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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Billyx1120, Oct 5, 2013.


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    Seems to me the (UK) Lottery rise is scandalous, it's something that the people can't afford, though being a habitual thing, for the majority of those whose only way out is a gamble should never have been sanctioned by the Government - Discus.....

    (Health Lottery here I come)
  2. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    A tax on fools...
  3. odonII

    odonII O

    Camelot seem to think MORE people are going to take part not LESS people.
    I'm not quite sure how that works!

    I presume they have done some form of analysis on this, and come to the conclusion it's beneficial for it to be £2 rather than £1. Perhaps the thinking is: A quarter drift away, but 3/4s stick with it - which generates a 1/3 more money than when the people that drifted away took part.

    In what way is it 'sanctioned by the government'?
  4. sunfighter

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    Please write thread topics that mean something. You waste the reader's time otherwise.
  5. odonII

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    Isn't that owned/run by the person who owns The Express and Channel 5? > <
  6. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    Totally sick.I don't play.Don't want to live with the false dream of mountain of dosh I know I have more chance of getting struck by lightning etc...I see old grannies line up to buy tickets and it's just putrid.Worship of Mammon just gets worse.I think I better stop before I let rip on it...Argh!!!
  7. odonII

    odonII O

    I say, go for it. :devil:

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    Best not read on then :)

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill HipForums Supporter

    To be honest, I didn't know that? It was just an observation of an option that a few people were weighing up (It's a £ thing) :)
  10. Fingermouse

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    Is this thread actually about the lottery? I wouldn't know. I bought one ticket when I was 16 just because I could, then never bothered again because by the time I'd hit the legal age to play I was old enough to realise that only utter morons would choose to.

    Has it seriously only been £1 to play this whole time?

    I am on the other hand outraged by the fact that Chipsticks are no longer 10p and probably don't exist any more. How are we supposed to eat?
  11. Fingermouse

    Fingermouse Helicase

    Bad day?
  12. Jimmy P

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    My buddy plays the lottery pretty much every week. He's always talking about how when he wins the lottery he will do this and that. He doesn't really believe he will ever win, but I think he just wants to have the chance. And no matter how foolish you think someone is for playing, there is a chance they could win.

    Personally, I think I may have played once a long time ago. I don't like to gamble in that sense, and I also know I can do (and have done) many things people think they need to win the lottery or otherwise be wealthy in order to do.

    In the end, it is much less harmful than many other things the government sanctions that people can't really afford. And much less profitable. I'm looking at you, alcohol and tobacco.
  13. lithium

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    I think it was a fair point and I think this voice needs to be heard.
  14. odonII

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    It is operated by Northern and Shell which owns numerous media outlets in the United Kingdom.

    My observation was that you didn't approve of the National Lottery - full stop.
    Regardless of the recent price rise.

    Some people might 'way it up' - but probably those that only buy one line, and only play once a week, imho.
    The not very dedicated players, who really could not care less either way.
  15. Fingermouse

    Fingermouse Helicase

    I think we should live in a commune
  16. lithium

    lithium frogboy

    Only if it's on a canal boat
  17. Fingermouse

    Fingermouse Helicase

    Can there be marijuana? I think we should fight to get it legalised first by posting some threads about it. That way we'll be saving the planet AND being intelligent :ssmokeit:

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