Your vision of a Utopian civilization

Discussion in 'The Future' started by idioticnumbskull, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. hotwater

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    Your utopian dream sounds like a nightmare right out of the mind of a megalomaniacal latter-day hippie jacked up on coke and speed :eek:

  2. themnax

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    the future is wonderful if we want it to be. the wonderful future just isn't the one invissioned in 1939 by general motors and goodyear tyre.

    forest and garden and technology without burning anything to make it go.
  3. I'm mostly interested in each persons individual vision of a civilization. It seems that society could go off in a thousand different directions with wild possiblities. (if allowed to)
  4. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    well yes and no. people are addicted to what they're familiar with. at the same time, that addiction consumes what they're familiar with and forces it to change.

    like i said though, lots of public transportation in a world where you don't have to live in cities to use it, nor to access nor have anything else. a world no longer overpopulated. and the energy to power that transportation and everything else not coming from burning anything, not even atoms.
  5. Nikalaus

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    This isn't rocket science.

    What you need to do is eliminate economic system Greed and Hoarding from the human mind set... completely.

    Eliminate MONEY, BARTERING and all forms of exchange in the world right now. Let the revolution runs its course. Yes I know... what I am implying. That is A LOT of bloodshed. But after you will have a collective psyche that is focused on STAYING ALIVE. Not competing against one another for more... "STUFF".

    That mind set is the Key to Utopia.

    Our Reality is nothing more then a projection of our collective thoughts.
  6. Emanresu

    Emanresu Member

    Education: Education would start out general with a broad range, but aimed at focusing in on things that each individual is good at and enjoys. Shift from traditional studies to apprenticeships as the focus becomes more narrow. I am imagining an educational system aimed at helping individuals gain the necessary skills to be successful within disciplines that they enjoy with an emphasis on hands on learning.
    Culture: The only object of veneration would be the world itself. People would venerate land, air and water, not because of superstitious beliefs but out of respect for the fact that they are so essential. The main form of entertainment would be large social gatherings with music and dancing. Drums and singing.
    Food: Where possible people would sustain themselves without eating meat. Also where possible food would be grown organically.
    Intoxicants: Ganja, hallucinogens.
    Sexuality: Pretty much whatever consenting adults are into.
    Technology: No fossil fuels. Technology would be developed with our relationship with the rest of nature in mind, so we could have a high standard of living without terrible pollution and destruction of habitats.
  7. D_MAN

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    Of course it could never exist, that's why it's called a utopia (literally meaning no place U-TOPIA, a word invented by Sir Thomas More.. wiki that!)

    But I think the belief behind this thread is merely to imagine the perfect world for YOU. Maybe later on we can learn something from these mentally constructed utopias... but maybe we'll learn nothing at all. lul

    I'd actually prefer to live in a fascist state. Work distributed by the government... one supreme ruler, of course, but some henchmen and advisors under him... be at home by 10:30... mandatory entertainment on Saturday nights from 8:30 to 10... maybe a circus or something, or shadow puppets, something really stupid anyhow... and free elephants for everyone. Cause cars were banned long ago when we found out the fuhrer was asthmatic :2thumbsup:
  8. love-laughter

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    A world where we don't hunt or eat meat. (including fish) Because meat has shown to be
    1) A costly way of getting protean
    2) For a significant portion of the general population, meat can kill their natural empathies and make them more agressive.

    A world of nudity and love making.

    A world of peace.

    Education and all the other stuff is not necessary
  9. surreal_charm

    surreal_charm Member

    you don't have to. it's utopia remember?

    here's my idea of a utopian civilization:

    education: practical education. special emphasis on technology, science, history and literature. no religious or spiritual education.

    infrastructure: clean, smooth and wide roads with no gutters or speedbreakers. office buildings and residential buildings will have 2 different sets of IDs that would make them easy to locate. residential buildings will be surrounded by greenery and lakes.

    family unit: couples only. couples can have children but when the children are mature enough to move out, they must.
  10. zocipro

    zocipro Banned

    I think that Utopia is just in our minds and we knows it, just always stay in HOPE for better world...this conclusion not need to be true :)
  11. beatlebug

    beatlebug Member

    If more people are good than bad, then there could be anarchy because take for example something like a rainbow gathering, if someone does something shwag the /people/ take action depending on the severity of the offense. Could that work on a global scale? I doubt it, because I honestly don't believe more people are good that bad. I'm a pessimist =[ Oh well.
  12. Istar

    Istar Member

    "Your vision of a Utopian civilization"

    A resource Society, An Economy that only works full filling its resource needs and growth... Would not be a money/credit system since that would be worthless and counter productive.

