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Discussion in 'Politics' started by WritersPanic, Jan 1, 2019.

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    To hell with the damn Clintons...who cares?
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    Bullshit. Too many Republicans are LINOs, Libertarian In Name Only. They want the voters to think they won't infringe on civil rights, that they are for personal freedoms, but then vote populist once they are elected. Fuck 'em.
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    really? there's a bunch of dirt roads around here, and i've rented a few cars and never heard of such a thing. you'd think if it was a real issue there would be some mention.

    or i guess it could be one of those dumb laws that nobody actually cares about.
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    I'm discussing those individuals such as above and many more who wear the R but just coincidentally can't ever seem to support the R's when push comes to shove.

    As for personal Liberty and civil rights neither the D's or the R's are particularly concerned with the preservation of individual liberty how else may one explain the steady erosion of individual liberty were it not for the unspoken collaboration of both, they do after all own the entirety of our government together .

    The two-winged duopoly serves itself .
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    Just wondering what you are thinking of here can you please expand?
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    I'm not really a believer in hell. However, if non-corporeal beings, such as angels and the like, were to have to live in the corporeal reality that is earth; it would surely seem exactly like hell to them.

    So in a way, the Clintons rank pretty high in hell!
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    My father in law used to work for National and then for a while with Hertz. It was on an exam he had to take to keep his certification as some kind of big shit salesman. I thought it was pretty stupid, but I saw it in black and white.

    It reminds me of renting a car in Uruguay where insurance doesn't cover windshields. You have to buy an external policy for the windshield.

    I'm inclined to think the dirt road thing is just one of the hundreds of little ways a rental car company can fuck your wallet. Fine print. God help you if a door gets dinged in a parking lot. They'll try to hit you for the time it's in the shop (it's one of the threats they make as they try to sell you extended coverage).

    For years I didn't own a car, so I had no insurance for one. So I always had to buy the LDW on rental cars. So I drove them like a NASCAR red neck and brought them back dirty and stinking of fried chicken. I always leave change for the porters to find (if I didn't the ghost of my father in law would cough and hack around me till I lost my mind, he smoked Pall Malls, of all things).
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    They know it's a house of cards. They know it's going to crash. Most of them have bailout plans (the Bush family has a massive compound in South America, as do other royal American families).
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    Trump got lucky. I'm sure there are some Dems that Repubs would have been okay with, but they and lots of Democrats loathed Hillary and I think that's what made it so easy for Trump to jump ahead of her.

    I've been rooting for Bernie since 2016, but I know that the media is frequently calling him a socialist and most people watching don't even understand what that means and liken it to Nazism or some crazy shit like that. Luckily Democrats I think mostly stay away from Fox news, so maybe he has a chance. I'll certainly vote for him again, but I'd be perfectly happy with Biden if he decides to run. I think he would be a safer bet anyway.
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    Douglas Emhoff and John Bessler are practicing the Macarena together to reenact the dance done by Hillary and Tipper after the 1992 election win's celebration.
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    Your kidding me right?! Trump isn’t going anywhere!! Learn to deal with it. He’s not buying his way into a 2nd term. Truth is democrats don’t have anyone reliable. Clinton running again is a joke. She couldn’t beat Obama, she couldn’t beat Trump. It was common knowledge if it came down to her vs trump she would lose & what happened? Beto can’t beav trump as he lost another election not that long ago. Sanders wouldn’t last long in office due to stress. Biden is a perv who is too touchy feely on people. You can see their uncomfortable in The pictures but he was unaware? You can’t be that oblivious. I loved how everyone swore the mueller report would lead to trumps impeachment. It did nothing! Hell it only served to piss off the democrats and waste our tax payer money proving something that wasn’t hard to see from the start. There was no Russian interference. No Russian point his gun at me and said vote trump. This only stemmed from Putin saying he’d rather have trump in office and democrats ran with it.
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    Opinion polls show consistently that a majority of Americans disapprove of Trump. He got into office with less than majority support by riding an of anti-Hillary perfect storm, including wikileaks, the Comey memo, and lots of fake news by the Enquirer and Russian bots and trolls. As for the Mueller report, a four-page summary of a 400 page report by a Republican hack put in the AG's office to protect the President's ass does not exoneration makes. Nothing would warrant a claim that there was no Russian interference. If there's nothing to hide, why do Trump and his minnions act so guilty and try so hard to suppress any effort to bring the truth to light? The one thing Trump has going for him is the economy. If it holds, he has a chance. If not, he might go down, depending on who the Dems come up with. Characterizing Biden as a "perv ", in comparison with the Pussy Grabber in Chief show how blindly partisan you are.
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  15. I have my doubts. They put out the job figures without diligence imo. I feel like those are part-time/no benefits jobs. Yet we still hear how well the economy is doing? I'm sure I don't understand...
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    There are certainly weaknesses in the economy. The latest job figures are good; the ones before that were bad. The stock market is recently up. Last year, it was down. Some of the ups and downs are probably due to Trump's policies. Most are not. For a deeper analysis, see Bloomberg -State of the Union: the truth about the US economy under Trump US economy under Trump: Best in history? How Good Is the Trump Economy, Really? The tariff wars and talk of closing the border with Mexico bode ill for the future, as do his potentially disastrous appointment of Stephen Moore (and talk of appointing Herman Cain) to the Fed.

    Every Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900's experienced recession in their first term, while Democrats have largely skated past the recession quicksand. Four in five Democratic presidents saw no recessions during their terms since 1945. This isn't accidental. There is no evidence that the Republican formula of tax cuts for the rich and trickle down economics works. It can temporarily goose the economy, but eventually the piper must be paid when the debts incurred require cutbacks in social programs.Republican Presidents and Recessions: A Pattern Trump Would Like to Break community - aarp Trump's stimulus was poorly timed the stimulus was poorly timed, as the U.S. economy is overheating and inflation is rising above target. but Trump is trying to encourage the Fed to release the brakes instead of tightening, and seems to be inclined to pack the Fed with stooges in order to accomplish this purpose. When the unemployment rate drops low enough to trigger inflation—around three-tenths of a percentage point or more below the non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment—the likelihood of recession rises.The big question is: will the recession occur before or after 2020.
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    I think Joe picked the right time and methodology for exploring a run. The groping thing is a smokescreen to hide all the shit he did for Obama and the Clintons. He's a tough old dude who won't take shit off people or meddling nations.

    The only way Beto will sit in the top seat is if he goes back to wearing that dress. Warren is a hopeless liar, but she loves Mao! Bernie no longer has a chance, the DNC and Schultz made him look as foolish as those two BLM gals who took his mic and made him sit down.

    But then, I know there are some who prefer he shuts the hell up and sits down to piss.
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    You're just a Bernie hater. Your opinion is invalid.
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    Bernie is just... Bert and Ernie...

    Change my mind. :p
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