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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Uncannymicrobus, May 16, 2004.

  1. Well i took an 1/8 of that p. cubenisis, and i dindt have any problems, i dind't really hullucinate alot like i mean things that arn't there dind't apear, things were altered though, the whole universe was alltered, my ceiling was breathing, and stars moved. This was really cool. By far the best thing was matches. I was striking matches and idk it was like i was hearing the fire, like i understood the flame, the burning was almost to loud to handle. One big surprised is the 0 negativity of it. I dind't have any problems at all none whatsoever. i was around my folks and stuff no problem. I didnt' think i was dying or any of that. Copmletly care free and feeling groovey. The reason is i went into the drug thinking this is a drug this is my mind im in control no drug, ill walk side by side this drug but im not going to let this thing lead me on a leash, and no problem whatsoever. Im kinda wondering, why didnt' i have any problems at all it didn't even seem like there was possiblity of a bad trip, but my friend on the same shrooms same amount had a horrific trip . and hes experienced, Why did i have positive and his was completly negative?
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    Yeah...when I did it, it was more alterations that hallucinations....I guess...like, the clouds were incredible. I saw so many crazy things and took pictures, thinking I could see it the same way when they were developed...now I have a whole bunch of pictures of some stupid clouds and lots of people looking at me like, "WTF??"

    But I've never looked at things like I used to since...it helped me realize the beauty that's everywhere.....

    lalalalalaaaaa....I'm hippy dancing....
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    was your friend with you while he had his horrific trip. i dont think so

    if he was, you would have been thrown into the same terror he felt. shrooms only potentiate that which you already feel. shrooms are very complex when you start looking at the mental aspects. If you really are curious look into the "set and setting" threads on www.bluelight.nu . Be safe. Be smart. Be positive.
  4. happyhaha:

    yeah, i had the same thing... when i tripped my then bf and i sat on the hood of his car at the fest we were at and took pics of the trees and clouds... when i developed my film it took me afew moments of 'wtf are these pictures of? treetops? what the hell was i on... oh yeah, shrooms. oops... haha!'

    werent as cool as they were when they were moving and dancing to the music... sigh
  5. HappyHaHaGirl

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    haha! I know! Every time I closed my eyes, I saw snakes.. I hate snakes, so I didn't close my eyes much at first, but then I realized that I could make the snakes turn into things, like shapes... so I made them form a cowboy and a horse and run around... it was weird. Then we were driving, and there was Rain X on the windshield and it was raining a little, so the rain was rolling off and freaking me out... then I watched Sealab 2021 at the hotel. Yaaay!
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    my brother was growing B+ and Golden Teachers,
    he took a dose of the teachers and he decided shortly thereafter that he had to become a swordsmith and a blacksmith.
  7. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    Interesting... :)
  8. jerry420