    So what does this mean? Basically the economy will build an education system tailored to the needs of individuals and what they excell at for their role in the system. For roles that lack support in areas there would be development tasks in to building technology to solve those areas.

    Resources such as food, product needs and the like would be monitored towards the needs of specific regions.. Not like how it is today where you can find Food chain store next to food chain store only to have food products go out of date and wasted, there would be only enough that is needed for that region. Plus there would not be several companies just for the same thing vying for profit sales ~

    Since the system pinpoints what is actually needed, wasted work time would be eliminated.. People would find themselves being off from work then on it. having 100% of the civilization on work roles would reduce drastically the work needed and spread it out more. as well as fix areas that drastically need it to be done, or rebuilt as needed. You end up with a economy of less stress, each would be able to be given his own home with the stuff that they would need.

    and since there would be no artificial limitations as we have today with paper money, technology would drastically increase and solve a ton more issues that the economy would inherently face. Without stress, without worry people would be more active and have a happier, healthier lifestyle and in the process this planet would be fixed back up, since we would be able to successfully move away from archaic hindrances such as coal plants and the like and could move towards standardizing sun panels and the like in all places to reduce the need.

    Is it a utopia ? prolly not everybody has dreams, but it where we should be progressing to rather then the mess we have now.
  13. Conceivia

    Conceivia Guest

    I see almost none of these are serious.

    Education: Mostly self taught, with lots of free access and lots of work directed toward producing stimulating and interesting media such as movies, educational computer software, and stuff. Basics education required. All life testing, and those who fail are required to take classes in those areas of basic need. Computer literacy considered vital, including spreadsheets, database, and computer programming.
    Infrastructure: Very condensed living, everything of need in walking distance, extremely efficient individual mass transit. No need to go anywhere you can't walk to.
    Family Unit: Normal healthy families.
    Sexuality: I repeat, normal healthy families.
    Technology: Extremely high tech. Near or below zero pollution.
    Physicality: Participation in sports and outdoor activities highly encouraged. People working to get people active and having fun.
    Food/intoxicants: Healthy food, organic, hydroponic, genetic engineering allowed but only when done by our communities which would be done in the best interest of the people, not the interest of making money.
    The people are equals. Only leaders of each individual project, but no hierarchy. Anyone can lead a project. Voting only when absolutely necessary. Mostly people free to make decisions.

    Religion: Freedom of choice. One true religion created which engulfs all others. All religions are considered from God, and to be loved. Teaching of hate might be forbidden, or at least highly discouraged.

  14. Basically an Idea I like to call

    Reverse progression.

    Based it's based off of the idea that we are bettered by many of humanities inventions, but are forced to deal with the negative effects they bring to us as well. such as.

    LONGEVITY = good
    FERTILITY = good

    But add them all together and you get overpopulation.

    Another such example of suffering the effects of a progressive lifestyle.

    SHELTER = good
    SECURITY = good
    STRUCTURE = good

    But add them together and you destroy natural beauty, which robs humans of humanity.

    My utopia would balance a naturalistic lifestyle with a futuristic life style going hand in hand.

    There would be a stable population in each community, each community would be self supporting, but would trade with each other. Most land would be dominated by nature and other life sustaining environments.

    A network of underground bullet trains would transport people to any place on the civilization without disturbing any environments. All electricity would be powered by fusion (yes I do believe that deuterium-deuterium fusion is possible) and natural elements as well.

    There would be jobs for anyone and everyone, although not necessary as you could easily live off the land. Education would be free for everyone and anyone who wanted to learn anything ever. Currency would be reverted back to trading goods, but with a digitized online catalog of everything you want to trade, and an advanced program to help the process move along without a hitch.

    International sharing network grids of electricity, water and other resources would be made so that no man goes without basic needs.

