10 Principles for True Healing

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    1. True healing cannot be achieved within the framework of the system

    Despite what we have been told, the structures of civilization do not have our best interests in mind but are designed instead to keep us enslaved, for the sole purpose of productivity and self-maintenance. For this machine, life has no place, it is an inconvenience to be eliminated. Essential questions about life are systematically denied, ignored or talked about with grand empty words. Even institutions such as school, psychiatry and religion, which should theoretically be concerned with our well-being and potential, exist in reality only to force us to adapt to an unbearable system. This system wouldn't be able to control people who were free, awake and alive.

    The health industry, including all its so-called alternatives, is based on the false premise that healing is possible within the framework of the system, on the lie that if people are not happy, it's because they don't try "hard enough", or because they don't have the right products, not because the system is fundamentally opposed to life, happiness and love. Doing a psychotherapy once a week while continuing to slave at a stressful job and watch TV 4 hours a day makes at best our daily hell a little more bearable, but it won't achieve health in any true sense of the word. True healing requires a dedication toward gaining a greater understanding and love of ourselves and the world, pursuing material goals such as money and fame will only hinder our progress on the path.

    2. True healing requires a deep questionning of all our beliefs

    Merely staying away from the system will not suffice to remove its influence on us. All of us who have been raised within its tentacles, who went through school indoctrination, who watched television or read newspapers, have been fed with more lies and illusory limits than we'd dare to imagine. These beliefs form a more-or-less coherent paradigm, a framework from where we see "reality". The dominant paradigm is so strong, so present everywhere, that we have become unable to experience reality in all its subtility and interconnectedness, like we eventually could in our childhood. We're trapped in a Matrix of deceptions.

    A deep and constant questionning of who we are, what we want, why we want it, why we are here, why we are doing certain things, why others act in a certain way, is thus necessary to increase our free-will and widen our perceptions of reality. While seeking the truth, we should be cautious not to attach ourselves to dogmas, no matter how alternative they appear to be, for they will always turn up as dead traps easily manipulated by those in need of power. True wisdom and ethics come from within, and there is no shortcut. It is only when we have suspended all our beliefs and disbeliefs, all our ideas of good and evil, that we have a chance, through careful observation, to catch glimpses of the truth.

    3. True healing combines knowledge and experience

    To become aware of our self-limiting beliefs is one thing, to change them is another. While much of today's psychology is based on Freud's rediscovery of the unconscious, most of the techniques used to deal with this unconscious are still based on the conscious mind, perhaps because our culture is so oblivious of what goes beyond the surface. The "deep problems" found through psychotherapy rarely help to change ourselves but rather develop ever-more-complex mental layers, not to mention a feeling of helplessness.

    There are however many techniques to reach the unconscious, such as hypnosis, shamanic recapitulation, Vipassana meditation, Jung's active imagination and healing rituals, and it's surprising how "deep problems" can dissappear or become irrelevant after the unconscious has been changed. Ultimately, though, most of the changes happen when we start engaging in the world, throwing ourselves in new situations and basically living our life with a combination of knowledge and experience. Words and other symbols are empty until experience charge them with meaning and depth.

    4. True healing involves healing of our relationships

    Engaging ourselves in the world means first and foremost interacting with others in authentic relationships. Despite what the dominant paradigm have made us believe, none of us are isolated atoms. Quantum physics tell us that the foundation of reality is composed of both waves and particles. Translating this to humans beings, we are both individuals (particles) and relationships (waves). To deny our wave nature is to deny an essential part of ourselves and of the world, since we are all co-creators of this reality. Through relationships, our worlds and perspectives of reality collide with each others and we all arise with a greater understanding of who we are and of the world we live in. Our isolated, frightened egos find themselves forever transformed by the love we give and receive.

    5. True healing only occurs between equals

    To be authentitic, our relationships with others must occur on an horizontal level. Beyond age, gender, culture, social status, or any other label, we are all fundamentally equals as life forms, beings of light or God's children (whatever you prefer to call it), and this includes non-human forms of life. Communication is only possible between equals, and the position of the guru/therapist above the seeker/patient automatically blocks any true form of communication. Similarly, healing cannot be forced upon anyone, it must come from within. All that others can do is offer support and compassion, listen and eventually share their own experiences. Thus, true healing is non-hierarchical, with all those involved healing and healed at the same time.

