13 Year old Father!

Discussion in 'The Media' started by kiaba360, Feb 13, 2009.

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    Very too young. The couple says they wanted to have the child. At least the baby is desired, but what will a 13 year old kid (looking like 8) and his 15 year old girlfriend (who looks 10 years older than the little boy) will be able to do with this child? They can't be mature enough. They sure have good will, but they still are teens!

    THEY ARE certainly NOT CRAZY... it takes more than that to be so, but THIS STORY SURELY IS!
  3. HushBull

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    I will be the first to say, CREEEEPY
  4. blackcat666

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    so, what else is new? nothing at all "crazy" about that.
    fox is just stirring up shit to boost their ratings, so they can charge higher fees for airtime to advertisers.

    13 year olds having kids happens everyday worldwide. it has always been that way, and it will always be that way too, and it is no big deal either!

    man, don't listen to mainstream media. mainstream media is nothing but low life shit!
  5. Father22

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    I know that a lot of what we call teens in our western societies are considered adults elsewhere and that they actually have kids. But they are often almost raised like adults from age 5! For that reason, they are probably more mature than this kid whose father says that he could have stayed home but chose to get to the hospital to welcome the baby. What a joke! You'd never hear that in subsaharian Africa, that's for sure!

    Edit: Other than that, in under-developped countries (what do you call these in english?), very young people contribute a lot to satisfy the needs of their family. At 13, they are ready to take a full task.

    What's the most surprising inthis story is not the age of the child alone, it,s where he lives!
  6. lynzxx

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    i think its awful.. what about the mammy and daddys education??.. how will they be able to go to school after bein woken up twenty times durin the nite by a screamin baby!!.. wen he's 23 he'll hav a ten year old child!!!!! :O .. most 23 year olds these days think theyre too younge to have a BABY never mind a ten year old.. i think its kinda sad.. these kids dont know how to take care a baby, when they still need their parents to take care of them!
  7. Father22

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    Logically, the grandparents of the baby would take care of him/her enough to let the couple have a chance to go to school. Someone could help them during week nights at least. But it not really in our culture, so it's not what we think about first. We think the young parents will not complete their secondary school.

    In the other hand, maybe the grandparents do not have enough time or energy to take the relay of their children to take almost full charge of another baby. It's not in anyone's plans of course.
  8. Wiseman

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    Wow. I didn't even know nearly anything about sex when I was that age. In fact, I don't even think I knew what masturbation was. And this kid's already a dad. I know that this is commonplace throughout the world, but it's still shocking to me. Wow.
  9. I read an article a few days ago about this, and the interviewer asked the boy how he was going to financially take care of a child. The boy answered " what's financially mean?".

    Enough said.
  10. I was hoping that would be mentioned Lost Soul. Thank you.

    Some 13 year olds might be mature enough to raise a child, but I don't think that's true in this case at all. The parents of these immature kids shouldn't have to raise this child, and neither should my fucking tax dollars. It wouldn't surprise me if they were only keeping this child for publicity reasons, instead of quietly giving it to a couple that are mature enough to raise a child, and would most likely give it a better life. I find this extremely sad and hope that against the odds this child is given a decent upbringing.
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    They now say it might not be his and two other boys ages 15 and 17 might be the real father.
  12. mizanthrope

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    Its pretty gross... at 13 I still thought the opposite sex had cooties!
  13. The Earth

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    Thats so wierd the boy just looks too young to be doing anything like that.. and why the girl would do it with him... fuckin kids these days, its the cell phones I tell ya
  14. DaveHT

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    I remember when I was in public school, a girl a year older than me was preggo and she was only 12 at the time. This is not news, only sensationallism. It has happened before and it will happen again. The father was about 14 in the case I know of.
  15. Did she keep the baby, Dave? And if so, who raised it and what was her education like after the child was born? This may just be sensationalism, but it is interesting.
  16. hippiepeece

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    First of allI think that baby is worth a little bit more than you're 'fucking tax dollars'! It's nice to know so many people think paper thin like you.

    But anyway, I got a little chuckle when the kid said "sometimes my dad gives me $10". What is $10 gonna get him?

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