    I'm too tired to formulate the rest of it.. got a real neat picture in my mind of what some people would probably call "hell on earth", but I would find..paradise.
  15. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Sounds like a good time.
  16. ChronicTom

    ChronicTom Banned

    As should have been made clear from the responses to this thread so far, the biggest hurdle to there ever being a 'Utopian' type future, is that it is almost impossible to get two people to agree on anything, let alone what a 'Utopia' may look like.

    It is NOT possible to have a future 'paradise' where everyone is happy and everything works without problems.

    Or... at least not if you are trying to create such with humans involved.

    Think I'm wrong, just look at the responses.

    Everyone should be free... to do as the rules dictate... I especially like the 'no alchohol and drugs thing', that one is just priceless...

    Now... if you want to talk about what it would take to build a real self-sufficient society where people work together, it is more then possible. It will never be a 'utopia' though.

    First step... Ignore everything from anyone who isn't in that position (working towards such a place) or hasn't spent a lot of time in doing so... because, as the responses here show... most people haven't the foggiest clue of what it takes to support themselves let alone each other.
  17. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Psh tom don't be silly.

    It's easy to make a utopia, all you have to do is outlaw all the bad things and punish people harshly for doing them

    Ban alcohol, drugs, sex out of wedlock, eating meat, crappy music, and I'm sure all the kinks will work themselves out :2thumbsup:

    ....Also, ban and execute, black people, hippies, young people, gay people, mexicans, stupid people, loud people, people with ADHD, and people with the audacity to think "freely" outside this perfect formula for utopia:leaving:

    What could go wrong? Not like anyone's tried to make things better by outlawing harmless things that they don't like, right? No need to worry about IMPORTANT things, like personal freedom or wars or capital punishment. After all, we know what's best for everyone, which is why we're making the laws, and we're quite sure drugs are BAD BAD BAD.
  18. ChronicTom

    ChronicTom Banned

    Actually, (yes, I am ignoring the Nobody has ever tried... and that is the problem.

    What a lot of people (namely almost all), seem to miss, is that you can NEVER have any type of freedom at the expense of other's freedoms.

    Whenever you start talking about 'utopia', the first thing people start naming off, is the things that you can't do, or things you must do...

    People wonder why I am so picky and pushy about who I invite here? Because I accept that not everyone is equal (by their own choices) and not everyone will work towards the same goals.

    Comes back to another thread along these lines a while back where people were talking about loving and welcoming anybody and everybody who showed up at their door step...

    With me being condemned for making it clear that if you weren't there to be part of the solution, you would be part of the problems and therefore eliminated...

    Man, did I ever get a lot of shit for that remember? I'm an asshole, I'm phycho, I'm not nice and so on and so forth...

    I'm a fucking realist.

    If tshtf, forget about all your dreams of rebuilding any type of society, for most of you will be dead.

    Those of us who are left, will think of you often with black humor...
  19. Conceivia

    Conceivia Guest

    Only thing I consider clear from these posts, is almost no one here has given it any thought.

    It is not necessary for two people to agree on anything.

    It all depends on what you call a problem. Two people peacefully disagreeing about the color to paint a building, and finally the one who actually does the painting making the decisions, for example... Obviously that is not a problem.

    But, if you consider a problem to be... for example... a society which is such in ever increasing dept, that collapse is inevitable, and when it comes it'll make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park. Yes, we can easily create a society without major problems like that.

    We are at a stage, where you can take your pick of several impending doom situations. National Dept, Nuclear War, Peak Oil, Global Warming, and there's probably more that I'm not thinking of now. Maybe you people should start thinking a little more seriously about the future.

  20. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Tony, the thing is, people DO need to agree.

    There's plenty of people who, for example, disagree with my stance that nobody should have their lives damaged because they like to smoke hemp, so they're ruining millions of peoples lives. Furthermore, many (like obama) are people who personally abused drugs, and are now enforcing laws that would prevent equally bright (or brighter) people who behave the same way from getting to the same place. More than once a minute, a potential obama is arrested for marijuana possession.

    Now this disagreement would be fine if they thought no one should smoke hemp: that's their opinion. But their opinion also includes making it a CRIME to smoke hemp. THAT'S a serious fucking problem.

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