When You're Ashamed Of Your Lyrics

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by jfast94, Feb 25, 2016.

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    The first three songs I wrote, after I had the Stroke, I've always thought were good.
    But the songs I've written this year, under the influence of "things", I believe are far and away better song lyrics.
    I may dump the first three and keep getting fucked and writing. The lyrics are phenomenal the next day, leaving me thinking "I wrote that? Damn..."
    Drugs are good stuff.
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    And they give great second opinions.

    I was recording my singer as he was doing a run over some lyrics I wrote. I was stoned out of my head and then, I became accurately aware that those lyrics were dog shit. It pained me to hear him sing them. That was the first time I read some of my newer writings in such a state of mind as I had been abstaining for the last few months. There would be a few lines I could stand by, but a lot of it made me cringe. Lesson learned, always consult your adviser. [​IMG]
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