Trying To Win A Cancer Back Or Just Let It Go How It Was

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    Ok Well ive been "friends" so to speak with this cancer girl since November of 2014 she actually had a boyfriend and she was pregnant at the time so I restricted her to friends and went on with my life Im an Aries so its hard to believe in this relationship as a friends i was the emotional one but one night she needed help moving to her new dorms and i was getting off from work i said yea ill help you i got you ill sleep on the floor and make sure your okay so before that i was sitting in the break room ( we work together)
    She rushes in at me and jumps on my lap starts kissing me and im turned on but suprised. So i had a bad reaction and she regretted it but i seen her again pushed her on the wall and kissed her it was so hot memories anyway back to the dorm so she was doing homework and i guess she couldn't stay focused with me watching basketball so she closed her laptop started kissing me and we were about to have sex but i waa so horny that I thought about her and her relationship that was actually on the verge of ending i told her no we can't do this bc you have a relationship and a baby you cant do this i cant she respected me but boy i wanted to fuck her anyway few months past her boyfriend and her finally broke up and her last relationship was so draining she and I talked and said its best for us not to date bc she needs to find herself but cancers when they are vunerable like that hate being alone she always needs somebody to be by her side so in a sense they use ppl without knowing so yea on superbowl sunday we were watching tv with her roommates she whispered in my ear she was horny so she put my hand in her pants and we basically had foreplay on the couch then had sex in the bathroom but she was so use to sex with her ex we stopped and i told her with a erect penis we can stop it might get hard getting used to this but well get past it but sex with her continually was alaays like this and we got in a huge fight later in july soon after she lost the child (RIP Leon) but we basically grew apart we lost comm and she wanted to go back to her ex bf and I couldn't cope with it so one day did something a lil creepy sat outside her car to talk to her so knowing that she would be sweet enough to go to let me in the car we talked and she said basically i have no more feelings for you you ruined my relationship and killed my son i said wow really i said well give me my phone back bc im not gonna pay two phones and not have one of them ( on the same phone plan) well anyway we got in a huge fight where she was physically hitting me and I almost went chris brown on her but the love was still there so I didn't the police came behind us because we were in a parking lot she broke down in tears and i said just go back to your apartment and we got in a argument again and she had an asthma attack long story short a week passed we were back the same and having sex again then april we were having sex one night she said stop i did she said when i say that I want you to keep going dont stop but I remember the first time i did that she almost pulled out my scalp so I listened every time and she said i want you to fuck the shit out of me dont stop please then i pulled my dick out she said where's my pants and I couldn't stop looking at her but i gave them to herand she washed up and i tried to have sex with her again she said joel im not in the mood just let me go to bed and i did so i went to sleep on the couch we haven't had sex since but she wants to but she doesn't but anyway she moved out of her dorms and the distance honestly was killing me and yes she had no where to go so i setup something where I would pay her roomate every week a 100$ And i started noticing like she was blocking me on IG TWITTER SNAPCHAT everything and before i got her to stop doing that she did but she did it again and basically like a lot of guy friends popped back up in her life that you know sibce the ex didn't want them there she let go of in a sense yes i got jealous bc she was hanging out with a lot if them so I couldn't help but ask questions and get jealous she was like they are just friends and i was just saying then my friend send me a picture with her with another guy so i was pissed because one she never took any pictures with me like ever so yea i was just like y can't you just tell me you wanna move on and apparently her talking to these pol going on dates was none of my bussiness and i was just like how though anyway the last straw for me was we were talking in the car and she said and i "i wanna be in love again i want a man (and im like im right here) and she said no not with you we can only be friends bc your too emotional and all we do is argue and i feel like I already know what a relationship would be like with you we can be friends but i want you here while im finding a man" basically I responded abd said fuck you Eb leave me alone I want nothing to do with you and I was like just leave me alone forever i of course was hurt beyond repair so I backed out of her life stopped paying her bill for her roommate turned off her phone after i payed it and actually the day before sprints pay by phone service accidentally took the money out her account instead of mine so she was just calling me crying everyday and the day after she called me i said "why are you crying i dint care anymore you mean nothing to me anymore" she eventually stopped crying and said y are you toturing me we always say stupid stuff to each other and talk to each other the nex day but i said but what you said was unforgivable she eventually said okay and i told her to hang up my phone I got her her mobey back and she said im sorry for everything and i said im sorry for putting in a fucked up situation with your living so i tried and tried to stop texting and calling her and just letting her go but its been 6 weeks and shes always on my mind ive talked to a million females and i only want her i went to California had fun talked to some femakes but when I came back the first person to call me was her well bc i told her i need her to call me but yea I told her sprint needs the money by the 27th and since neither one of us have the money ill just let it go to the collection agency abd she said well i do got it honestly I don't mind helping i said its ok its my fault not yours but ill stop talking to you and hitting you up ill leave you alone bye Ebony and she said oh well um okay but a cople weeks later I finally seen her at work as usual shes flawless but before i go into that a coworker was like dude rethink your decision about E because she still obviously has feelings for you i said y im done knowing that i was still madly in love with her so I told him the situation he said man you cant show too much emotion it makes you seem weak i was like its too late I already did that so basically the day i saw her we had a couple of conversations on the clock laughing like old times i love seeing her smile and she was sending little hints that she was talking to somebody else so like i said before she cant be alone so it was actually one of the guys that was her friend that i was jealous about but idc honestly we took the bus to her best friend house and i kept trying to talk to her but she was very quiet didn't wanna say much kept saying stuff like i got a nigga who like it so i text my friend coworker and said bro i feel stupid asf he was like dude she was acting all crazy and stuff to make you jealous and the fact that you didn't she was looking stupid she obviously still has feelings for you so yea i tried calling her yesterday she declined me on FaceTime twice so i was like okay whatever but honestly guys Ive thinking to do something so romantic she will have to come back no matter how hurt she is im still the same guy she fell in love with i was going to ask her best friend to be on my side with this one and you know dont tell her anything and say we going to a hotel party so it can be a suprise and on October 1st i was gonna do it imma take her to the westin hotel buy a bunch of rose petals put them every where candle lit dinner with steak and a fully loaded potatoes broccoli her favorite and i was gonna try and buy a suit but if that dont work ill just dress extremely nice and have some of her favorite wine with her favorite movie playing TMNT and just tell her how much I miss her and wanna be her boyfriend because we were never in a relationship just friends and i know cancers LOVE ROMANCE AND SENTIMENTAL stuff so im probably gonna buy a promise ring or a nice necklace will i get her back even though shes intrested in another guy
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    Cancer is water, Aries is fire.....You make her boil, and she puts you out. Not good.
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    The return key does exactly what it says on the tin.
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    So advice
  5. JoelTeteh15

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    So no advice on my retarded dilemma
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    my advice is break it down into sentences to make it more likely to be read
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    how can a person live in this world and still believe astrology despite the unchallenged mountain of science saying it is fucking bogus

    made up....and you believing that ''cancer'' has anything whatsoever to do with your gf is completely in fucking sane

    stop it dude....there is no truth whatsoever to astrology.....nothing....nada

    she likely left you because you believe in astrology....I would too
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    Paragraphs are your FRIEND!!!
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  9. Wow, this thread title was confusing until I saw what forum it was in

    You want to try get your cancer back? What, huh?
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    I think you need chemo dude
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    Tldr. Your girlfriend has cancer?
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    This would sound really wierd if it wasnt in Astrology section :]

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