1t went down at the club last night, jacked fibras saved my life

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Mr Angry, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Mr Angry

    Mr Angry Member

    So last night me n the crew r scanning the club, we run securtity on every door in town, ran the old pussies outta town, aint seem em since. had the usuial drunk assed preppy f@gs from the local college, simple choke hold, knee, punch and they are down then we throw them into a dumpster ion the alleyway, one night we puyt 8 guys in it at once, squashed em in like tuna in a can.

    im working the door, crowds are lovin it, seeing me, im a damn celebrity oin this town, im like "chill the **** out" but these guys are shoving n sh1t trying to get a glipse of my strong assed self especially since im rockin a fine italian suit, really shows off my frame,m

    Peoiple r texting each other n sh1t, soon musta been 1000 outside the club taking pictures begging to get in, guys start shoving some girlsz and the crews like "**** this" and jump in, start nailing people uypside the head, i break out the bats we keep behind the door, cracking skulls all over the ****ing place. women love this sh1t, im top dog and they cant get enough of me whoopin ass,, im givin them a glimpse of my strong ass face inbetween swings of the blood soaked bat, its like a damn photo shoot.

    next thing i know some pussy draws a gun, little T makes a grab and gets hit, good thing the crew wear vests, i dont, i aint got time for that pussy sh1t, so i go for the guy with a "son, somebody about to get their sh1t messed up" look on my face i see a flash but dont feel sh1t since im jacked up with adrenaline, i tackle this guy and the crew goes to work on his skull while i kick his gun down a drain. crowds gone ****ing wild,

    Crew locks down the club and calls a doc, girls r all over me crying n sh1t, im like "i aint got time to bleed" and sip some $1000 champage with a sh1t eating grin opn my face, when the docs turn up they couldnt believe their ****ing eyes, turns out my jacked up muscle fibras stopped that 9 in its tracks, like organic body armor or some sh1t, a normal pussied ass guy wouldnt hit the bricks and died, a bullet aint sah1t to 220lbs of coiuled up fibras, you dont gotta be a scientist to knopw that.

    w2hen i say im built for this sh1t i mean it.
  2. fexurbis

    fexurbis Member

    Can someone please respond to this gentleman? Where are your manners? You're pretty cool dude.
  3. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    You are just too cool for words! Your muscle "fibras" stopped a bullet? Are you superman?

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