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Discussion in 'Politics' started by WritersPanic, Jan 1, 2019.

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    That's funny. I wonder what that did to his base, considering who they're made up of:

    "Longshot 2020 progressive Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has attracted a small following of internet nazis and Alt-Right trolls with his promise of a universal basic income of $1,000 a month for every US citizen over the age of 18. Disillusioned with both Trump and his followers, these nihilistic irony bros have embraced a Democratic candidate as a double fuck-you to their old comrades and to the libs. Their trolling campaign has been successful enough that Infowars put out a video warning about the dangers of Yang’s platform.

    It stands to be seen whether a bunch of post-Trump internet nazi memelords can unite the US far-right over Yang the way they did Trump, but I’m not going to hold my breath."

    - Yang Will Tear Us Apart
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    everything free? who is gonna pay for it all?
  5. Is that what it says? dayum. I'm sorry then.
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    You didn't read it first? That's always dangerous :p ;)
  7. Yeah, I've spent way too much time explaining to these nazi so-called "Yang followers" that Yang is very much a Democrat and very much liberal. They're too stupid to get that though and too obsessed with the appearance of being "disillusioned" when they're really not. I like Yang, but a lot of his followers are just the pits. They seem to be picking up that he is no Trump though.
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    It looks like a republican wants to run against Trump. Say hello to Bill Weld!
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    They were trailblazers for gay rights. You should love them. Not only same sex but different races.
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    Hey Burt.
    Whatcha doin today Burt.
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    Regardless who pays for infrastructure, the war machine or anything else--it won't be the super rich or the huge corporations. It will fall to the zombies, as always. Have a nice day, fellow zombies.
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    Sanders takes on Fox — and emerges triumphant

    Last night's town hall on Fox is exactly why Bernie Sanders needs to be our next president. He doesnt pander, he doesnt take a more moderate approach when faced with a different audience or walk back on previous statements made, he doesnt bullshit, and most importantly he doesnt avoid or talk down to a different audience, he actually takes the time to explain how his policies would benefit them. Those who are concerned that a progressive candidate couldnt appeal to center or across the aisle need to take a longer look at Bernard Sanders.
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    Then there's this

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    You're talking about Bert and Ernie? What races are they supposedly? I never considered or assumed they were of different ethnic descent.
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    orange and banana?
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    Well in any case, wtf was bananas in pyjamas teaching kids? :p
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    bert toast was in the burgh ,, nobody on the street talked about him, only the local liberal boob news.
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    I do hope Bernie wins the nomination. And I think Democrats are being hypocritical not supporting him as frontrunner. They all act like they'll support anyone who can win. I guarantee if it were Biden out in front, they'd be telling us all it's either a vote for him or a vote for Trump. But you don't see establishment types coming out in droves to support Bernie.

    The thing is, those type of Democrats don't really want change. They feel comfortable the way things are, in spite of whoever is disenfranchised by this system. You could get them to begrudgingly get behind Bernie, maybe, but they'd be like, "Oh, change huh? Oh I don't know...grumble grumble mumble mumble."
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    I'm not saying my concerns are completely allayed, but those Fox News clowns really underestimated Sanders. He ripped apart all the straw men they through his way. Going on the Fox town hall was politically brilliant.
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