Why Do Men Like To Cum In A Woman's Mouth?

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by matt1162, Nov 6, 2016.


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    Cheers Glen.
  2. matt1162

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    When I used the word "nasty" I think what I really meant was taboo. I certainly don't want to come in her mouth if she's going to hate it.
  3. Silverback64

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    There is actually a lot going on here.
    Many guys don't even realize the psychological aspect of sex. To aurally receive you male lovers cum is very feminine. Like Cumming in a vagina the giving and taking of seed.
    It also taps into the masculine spych of mild dominance. To have your woman service you, kneel before you and work for her reward from you.
    What's amazing is how maternal it feels. A woman that taps into this and understand s what's going on can make herself an amazing lover.
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  4. CallForSubmissions

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    Several reasons:
    • If a woman can blow well, being sucked right after cumming offers amazing sensations, that don't compare to anything else. Especially a deepthroat
    • There is a dom-submisive dynamic, that is a huge turn-on for many guys, including me. Especially when I grab my partner's head and effectively masturbate with her mouth.
    • A woman cannot express her desire more than when she is on her knees, looks into my eyes, grabs my buttocks and presses my abdomen closer to her face as I come. All the screams and scratches on the back don't come even close.
    • When having sex with a stranger, I can still cum somewhat inside her, while staying safe.
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  5. LagunaBeach

    LagunaBeach Banned

    I used to date a chick who gave me head with chipped ice in her mouth. That was an extremely unique and erotic sensation.
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  6. F6C

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    Been there done that

    Very very nice!

    Thx for bringing back the memory - I'd forgotten all about that!
  7. silk896

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    That's the important part. As long as it's a genuine part of lovemaking. I'm more than ready to have a male partner ejaculate in my mouth provided its the climax to a blow-job.
    To pull out of my vagina and try to squirt it over me in a quasi-porn money-shot is not on however.
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  8. Asmodean

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    I thought about it and concluded its certainly not a dominance thing for me. It is just freaking hot. Imagine the difference if you would look at it or if it would happen with your eyes closed. For me it would be far less hot if I didn't see any of it. So, it's not so much the particular feeling of suction or whatever either.
  9. magickman

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    There was four kids I worked with, maybe 15 years ago, who had just moved here from far away, they were 18ish and didn't like the area of our country they lived in, so they came here.
    A hell of a big step for them. They were a lot of fun to be around at work. One of the girls was viewed by them in a sort of slutty way. I asked the guy I worked with the most once why they dissed on her so, I told him I thought she was really cute and very nice.

    He said "if you had any idea how many dicks she's had in that mouth...", laughing. I said "well, she's here now and I wouldn't hesitate to put mine in there, for sure, among other places".
    I had not seen them laugh so hard yet! I guess she was quite a busy lady earlier in life! I can only imagine how talented she was.

    At least she didn't get pregnant lol.
  10. magickman

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    I don't blame you, pulling it out for a porn shot is such a waste of intimacy. A real moment killer of the highest degree. When watching porn I'd rather they came inside anyway.
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  11. LagunaBeach

    LagunaBeach Banned


    Kids have unrealistic views of life and women.

    Men love getting head. Nearly all women give head.

    I have no idea how many "dicks were in my girlfriend's mouth" but were I to guess I'd go with at least 30. If she's in head mood, she will give head all night long. When she's been drinking, she'll give head all night long.
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  12. undefeated

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    i would say the face - not the mouth
  13. Orison

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  14. BigHairyBalls

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    Its warm and theres a tongue in there. What's not to like?
  15. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I don't care specificly about the mouth or that it gets swallowed either. Its mainly getting treated on a good BJ, seeing a face that enjoys it too and the climax. Words can't describe all that goodness :p
  16. gingeroot

    gingeroot Member

    I always thought that cumming on a womans face was the way to show you are worshiping her.
  17. LagunaBeach

    LagunaBeach Banned

    You might want to first ask her if she's in the mood for being worshiped.

    My girlfriend loves facials, but I'll ask her where she wants it before I get ideas.
  18. pensfan13

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    Nobody has to lay on the wet spot.
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  19. BiLarry55

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    How would you like to Cum in a guy's mouth?

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