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    Call this spam, if you will...I call it spreading the love....

    This is one of my favorite sites. It has a great store with lots of awesome stuff, plus a Member Rewards program. You earn "tokes" for doing stuff or clicking links or helping with activism opportunities, then you can trade them in for various paraphanelia, raffle tickets, or a discount in the store. Besides getting free stuff, they have great articles about what's going on in politics, marijuana legislation, and Iraq, plus lots of other interesting news.

    Anyway, you don't need anything to join...just register and you're a member and you start racking up Tokes for free stuff. It's really cool. I got a free vaporizer, just for clicking on links... :) I think you'll really like it if you try it.

    To join, just follow this link and put in "Haha21" as your referral.... :D

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