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How do you view sex?

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#21 Irminsul



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Posted February 01 2017 - 02:38 PM

Usually I look through a window or through the cracks in the blinds.
Occasionally I've drilled out parts of the walls, especially in hotel rooms and lay down some conduit to peep through.

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#22 gingeroot



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Posted February 08 2017 - 02:20 AM

The best way I can explain it is how I was taught. Sex is kinda like fire. It is a gift and a tool. Like fire sex has many purposes. Both can keep us warm and give a sense of happiness and security. Both can bring people together when shared. Both when in the hands of the wrong person can be a weapon. Both in the hands of the completely irresponsible can be killed by it. Both need to be respected and that only happens by being taught to respect it. But sex can also be like water. Both are needed to create live. Lack of it can drive people insane. Both are refreshing and shouldn't be greedily kept. Quick story. I remember once I was dropped off at this woman's house from our community. She had been depressed and wasn't getting better. I was supposed to do whatever I could to help and it was implied that I would be having sex with her. So I go to her apartment and the place is just trashed. Clothes and wine boxes all over the place, cat hadn't been fed and the litter box stank, and she's in bed. I try talking to her and she's not really talking. I give the place a good once over and get rid of the trash, start some laundry. A few hours of doing this I tell her I'll make her dinner if she takes a shower. She knew why I was sent. I end up taking a shower with her and just wash her and end up holding her till the water ran cold nothing sexual at all. I get her out get her some fresh clothes and make her dinner. While she eats I clean her room. We watch some TV and she seems a little better. We go to bed and have sex. Then again in the morning. I clean some more then get to help. We four or five times that day then again that night. By Sunday afternoon she's in a much better mood, her place is clean and we have sex a few more times and I leave. We never got together again and spoke only occasionally, but we had a special bond after that. That is what sex is. It is a tool for many things than needs to be used. Part of the big problem with our society is we don't. Why do you think Denmark is so happy? They have more sex and are more relaxed and better mental health.

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