10KLF is right around the corner...

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by gregshagger, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. gregshagger

    gregshagger Banned

    July might not be the most happening month of our festi season, but there’s 10KLF dead smack in the middle of our beautiful country-

    Has anybody been keeping up with ridiculous this lineup???

    Phil Lesh and Friends (2 sets), Trey Anastasio (2 sets), String Cheese Incident (2 sets)

    Benevento/Russo Duo feat. Mike Gordon, The Keller Williams Incident (w/SCI), Umphrey's McGee, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, Keller Williams,Medeski Martin & Wood, Kimock/Perkins, Railroad Earth, The Everyone Orchestra, Hot Buttered Rum, Assembly Of Dust- just to name a few…

    Just 5 more weeks to go...

  2. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006

    fucking badass. i wish i could make it.
  3. Sugaree13

    Sugaree13 Member

    got my tickets in the mail today!

    Anticipation is building.... this looks like it may be one of the best ive been to....
  4. eman resu

    eman resu Senior Member

    WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This IS GOIng to be one for the books... FUCK YEAH
  5. so yea.. anywho.. yesterday my boss called me at my other job and was like "hey i forgot to tell you that a lady called from 10k for volunteering" and this was later in the night.. so i was like alright... i'll call in the morning(today)... well i goto work.. and whatnot.. and we're listening to CD's in the kitchen all day.. then the other cook is like turn on the radio.. its request hour... and we always call in requests... well... we're listening and then they cut to the studio and the girl is like "we're gonna do a trivia question for 2tix to 10k... cd and a shirt... the question is what is the color of the gem Garnett" and me and the other cook didnt know.. so i yelled out the kitchen window and was like "what color is a garnett.. " and two ladies at the bar were like "red!" so i ran and dialed and im like the answer is red... and i fuckin won!!!! im so excited!!! woop! no working for my tix... and then to top it off... they did another trivia for Green Man Festival and the question was what is the symbol for potasseum... and we got that correct as well.. so the other cook won tix to that.... :D
  6. gregshagger

    gregshagger Banned

  7. gregshagger

    gregshagger Banned

    Howdy all, just here to post up some relevant info on the 10KLFand maybe catch some heads that might not be going. Plus you don’t have to dig through the site…here’s the scoop. I’m hoping folks will read this and decide to make the trek. You still have a grip of time to make it happen.

    This is no Bonnaroo either- sorry I’m into smaller fests. So here’s the scoop…

    4th year running...10,000 Lakes Festival (10KLF) takes place Wednesday, July 19th through Saturday, July 22nd, 2006 at the scenic Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

    The Festival showcases over 45 artists and bands on four stages, including, Phil Lesh & Friends, Trey Anastasio, String Cheese Incident, Keller Williams, O.A.R. (Of A Revolution), The Benevento/Russo Duo featuring Mike Gordon, Umphrey's McGee, Steve Kimock…umm, and Railroad Earth- just to name a few.



    The event ticket price includes all band performances 7/19/06 - 7/22/06…that means no hidden fees for late night shows.

    All campgrounds will open at 10:00am on Wednesday, July 19th for Music and Camping Ticket holders. The campgrounds will remain open until Sunday, July 23rd at noon.

    The first band performances begin at 6:00pm on Wednesday, July 19th.

    The closest commercial airport is in Fargo, ND. (Yes, that Fargo). It’s about a 45-55 minute drive from the Fargo airport to the festival site...a hitchhike away. My original plan was to fly into Fargo and rent a car seeing as it’s so close, but I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price of plane tickets.

    Fly into Minneapolis and it will be hella cheaper, but you sacrifice a long ass drive (4 hrs) vs. a nice stroll. I’ll probably regret it, but I’m already taking a week off from work and have burned all my vacation time.

    MrBusDriver.com has organized a number of airport bus shuttles from both the Fargo, ND and Minneapolis, MN airports directly to the festival grounds, with a return trip back to each airport on Sunday, 7/23. There is also a pickup scheduled for St. Cloud, MN.


    Some good things provided…Showers so you don’t go home smelling like death, real shitters- yes, this excites me as I’m scared of porta potties, I dunno if you’ll catch a signal on your cell, but there are payphones, outlets to charge your mobiles, and lastly….WIFI. I’m a nerd, and bring my laptop with me everywhere.


    $135 (Standard)

    $350 (VIP)


    $30 (Viking is the only one left, rest are sold out)

    $30 (VIP, located behind the main stage)




  8. nomadspirit88

    nomadspirit88 Member

    Hey im going. If anyone wants to meet up there and share and trade. Im down.
  9. GTA83

    GTA83 Member

    I am def going to this fest, does anyone think that more bands will be added? they are already 10 over last years amount, but still seem to have a lot of room on the bigger stages as most of the bands are playing in the saloon stage. I can only hope particle, sound tribe, yonder, or toubab will be added.
  10. Sugaree13

    Sugaree13 Member

    the hipforums crew should meet up somewhere? Its always great to meet the people behind the posts!
  11. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    yeaaaaaa YEEEEEEEEE I am hitting up UM and galactic at hampton beach then heading towards 10kl , going to be fuckin sick.
  12. nomadspirit88

    nomadspirit88 Member

    yeah im rolling up there too. Im down to meet some people.
  13. Blakkout

    Blakkout Member

    Can someone who's gone before tell me if they search you at all upon entering?
  14. you know what... i cant really answer that... after Coparusa and Coparoo... who knows... i read a post on the 10k frappr site saying that they almost did not have a 10k this year because the Soo Pass Ranchs owners wife is highly religious and disagrees with the drug use that goes with the festival... so her husband made a deal with her that they would up the patrol at 10k... so i dunno.. my best bet i say is if you're just thinking about bringing personal stash... leave it at home... you're better off tryin to score at 10k.. instead of getting a ticket for possession if they do search your car... also there are pipe vendors... so leave the piece as well... and buy yourself a cheap glass piece while you're there...
  15. Blakkout

    Blakkout Member

    alright thanks good to know.... im assuming its pretty easy to score some greens there
  16. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    I'm assuming you know how to think without saying shit like that out loud.
  17. 8 days left!!!!!! is everyone else getting as pumped as i am??? after this past weekend.. with FATFEST.. im really excited and cant wait for 10k to finally be here!!! whoop!
  18. Blakkout

    Blakkout Member

    Jesus, chill the fuck out
  19. iS anyone going to the 10k festivAL in or around ChicAGO....if so please get back to me I am willing ot split on gas

  20. 1 week... 7 days.. no matter how ya look at it 10k will be here sooner than you think.. woo hoo!!!!
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