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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by judasmalfoy, May 8, 2004.

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    one of my teachers used to have the class do 2 minute timed free writes. some interesting things came up in mine. they kinda made me wonder if i was schitzophrenic, because it was like i was asking myself questions, but also answering them. my teacher was amazed that i could come up with this stuff in such a short amount of time. well here goes...

    in the distance, someone screaming
    angels singing sounds of healing
    bells chime
    who do we know
    when there's nothing left, and nowhere to go?
    sound of rain, every where but here
    sun can destroy our rivers so dear
    how do we know what is to come
    when our hearts are empty
    and our dreaming is done?
    time is nothing compared to wating
    time is nothing but what we are wasting
    no one knows better, but they think they do
    what happens when friends aren't what we knew?
    when our lives change, do we notice?
    do we care?
    how do we know what is to be fare
    do not blame time, it is innocent
    blame yourselves, the insignificant

    revealing my thoughts, i have nothing better to do
    i have nothing left to live for, i no longer have you
    we didn't need words, our actions were too good for that
    i thought i had you, but where were you at?
    I remember, regretfully, the way i felt
    you were the only one that could make me melt
    we didn't last long, you knew we wouldnt
    but i was fooled, and i never understood it

    nothing is everything i feel
    lost without you, i've never felt so real
    pain like this never ends
    i knew that when it all began
    but still, i believed in your words.
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    never believe in words, for they are merely representations. gotta find what's beneath, and flow with it. but i like these words, they speak of a process, a path through which spirit flows, the residue of calamity- evolution.

    much love :)
  3. saffronfrancisburnet

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    well believe in yourself
    believe in your words
    act upon your words and move forward

    true words only represent the self from within
    what we have experienced lost or gained or have seen
    in life and all feelings and thoughts

    sometimes free time to write can be a great thing to
    allow areselves time to respond to ourselves and others

    lovely worded piece here
    let your words flow always

    and most of all write from truth from you......

    love npeace from saff
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    I 2 mins is nothing near enough. That isn't even warm up time for me, I normally do at least 30mins.
    You are right though. The stuff you come out with is wierd. When I do it, I always write as if no-one will read it. It is a good way of confronting the subconscious.



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