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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by retrofishie, May 30, 2004.

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    how i decided to be vegitarian.
    i grew up on an organic farm, not against eating animals, but agains chemicals, hormones etc...

    moved out on my own at 16, thought of eating flesh, fat and meat started to seem kinda grose, but not over whelming.

    tonigh i had chicken for dinner and got tottaly disgusted and almost threw up!! i can't do it anymore.

    i might not be a strict vegatarian, i know that i'm not going to cut out milk or anything made with eggs (i already hate eggs, fried scrambled etc...) and maybe if i go out to a restaurant i'll have a burger or something, i don't know yet, but i know that i'm not going to buy meat anymore and i'm going to learn how to cook and eat vegataian.
    so i'm going to keep a diary on here of things that i've eaten so i can see how healthy i'm eating and others can point out what i'm missing if they want.

    i want to say that it's going to be hard not eating meat but i don't think that it will be because i feel absolutly disgusting!!!
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    Good luck and all the best. Youmay find it is not as hard as you think. Tastes change. I've been octo lacto vegetarian for three years. I tasted shrimp for the time about a month ago (it was 'hid' in a pasta salad) I was surprised more by how awful it tasted than actually finding it there. (And I used to love 'em.)
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    Good luck :)

    www.cok.net has a great online booklet for new vegetarians.


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