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    Nice vid.

    See a big part of the problem the vid pointed out lies in the fact that people trust "professionals" too much.

    My Psychology teacher told my class of ~12 once that India was part of the axis powers in World War II. People displayed disbelief and after a couple of minutes of debate where my teacher would say "yeah you didn't know?", the class actually took it in as fact.

    The next day she told us that she deliberately lied to us to see our reaction. She went on to give us one of many psychology lessons. If ya got a little paper or a costume/uniform that says you have credibility... people will trust and accept uncritically.

    People need to question!
    Question authority figures, the media, your culture, your government!

    If someone tells you your kid needs meds. Do the research, don't be stupid.
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    Sadly some people dont trust their own judgement or know their off spring well enough that is truly very sad..
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    Is this the reality of schooling in the USA or is he exaggerating or using an extreme occurrence to make a point ?

    I must admit that schooling in the UK has changed an awful lot over the last 30 years with younger pupils being taught handy mnemonics and mathematical methods which seem to enable the solving of certain problems without ever providing the basic mechanics necessary to understand properly.

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