Which is best browser?

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by poojasaini987456, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. AceK

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    or UnSafe Web Browser...if you wanna be "UnSafe" :p
  2. Dude111

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    Exactly..... Any browser can be good OR BAD.... I like IE6 myself :) (Using MyIE2 in front (IE wrapper))
  3. relaxxx

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    I bet most people don't realize that Chrome saves a copy of all your passwords, form data, history and all your shit like that on Google's online servers, or "the cloud".

    I still use chrome after discovering this because I just don't care too much. I guarantee Chrome does this without asking. I have my hard drive locked with Deep Freeze and absolutely no file changes can be saved on a reboot unless I save something manually. Sure enough, Google Chrome "remembers" new passwords after I reboot my computer, the only place that password "memory" could come from is their online servers.
  4. AceK

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    I actually wasn't really aware of that, i'll have to look into it. but im smart enough that my instincts told me "do not trust google chrome, or google period". this is what happens when corporations get too big ... its no good.

    Maybe try changing some settings in chrome.

    If you're really paranoid, use a non-persistent USB stick OS. It won't save ANYTHING. "Tails" is a good one that comes to mind, its basically linux pre-configged for max privacy. The IceWeasel browser in Tails is configured to direct all traffic thru Tor, but you can browse with the "unsafe" web browser if you need to use a normal connection. Its really easy to use, even has Windows XP camoflauge if you want to make the desktop look like Windows to anyone that might glance at your screen in a public . even wipes the memory contents on shutdown. Computer memory is volatile and is not persistent, the information quickly dissappears when power is turned off but can't be too careful. It has most of the network tools you would expect in linux and you can set the root password when you boot up but you don't need that unless you run commands that require root privilages.

    Any linux distro can be run non persistent from a USB stick tho

    Most of the time, the weakest link in privacy is the user, and the information that they enter into forms. Even with Tor and all the precautions in the world configuration wise, if you enter the wrong info, or certain info into forms on the web then your still gonna be screwed.

    Oh yea, and use a new session and different IP address for each "identity" on the web .. that way those people that are up to no good can't correlate and cross reference that shit :p .. hehe
  5. Yeah internet explorer has "Gotta Go Fast" mode, so I use that.
  6. AceK

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    Davidbarten, ur a fuckin asshole!
  7. judychong

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    Chrome! Mainly for all the plugins you can have on it
  8. Dude111

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    Who are you directing this uncalled for/mean comment to??
  9. AceK

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    Some asshole who posted an ad in this thread, his posts have since been removed.
  10. IamnotaMan

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    Deps on your computer:-

    Firefox = most secure, best addons, a little unstable
    Int Exp = VG in Win8. Glitchy and slow/unusable in other systems and certain computers (esp Dell).
    Chrome = fastest unless you have low ram. spys on you a lot. Glitchy in some comps(unusable infact)
    I've never used Safari.

    Basically Chrome and Int Exp are terrible in Dell computers due to bloatware, IMO but good in others.

    Firefox is my favourite currently.
  11. Dude111

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    Oh,sorry buddy,I didnt see the spam!!
  12. AceK

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    links (not lynx) ;) .. gotta appreciate the oldskool internet experience
  13. briezie13

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  14. dopestats

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    I prefer firefox, but I use Chromium because it doesn't have all the Google-ware
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  15. fucknpercv

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    I use Chrome for banking / and financial stuff.
    Firefox for surfing.. watching movies online and everything else.
    Firefox has adons I like Adblock plus it stops the ads in my fav movie channel.. and popups on the naughty sites I sometimes enjoy... A number of sites wont let me use adblock, thats fine, I go elsewhere.
    Prob with 2 browsers, is which one to use as default. When I am fiddling in online shares, i switch it to Chrome (financial) when I'm reading my emails, I switch it to Firefox... Friends send these links, and they are not particularly security savvy, So when I click, I don't know where I'm going....This switching is a pain for things like face book, as it can't see beyond my last switch... and thinks Im logging in from a new computer.

    Not sure if my 2 browser approach does anything... when I see what browsers are capable of, I get a little paranoid they may be giving passwords to the bad guys... so only reputable sites are visited with Chrome, who knows the passwords. Microsoft is bringing in a new browser (possibly with windows 10 release) Could be someones answer..
  16. lyleleno

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    Chrome IMO. Simple, fast, and I highly doubt they spy anything you look for like "illegal" information, such as where to buy drugs, would ever come back to you. Too many fish to fry for that one.
  17. I use Torch (seems like the little brother to Chrome) but a simple VPN can somewhat protect you from spying eyes. A subscription to a VPN not a free VPN because no one does anything properly for free.
  18. iouyumb

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    Personally, I think Mozilla Firefox is the best.
  19. bourne1978

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    To avoid cpu conflicts... the browser your cpu comes w/.
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  20. NoxiousGas

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    I have set-up and configured 100's of Dell workstations, laptops and servers over the last 15 years and have never found that to be the case.
    You can uninstall all that bloatware like I have to do, although admittedly there is less garbage on enterprise class machines than what they dump onto consumer class machines, but still, it can all be removed or wipe the machine and do a clean install.

    That is one of the first things we do when configuring new workstations, go down the list we have and rip out all the garbage bloatware, toolbars and "trial versions", then correct the settings and configs for the particular client network.
    We do all that crap at his house so when we get to the job site, it's often just plug and play.

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