What's The Next Best Thing To Smoking Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by ProudAtheist32490, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Well I don't think I'd ever say this, but I'm starting to lose interest in smoking bud anymore. Does anyone know another "alternative" to smoking weed? a friend of mine said to try some Shrooms or some Acid or something, but I'm not really into seeing hallucinations and stuff like that. So does anyone know a good "replacement" for smoking weed??? Thanks.
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    Reading Homer in Greek.
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  3. If you're not smoking because you are health conscious you can try edibles. There is also vaping which is probably healthier than smoking.

    Other things are problematic because you find out that they are addictive as heck or they're real expensive. If money is no object and you're feeling adventurous you might try Ecstasy.
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    If you are losing interest in smoking weed and want to have a fun thing to 'do' instead first make sure why weed is becoming uninteresting.

    I mean what can we tell you, you want something like weed but you are losing interest in weed. There's nothing exactly like weed but that shouldn't matter because you want something different :p What though? What do you want to get out of it? Clearly not something very trippy/psychedelic. Something relaxing?
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    You are the stereotype DARE told us about. Weed is the "gateway" and you get bored of it. I didn't think people like this actuly existed. You should not be looking for any other drug if weed is boring. You are going to end up with a nasty addiction to something.
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    Smoking more weed...
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    A Bottle Of Red Wine.......[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
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    smoking cock
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    get better weed
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    Smoking opium is rather good, hashish is also good.

    And what Rollingalong said, not all weed is the same.
    I was supplied by an 80yo guy who grew it in a greenhouse in his back garden, the local kids couldn't buy anything like it as he didn't trust or sell to anyone under 40 years old.
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    It kind of depends what you are looking for...

    If you're looking for other psychoactive drugs to experiment and explore different aspects of your mind, reality, consciousness, etc , I'd recommend Ecstasy like soulcompromise mentioned and I also recommend Mushrooms/LSD like your friend mentioned.

    Ecstasy might be appropriate as it tends to be less visual than Mushrooms and LSD, but it retains a lot of similar sensorial effects and I find the headspace quite unique and mind blowing. However it isn't as benign as Marijuana, it can induce some side effects such as jaw grinding and you can have a "crash" after, so there are certain precautions you should take if were to explore it.

    I think the "Hallucinations" and visuals of Mushrooms and LSD for the most part are likely quite different then your preconceptions of it. I've noticed "It's different than what I was expecting" is borderline a mantra for people after their first trip.

    If you just want novel ways to get intoxicated, I'd probably recommend Cocaine or Kratom. These tend to be less immersive than the other drugs I mentioned and therefore perhaps a bit more functional. They got some decent euphoria and with coke you can pretty much talk your head off and Kratom is a bit more chill.

    I don't view any of these as "replacements" for weed though, eventhough I actually prefer Ecstasy, LSD, and Mushrooms. Alternatively you could probably pick up a hobby.
  13. Asmodean

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    We don't know what he's looking for. Maybe he ends up going for dark chocolate :p

    I would not advise any particular drug to OP until he clarifies what kind of thing he is looking for.
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    I say nothing
  15. Please don't go looking for other things. If you're seriously bored of smoking weed than lay off of it for awhile and come back to it later and I'm sure it'll hit you good. I'll never get bored of smoking.

    Love smoking, laughing and relaxing. Try making yourself some brownies! ;)
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  17. Aerianne

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    The next best thing to smoking weed might be having sex, but you didn't hear that from me.
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    Have sex. Smoke some and have sex. Trip. Mix all of that in unspecified order if you wish.

    Use your imagination bruddah.
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    Finding a hobby you want to enjoy and getting good at it, then better at it, develop a drive for it.

    Of course, doing said hobby while on the drive and on the weed is also good. :sifone:

    I can get a pretty good head rush from playing on the pool table, it's my simple little hobby that keeps my head up and my mind in focus. There's no better sound that a crack of contact, a thud into leather on brass, and a cack onto another ball in the pocket. That gets me off every time. :)

    That's almost better than listening to an MG42 on 1.7 second bursts. ...almost. ;)

    You could shoot guns! That's always a fun rush, addictive too like pool lol. It's all focus and accuracy. Hitting that bullseye is like not making contact with the rail, or a swish in basketball so to speak.
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    Listen to Led Zeppelin!

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