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  1. I am looking for a few like minded people to share my place with. I currently live in central Oregon 50 miles east of bend. 20 treed acres 4 miles off a paved road and 16 miles to town. I have 2 cabins a 1500 gallon a day spring great water, power poll (I do use), chickens hope for a few goats in the spring. I would like to find someone to share it with. Greenhouse with a close to 60x80 area for a garden area that I hope to fill this spring for the first time. I have wanted to start this for a while I had 17 people from a rainbow gathering stay for 3 days this summer and want to take steps to live the dream to build a small village where every one is an equal to work for the greater good of the group. 6 miles to a 3200 acre lake good fishing with 300 daysof sunshine. Still work to do on the place. For you ladies 14 kinds of wild flowers. Kids and pets OK. Help make my place your dream too. Thanks jeff
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    Would like to hear more about your project. Are you willing to acceprt a couple into your group? How much to stay etc...
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  3. I would consider a couple. How much don't have a number. I spend my days doing the things I have to do and the things I want my place to be.I compost all my waist. Its a great way to live.how old of a couple? My electricity maybe 35 a month taxes 100 a year.I have about 40 cords of fire wood I'm working on now saving and cutting posts for around garden area and to use for area to run some goats.what could you co tribute is my biggest issue.
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    Ok. I'd like to hear more about your place. Is this east or west of Brothers? How far to Yellowjacket Res.?
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    Goat are a lot of trouble, and feeding them can be hard too, if you can, grow some bamboo and have a couple sheep instead--- that way you can have a resource of wool to sell at markets, milk from the sheep, and still get meat from them. They are easier to care for, and less likely to constantly try to escape or get into things they shouldn't. Fencing them is also much easier.

    (Bamboo is a grass, so coupling the leaves with other things for the sheep will be good, you also get the resources bamboo has to offer--- wood for burning, crafting, shoots for eating, the list goes on, and that's not even mentioning the fact you can dry it and then sell it, especially if you have a local AMTGARD chapter-- it's a weapons larp, they use bamboo to make polearms, spears, and other long weapons.)
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  6. Found a couple to live in my second cabin they have been here about three weeks. It has beengreat let the ccommune begin. Now just looking for a good woman to make it even better. Hope to start a third cabin in the spring
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  7. I would love to come down for the summer or spring to check it out but I have a few requirements!

    I would require the possession of my own firearms, for protection of everyone in the camp and myself. And I would need to hunt, with a bow or rifle; im not worried as to whether the game warden will show up, you can live off the land if your literally living off the land. Im a vegetarian so dont worry, I would only be killing animals if we are desperate for a feast.

    You gotta let me smoke... Im sober right now but living off grid with no entertainment is gonna spark up a bit of stress.

    Im very serious and hard working, I have search and rescue training and basically can survive in the forest with a backpack; I can pickup any skills you need me too before I come down.

    I can work the fields as a farmer I got good picking experience, I got construction and framing experience, I got a resume if you want it; for worth purpose.
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  8. That would be fi e I have a open door policy with everyone until they break that trust have a few travelers friends that just show up stay a day or two or longer its all good. GunsoOK pot friendly. Always enjoy meeting new people swapping stories around a campfire maybe listen to some music and break some bread always a goodtime
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    I dunno. I asked you a few questions....
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    You mentioned 35 for electricity, so are you still hooked to the grid then? Any plans for solar or wind power? What dwellings can one have? RV Bus Tiny House?
  11. I'm north of brothers 16 miles out of Prineville six miles from prineville res
  12. Thought I answered that sorry my bad trying to postpics but my pphone won't let me.
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    L & I already living of the grid, we do own the land and I make my living off the land.
    So: no, thank you!
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  15. Glad to hear your all ready of grid found a couple about four months ago things are great almost thirty chickens and added 3 boar meet goats to the mix just finished getting supplies to build a cord wood chicken coop and am building a log cabin style goat barn I think will be done in next week or two. I also own my own land life is great here in the land of 300 days of sunshine. Spring is running great since the logging last summer.look forward to internet Tues. of next week and should have garden area all fenced by end of Feb. Green house is cleaned out and waiting to be filled with lots of tasty things to eat. May all your dreams come true life is great in central Oregon.
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  16. This is a dream of mine, but I have no experience in it and no money to travel right now. I'd still love to check it out sometime with my kid and cat for a little while. I am honest and a good worker; if you put me to task, I will do it in pieces with breaks in between but it will be done by the deadline you give me. My kid can do some light work too. Fresh air would be very good for both of us. :)
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    I am as 'off the grid' as I can be I reckon......
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    If you were in Canada my wife and I would be there in a second flat....
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    I've also thought much about this. Like minded people working together, helping one another. Living off the the land.
  20. S&L

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    whereabouts in Canada are you, sirserenity?

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