    6. True healing calls for a respect and celebration for our inner worlds

    While our fundamental nature is what unites us and allows us to communicate, our differences is what enriches us and gives us a reason to communicate. We all experience reality differently, and this perception evolves constantly as we live and grow. Our inner world is shaped by our experiences in life, our encounters, our dreams, our beliefs, our hopes, our fears, and countless other factors. This diversity is what makes the world so rich and interesting, and to try to make everyone experience reality the same way would amount to fascism.

    While for some of us this experience of reality is painful, denying our inner world only alienates us from ourselves and prevents any true healing. Emotions needs to be observed and accepted rather than blocked and denied, for they have much to teach us. Overall, we must always thrive toward more integration and balance, possibly with the help of meditation and self-observation, without being afraid of facing our dark side, because it is only when we have accepted who we are and the reality we experience, as a whole, that we can change and evolve.

    7. True healing means becoming the artists of our life

    Accepting and discovering our inner worlds is a first and important step, but for true healing to happen it is essential that this inner world reflects and interacts with our daily life. Self-expression through art is a form of healing more-or-less accepted by mainstream psychiatry, but it needs to go much further: we must become, again, the artists of our own life, and start living our dreams, instead of being simple pieces in the machine. Quantum physics have again much to say about this: to feel alive, we need to feel that our actions have a real impact on the world around us; we must engage in a dialogue with this world. This means recognizing that each of our actions, no matter how small, have an effect on the world and taking responsibility for them. Here we also see why the system is designed to prevent healing: we cannot have a dialogue with TV boxes, generic plastic items, processed food or concrete walls.

    8. True healing is about reconnecting with our soul

    Reconnecting with our inner world means reconnecting with our life force, our soul. Many people nowadays rejects the notion of a soul, perhaps because religious institutions have heavily abused from this word, but this rejections also highlights that many of us are so disconnected from our life force that we do not know it exists anymore. Without this force coming from inside, we are helpless robots easily controlled and manipulated, pushed in various directions by the media empires, political parties, religious cults and other institutions designed to control us. To regain our autonomy, we must reclaim our soul.
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    9. True healing is an on-going never-ending process

    Our soul can be imagined as an interface between ourselves-in-the-present and ourselves-outside-of-time (our spirit), or as a gateway between 3D and 4D reality. In effect, our soul guides us toward spiritual growth. Again this concept has been heavily charged by religious institutions but its implications are simple: all the difficulties we encounter through life are challenges designed to make us grow. Life is a school, full of lessons triggered by synchronicities and customized to teach us exactly what we need to understand at this particular point in our evolution. It is thus essential to overcome the victim attitude promoted by the psychiatric industry (the lie that it's all due to genetics) if we want to notice these challenges, take them up and evolve. As it should now be more clear, there is no plateau to be reached, no "permanent happiness" to be found, for life is a journey where the travel matters more than the destination.

    10. True healing will involve the healing of the planet as a whole

    The deep interconnectedness between our inner world (our self or unconscious) and the outer world, a concept at the root of mysticism and magick for millenia, has been pointed out several times. There is another important development of this concept, known as ecopsychology: the destruction of nature and the rapid extinction of millions of species mirrors the destruction of our inner world. Our environment affects us much more on an unconscious level than we usually think it does and the current ecological collapse is largely responsible for the feeling of emptiness so prevalent today.

    For these reasons, it would be a mistake to think we can heal ourselves in a safe place and ignore what's going on outside. This form of selfishness doesn't hold when we realize that each time a forest is wiped out from the planet, a part of us is wounded. Peopling our inner world helps to heal the planet on a certain level of reality, but it's important to also do it the other way around by reconnecting with each others and getting involved in social and environmental issues in whatever way is possible. What we change outside changes inside, and vice versa. This is the last missing piece for a true dialogue with the world and a true healing.

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    Wow...that was pretty touching man... Can't believe i read every word​
    I'm just wondering, when you refer to relationships, what exactly do they entail? And by 'equals', i think you mean that each person gives and takes 'equally', right? k, well that was pretty cool dude, cheers... ​
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    Relationships are important because they give feedback to discover who we are. The hermit who lives in the moutains is no different -- s/he just has a relationship with Nature instead of humain beings. :) You're right about equality, it means that each person is both a teacher and a student, so it's a two-way process. Metaphysically two people are attracted to each others when both have something to learn from the other.
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    I've printed that... thanks for posting!
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    Thats an interesting site...... I just went thru the PODCAST section and it looks intreeging!
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    Quite interesting post it is. Thanks for sharing it here. Healing is very important to get spiritual power and true soul. I agree with your every word.

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