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Discussion in 'Hip Business Network' started by Xannybammy, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. Xannybammy

    Xannybammy Guest

    I'm sure im going to be negatively judged by what I'm about to say, but please don't judge me without getting to know me first. I come from a family that's in the automobile business ands fairly well off, hence I live off a trust fund. I'm 26 but won't be working in that area of business till sometime in my 30's. I enjoy the same hobbies as most of you so I thought itbwould be nice to get some business partners with some good ideas and I could provide some of the financial support to get the biz off the ground and run professionally and efficiently. Part of the formula for a successful business. And other than making money, this seems like it would be fun for everyone and in involved. I would love to hear if anyone interested. I'm down as long everything done is done legally or else it won't end up working and will have been a waste. If anyone is serious and has real ideas and plans and would welcome my help please let me know. You'll learn that imu a pretty generous and fun guy. Now I just wait and see. Take care people -Chase
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  2. *nan*

    *nan* Guest

    I wander why you haven't had an answer so far. Is it that there are prejudices against your background or everybody has answered in private messajes, hidding the selfish ashaming greed they always talk bad about...
    I would be glad to open conversation, if your proposal is still on.
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  3. *nan*

    *nan* Guest

    I wander too why I appear to be offline eventhough I am not too... where are the settings for this? ...nevermind. This place seems to be haunted :p
  4. tuesdaystar

    tuesdaystar Interneter

    I got ideas, I shant just give 'em up to someone claiming to have enough cash to steal em
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  5. ~xR*Z*Nx~

    ~xR*Z*Nx~ Member

    yes i have many ideas there are stranger things i know they will support me in my life but i wouldnt say thay are business ideas simply self what i want and know hwo i am and ym satisfyacnt asleoenemcoa woea ndoinf
  6. TheHammer

    TheHammer Guest

    I am a well known radio jock and a pioneer of Internet radio, the future of broadcasting and I have a project that may interest you. Please get in touch if this is something you may be interested in.


  7. Rocker Hippy

    Rocker Hippy Member

    I'm up for collaborating on this- let me know when you pick a business! I've always wated to work in small business! Local FTW!
  8. madasahatter

    madasahatter Member

    doesnt matter how much money u have a lot of us hippies r connected people lol lol we make money putting party ups food stores we own decks we r artist this could b cause your not seeing the real picture but just throwing money at it i have a share in a laser system worth 300000 30 billion colours own computers and all i have freinds who own function ones and BFG dont stress about the money and they will come 2 who needs money in the bush and hills anyway money goes on trees my freind
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