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    Girls working in bars in the city of London do quite well on tips, but at that new docklands bar (recently featured on a television program) where house champagne costs £1000 per bottle, Best wine £40,000, burger in a bun, £125 and a good meal £850, they may still be better off with 10% service charge. LOL
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    Don't tell anyone, but Walmart are really a film production company. Their series "idiots of Walmart" has already broken box office records. LMAO.
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    Wal-Mart seems to compulsively act like they're going out of style. Wal-Mart, you were there from the beginning, back on Coruscant. RemembermemberMEMBERmembermembermrmrm.

    The planet has at least two speeds. I am a poor man, and I had a bit of trouble using my EBT card to purchase Mountain Dew and Swiss cheese from one of your stores (I won't say which.) It was kind of a misunderstanding, because I remember our long history. You know it was always free for me. And here I am, even bothering to use an EBT card like I'm not in a hurry and your machines won't accept it because I recall a time when we could telepathically control the decisions of computers. So it's altogether pretty funny.

    I will always patronize Wal-Mart, but I think the "Always." thing is a little tacky. Sam was trying to, and succeeded at, making it look just like a country western store. Now you're back to your old self except with "Always." underneath of it, like I'm being a dick or something. I was going to do something really tacky once, but I decided not to. It happens.
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    Current Federal minimum wage is $7.25 USD.
    But the states reserve the right to set their own, many are higher.
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    I don't know why everyone is complaining. At least they let you test the fireworks before you purchase them. LMAO.
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    Going to the local walmart is like going to a freak show. I can't believe the sights I see, tour groups of disabled, handicapped persons with chaperones, families with screaming kids throwing tantrums, and lines of sick folks at the pharmacy lined up for drugs... or opioids. And the stench of chemicals, now that's an exposure to cancerous agents if there ever was one.

    Lately I prefer to shop online, and just have it shipped to the store, so I can run in - and then out again with my purchases quickly, in order to avoid roaming thru the aisles of hell...I also avoid shipping charges that way.
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    Ooooops, I now see this is a help wanted forum... not for general comments. Hope I never have to work at Wally's.
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    I've seen some freakish people at Walmart but I don't think any of the groups you mentioned are freaks. They're just normal people that need to make some purchases.
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    Yes Aerianne, they really aren't freaks, just people. There are all kinds and I shouldn't be judging them.

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