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    yeah it is interesting,

    he's about your age too.
  9. JamminOTR

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    dude, holly crap that signature is nuts. Talk about trip relapse, I seriously cannot look at that without it mind fucking me. Gah!!
  10. its easy to say that your in control...but when it comes down to it a bad trip cannot be controled so easily...iv seen so many friends completely loose it after a while with that kind of attitude. you really have to respect the shrooms and the power they hold. its all about your emotional state of mind before you trip... but then again, its the bad trips that seem to teach us the most about ourselfs ;) ...anyway, my point is to just be carful as your not invincible.
  11. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    I like the feeling that I'm not in control, that I'm only able to exist while all this crazy crap goes on around me.
  12. i had a wonderful time the first time i did shrooms...i was camping at this secluded spot in austin. when it first started to hit me, i imagined i was seeing light blue and dark blue pulsating diamonds with cheeseburgers in the middle. then, i fell out of my chair. at one point, i found a bar of sandalwood soap that was in my car and wrapped myself up in a big blanket and just lay on the ground, holding the soap and feeling totally invincible, like i had no authority except the complete earth which i was a part of. it was wonderful and exhilirating, and i felt i knew the answer to some sort of secret. it really opens a proverbial door---it's the best i've ever felt in my entire life, although i couldn't trip out all the time (and haven't since) :)
  13. dont be so carefree about doing it cuz then u will do it when you shouldnt be doin it and the shrooms will kick ur ass and show you their evil side. itll happen soon enough, youll eat a big dose and start freakin out, haha, its not fun, and the bad ones seem to have much more powerful effects.
  14. Hi i was uncannymicrobus's friend that shared the 1/4th of shrooms with him. and I know why i had a bad trip and it's really easy to figure I was in a bad setting. I fully believe now that how the trip turns is based on a big portion of where you are or your setting. well ill tell you what went wrong. Me and my friend purchased 1/4th of shrooms at school and we split it up with a hand scale in a bathroom stall. i got home and called him and told him i couldn't wait so we decited to take them at 9 and give an hour for them to wear in. My first mistake was that i was in no mental shape for taking shrooms. A few weeks ago my parents caught me with pot and they are really anti-drug. So i was grounded forever almost. I was having lots a nightmares at this time because my parents caught me. 2nd mistake my friend uncannymicrobus had a sitter to calm him down. Since I was grounded no one was allowed over. i was so excited for some reason this time i couldn't even wait till 9 when my parents went to bed so I ate them at 6:30 and then turned a some techno thinking it would take about an hour to kick in. The other times took about that long. I didn,t eat anything that day so they kicked in a lot sooner then I tought about 20 min. It was really nice for the first hour or so. I went to my room to get more more CD's when I realized I was tripping had 8 at night and my whole family was home! My mom kept saying stuff like theres a movie on and she followed me down stairs were she told me to turn on the movie and just stood there staring at my tv i had no idea how to work it I just walked away I ran to my room. Everything now was changing and so I laid down on my bed. Outside my dad was mowing the lawn so this horrible sound of buzzing mower never stopped. My mom was flying in and out of my room a lot saying Are you alright and then flew right back out. I dont know if i even responded back to her. I decided to lay on my bed till they do to bed and then come out. well then every couple of minutes I would have this spidy sense thing where the tought the phone was about to ring about 10 seconds before it did. THe ringing of the phone made me go insane and i started seeing scarcy stuff. I then ran out and walked around street. Almost got hit by a couple of cars because just stood they in the middle of the road wondering what I was staring at because it's headlight were on. I looked at the side of the car and it was all streched like a limo. I went home did a wierd dance and now my mom thinks im on drugs but im like sleep walking it felt like a couldn't stop from dancing. I went into my room and fell into a trance for hours. I saw some wierd visions in my trance most were of war and death. When i a woke from it I was coming down and walked around my house. everyone was asleep. But i tought that my visions were real so my first thought was they died. So i thought i had the house to myself. the only thing a wake in my house was my dog so got him and some stuff together i got my dad's car keys. I was going to the hospital to get help and find out what happened in this war. When went out side everything was so still so i thought everyone in the world died except me and my dog. I went back in and decided to wait for the morning so I could go loot stuff out of people's houses that died. So I sat in my living room for about an hour when the front door to my house opened! I thought is was the army to kill me or something, but it was my older sister she is 20 coming home from a party. This was the biggest mind fuck of my life. I was convinced that everyone died but there was my sister! I ran back a opened the door to my parents room and there they were sleeping not dead! I was so fucked my parent knew I was on some drug I was going to be screwed in the morning so I curled up in a ball in the corner of my room and cried then i got under my covers I cried to sleep. For some strange reason when my parents died i felt no remorse what so ever. I was more relieved that i wasn't going to get in trouble for earlier that evening. In the morning my parents confronted me and I denied the whole thing saying i was probally sleep walking. THey gave me a whole lecture on how not to use drugs because they could ground me anymore then i already was!:$
  15. this is not a free speech location
  16. oh, and also...sorry to hear about the bum trip and all. glad you learned some lessons.

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