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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by PlaceboAddikt, Feb 7, 2013.

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    I've been working as a customer service rep for about a year now, and now I want to go to a community college and get an associates degree or certificate so I can advance into a different/higher paid position. My only problem is finding associates degree programs/certificates that are actually useful - i.e., that I could actually go find a job in - and don't rely on previous experience. I've only every done shipping and customer service, and I'm looking to get away from those. Other than that, I'm not picky. I'm just super discouraged about going to a community college and actually being able to find a job. Also, I'm not able to attend a university due to money issues (yes, even with financial aid).

    Any idea?

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    Honestly not much. You might be better off just trying to get promoted as many employers don' t think much of a 2 year program. Are you any good with computers? Some schools offer a 2 year program in computer science, so you would be the IT guy. But you better know your stuff so well you almost don't need the classes or you will already be too far behind on day one. In other words are you the kid who built his own computer at age 10? You need to be that person.

    Check your local community college and speak with a student advisor, it really depends on what they offer.
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    Work on 4 year degree. Bachelor's are the new High School Diplomas and Master's are the new Bachelor's.
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    The person who said trade skills is right, those do pay well and they are definitely useful and you could easily work for yourself with those.

    Community colleges often have nursing programs and nursing is definitely a good career option but its not easy at all. Your heart absolutely has to be in it. But you have LOTS of options, you can get your ADN and do floor nursing, or you can transfer and get a BSN or an MSN and specialize or even become a nurse practitioner or nurse midwife.

    There is lots, really... the community colleges here offer massage therapy, funeral direction, veterinarian tech, respiratory therapy.. the list is fairly endless.

    You can also go for two years, get an associates and transfer to a four year and save a LOT of money, and often have guarenteed admissions to colleges in the area of the community college. I know you said its out of reach financially, but often you get scholarships as a transfer student.

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