What’s your most embarrassing moment naked?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by mulliganman, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. dutch

    dutch Member

    Mine was in high school. I walked into home room, completely naked. Everyone just started laughing and I could not cover up...I just stood there...at least that's how the dream always went. I'm sure it recurred at least 3 times.
  2. daralicious

    daralicious Member

    i had just learned how to masturbate, so i thought that since i was home alone , i should do it again so after like 30 min of cumming, i heard a noise out my open window and saw the brothers from next door and thier friends looking in the my window. i learned to close the window after that, i didnt go outside the rest of the summer, becuse i could hear them playing outside.
  3. CapnHawk

    CapnHawk Member

    A co-worker introduced me to his 18 year old daughter, hoping we'd connect and get her out of the house. My co-worker and his wife went out one evening and I eventually ended up in their bed with his daughter. I thought it would be a quickie until I found out she was a virgin. I took my time popping her cherry and had just shot my load of love goo when the parents walked in. The wife was horrified and my co-worker was yelling at me that he wanted me to marry her, not fuck her! We're still friends....
  4. p0wer787

    p0wer787 Member

    he must love you as a friend , because after walking in on you fucking his virgin druther on his bed and still be cool with u
  5. OzNorth

    OzNorth Member

    My most embarassing was when my sister (17) walked into the bathroom while i (19) was in the shower shaving my playground...mum came running into the shower in about 2 seconds because Rebecca was screaming that i was a pervert and was shaving my "area"
    Being from a semi nudist family, mum was cool with it but Rebecca just had to tell all her high school friends about it, so you can imange all the looks i used to get when her friends would came over home.

    It turned out not all bad in the end, as i did nail 2 of her friends over next 12 months, which pissed her off......gotta love sibbling rivalry
  6. caster1

    caster1 Member

    I was maybe 10 years old and got really sick with flu or something, high fever, couldn't even hold my head up at all.
    Mom was a nurse and was checking my temp regularly since I was borderline needing to go to the hospital if they couldn't cool me off. I was puking so much oral temp taking was not a possiblity.
    Since I was so hot she left me naked on the sofa in the den and kept sticking the thermometer up my butt, all the family kept coming in to check on me and wipe me down with wet towels, me laying there naked in front of all of them with that thing stuck in my ass.

    But I never had a problem being naked in front of anyone after that though.
  7. Aine6923

    Aine6923 Member

    When me and my cousin were very young (probably about 8), we were kinda experimenting with each other. We were both naked under the covers of his bed when our nanny came in. She asked us what we were doing and we answered we were tired. Then she asked us why we were naked and we said we were hot (though that was partially true, summer in Texas). It was embarassing and I don't recall that we ever experimented with each other again.
  8. Sleeper

    Sleeper Member

    Got drunk and threw up on myself at my boyfriends house with a few other people there. I decided to take a shower but they said I was in there for about an hour and eventually I was dragged through the house from the bathroom to the bedroom and woke up naked not remembering anything about the night before. Gee whiz. I wish the whole night could just be forgotten.
  9. tribfan

    tribfan Member

    damn.. anything could`ve happened !!
    i hope you weren`t overly `sore` when you woke up haha
  10. white dove

    white dove Member

    In bali, the bloke who takes water around to the rooms knocked on the door, i just had a towl wraped around me, so i kinda walked out side and grabed the bottles of water letting go of the towl, haha needles to say my towl droped and i was standing there out the front nude, i grabed my towl and went inside, funny kinda had to be there kinda thing,
  11. Sleeper

    Sleeper Member

    No, I was dragged naked because I was not cooperating and getting out of the shower. Nothing rape like. I trust everyone that is there and that is why it's doubly bad that I was so embarrassing haha. I'll see these people plenty more times.
  12. Gemini-Wolf

    Gemini-Wolf Member

    id just finished my basic army training hadnt drank in 3 monthes went to stay with my grandparents for a weekend as i hadnt seen them in time got fucking shit faced sat on the end of there bed whilst they were asleep butt naked talking bout horse racing? lol shit thing is its a true story :(
  13. Not long after I moved into my current apartment, I was sitting around nude the way I often do. I heard someone come up the steps and didn't think anything of it until I heard a key going in the lock on my door.

    After pondering this for a few seconds, I hollered, "Noooooo."

    Too late. There I am, doing full frontal nudity for a woman from the landlord's office. "Uh... I thought this apartment was vacant."

    It gets worse... her daughter was with her. I don't want to contemplate the idea that I'm the first guy she ever saw naked. "Yes, I saw a nude dude five years ago... I don't ever want to see another one."
  14. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    When I was in high school my next door neighbors hired an au pair girl to take care of their kids. No matter how many times I asked her out she just wasn’t interested; so just when I was about to give up she started undressing at night in front of her bedroom window which was directly across from mine. It didn’t take long before I caught on and started doing the same thing. We’d play this game almost every night and upped the stakes by masturbating in front of each other but she still wasn’t interested :confused:

    Then one night the light went on in her room while I was standing in front of the window naked with a rock hard dick; but instead of her it was my neighbor’s wife who looked right at me, then down, then looked away quickly while pretending not to see.

    But I know she saw me because our eyes locked onto each other :eek:

    I'll never understand this girl because she had a perfect smokin' hot body and I'm certain she thought I did as well - I was 17 she was 18 so why the fucking games :confused:

  15. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    Once while in college, during the summer, I was at a party, and got drunk. The last thing i remember was making out with a hot girl. The next thing I remember was waking up naked, in a field. No idea how I got there, or what i did in between.
  16. Still Hip

    Still Hip Member

    A buddy of mine has a cute joke he's been telling for way too many years:

    Took a girl home from a bar, dropped my pants and she pointed, laughed, and said "who are you going to please with that little thing?" He stands up straight, pokes his chest out, and says "Me!"
  17. Skizm

    Skizm Member

    Smoked too much weed, took too much adderall, and you can probably see where this one is going.
  18. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy


    please go on.
  19. nakedboy

    nakedboy Member

    What is your most embarrassing moment naked?
    when I got an erection at home for the first time and my glans exposed came to be.
    even when that happened during the shower at school.
    and when precum first came out of my penis, I felt too ashamed me.
    but after a few times to find other it just.
  20. TheSamantha

    TheSamantha Member

    Back when I was dancing, this girl before me played three songs instead of two. I was annoyed. Then why I went up, they played the wrong song. I was mad so I jumped off the stage and tripped and fell over. My bf the DJ never let me hear the end of that one.

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