Can you make the arguemt yourself?
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    I can see it coming, loud and clear, as a result of the prep by Trump and his minnions. If Trump loses, he'll declare the election invalid because of fraud. Do you seriously believe people will stand still for that?
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    Anyway to go back a step the question is still simple -

    Are saying that you would want having a job to be a requirement before getting a vote?

    Yes or No
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    typical attack the source regardless of content all media is biased these days picking the facts out is a job, like CNN isn't biased or Huff Post or Forbes or WSJ
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    I’d rather have you explaining your views than some well-paid propagandist some sources are ok but they shouldn’t replace your own views.

    Why should people give an income stream to crap artists.

    So are saying that you would want having a job to be a requirement before getting a vote?

    Yes or No
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    showing an ID to vote is common sense not voter suppression
    Thats my thought

    Even Carter thought voter ID is legit
    A 2005 report by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker concluded that concerns of both those who support and oppose strengthened voter ID laws were legitimate.

    Proper identification is required to cash checks, open credit card accounts, and in many cases to use a debit or credit card to make retail purchases. Proper identification is also required to travel by plane, buy alcohol, rent an apartment, or buy property as well as a plethora of other things

    logic dictates that an ID should be needed to vote
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    Well if you had read up on this you’d see that they point out the problems with voter ID laws is those ‘least likely to have them [ID’s] were women, African-Americans and Democrats.”

    What Carter and Baker seemed to be proposing is a mandatory federal ID card that everyone gets automatically. This is very common in many European countries you don’t have to register for one you get it if you want it or not and in many places it is an offence not to carry it around with you at all times.

    It’s a compromise, it accepts that some states have brought in ID rules for voting but that those have had the effect of disenfranchising certain groups ‘women, African-Americans and Democrats’ so to stop that from happening they think bringing in a universal ID that someone does not have to register for or pay for but gets automatically would stop voter suppression from happening.

    It’s basically a way of curtailing the use of ID laws to bring about voter suppression by embracing a universal and mandatory ID system.

    It is a neat argument there is no real need for voter ID but if people are going to bring them in as a means of voter suppression then to stop such voter suppression make it mandatory and free for everyone to have ID’s.
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    Then where is your logical argument then?

    If you said we need to do this because…. – then that would be a logical argument saying that other things need an ID so this has to - isn’t , it’s a false equivalence

    There seems to be no real and tangible need for voter ID laws so actually the most logical reason for someone wanting to bring it in is for voter suppression, seeing that that seems to be the real and tangible result of such laws.
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    So anyway are saying that you would want having a job to be a requirement before getting a vote?

    Yes or No
  13. Sounds like you don't think Trump will lose unless there is voter fraud

    Getting ID, Showing ID isn't much of a hoop

    And curiously, the Professor you linked agrees in an earlier report Will Voter ID Laws Cost Obama Reelection?

    Australia, we have compulsory voting, 92% turnout last election and must show photo ID, it's no biggie

    To suggest otherwise is just a cop out, an excuse for lazy people not to vote

    And to suggest certain minorities are at greater disadvantage by simply not being able to produce photo ID is an implicit form of racism
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    No form of ID is required to cast a ballot at an election; instead, voters are asked three questions before being issued a ballot, so that they can be checked off the electoral roll: (1) what is your full name; (2) where do you live; and (3) have you voted before in this election?[2] On election day, voters can vote at any polling place in their state of residence, and at selected polling places in other states.[3]

    Although it seems to be different in Queensland, an Electoral Commission Queensland spokesperson said that “no-one who turns up to vote without ID will be turned away” and that voter information letters will be posted out this week, ready to scan at polling booths as a fast form of proof of identity.
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    Ah, yes, a little research can go a long way ….lol…

    For some reason I’m suddenly reminded of Dian Fossey’s study of mountain gorillas, odd
  16. Seems yet again you didn't provide the link on purpose

    Queenslanders now have to prove their identity to vote – but why?
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  18. That is the link for the paragraphs Balbus used
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    Queensland voters were wrongly turned away from polling booths in Australia’s first experience of voter identification laws, a leading community legal advocate has told a state parliamentary inquiry.

    Farrell’s evidence suggested that some booth officials failed to follow the protections in the act, which allowed voters to make a “declaration vote” on the day and produce identification later.

    University of Queensland law professor Graeme Orr…said voter turnout was down 1.1%, which was “a bit odd, as with a very close election one would expect voter turnout to rise, not fall”.

    Queensland ID laws meant voters were wrongly turned away, inquiry told
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