12-step program for oil

Discussion in 'Protest' started by squawkers7, Jun 20, 2006.

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    Oil exploitation endangers ecosystems from America’s parks and wilderness to the deepest jungles in the Amazon and Africa. Our climate, national security, universal human rights, economy and health are threatened by America’s addiction to oil. For our forests, the rights of indigenous peoples, and the natural systems that sustain life, Rainforest Action Network is committed to help break America’s oil addiction. Here’s how:

    1. Admit we have a problem
    2. Separate oil & state
    3. Jumpstart Detroit
    4. Redesign American mobility for smart growth
    5. Plug in America
    6. Grow our gas
    7. Rooftop revolution
    8. Green the grid
    9. Fund the future
    10. Wean... to green
    11. Low carb USA
    12. Vote
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    good concept but kind of vague...also hard to read

    But i def. dig your attitude...we def. need to wean ourselves off oil. I believe that we are beginning to admit that we have aq problem, so at least we're on step one. The realization of that step is going to be scary for a lot of people, so i hope that we begin some other steps before we just go and scare the shit out of your average american....
    Good concept though.

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