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  1. The world of research chemicals is like all things in life going through drastic changes. The DEA is constintly fightto schedual(make illege) these research chemicals, taking away every chance we have of studing them. We have most resently lost 2cb and also Foxy. Anyone with pocesion can be charged with felony conviction. When people start trying to market any chemical for human use, the DEA can do an emergency schedualing process:eek:, almost always with out any futher research. so fisrt off please never stat that any research chemical is for human consumption, the are soley here for personal research, and understanding. We dont want the DEA to take away our power of knowledge, and understanding of our world. Research chemicals are just that. Please never sell, trade, or give anyone reseach chemicals for human consumption. You are free to do what you want. Free to research whatever you want how ever you want. Education must be fought to be kept free for everyone.
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    Unfortunately there are a wide range of research chemicals available in hed shops in the UK, a few of which have already been banned - a crackdown on BZP (Benzylpiperazine) for one, although various manufacturers are getting away with new brands of party pills by mislabelling BZP products as containing "piperazine blend". Amanita Muscaria (Fly Argaric mushrooms) even have the words 'For botanical use only. Not for human consumption' printed on the pack.
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    Do a google search, there's hundreds of places online selling "research chemicals". Most are out of china.
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    No shit? I met a guy on campus that had 2c-e, 2c-I and DOI. He told me he got them in the mail from the internet, what a fucking trip. I thought he was pulling my leg. He also said most of the psychedelics in the market are legal analogues. Is that true?

    Anyways wow. I found myself a pretty cool site.
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    Threads like these are what causes the problems lol
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    Yes, threads like that and words like that get shit caught up in the mix. It is already hard enough to get into descent forums. Due to dumb people not doing it right. Loose lips sink ships!
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    LOL, there are tons of threads like this with people talking about this sort of subject in the psychedelics section. Doesnt look like they have affected this place.

    But yeah....threads like this...with loose ships.
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    So so true. Surprised salvia isn't illegal yet..
  10. Research chemicals? There are reagent-grade chemicals, but any chemical can be used in research; it's just a question of the application. Reagent grade or technical/industrial grade is immaterial.

    Chemicals that don't have a domestic (home) use are not readily available to individuals. If you were to try to place any order with Sigma-Aldrich or any of the other suppliers, your order will not be filled unless you are a licensed/registered chemical facility. That's one reason why so many reagents used in illegal drug manufacture (e.g., methamphetamine) are stolen versus purchased. Those in the trade cannot legally acquire the materials. Another reason is obvious - the users don't want to create a paper trail back to him/her. Some chemicals have legitimate domestic uses such as ammonia (dilute solution of NH3 in water to create NH4OH), solutions of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), and hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid), etc. An obvious tipoff to illegitimate use of chemicals would be an order with numerous misspellings. :p

    As far as the DEA doing an "Emergency Scheduling," chemicals intended for human consumption (i.e., drugs) must go through extensive testing (i.e., pre-clinical trials and 3-4 levels of closely monitored trials on humans). The leap from laboratory testing to introduction into humans is a huge hurdle and is not one to be taken lightly. Making a batch of synthetic cocaine does not entitle the creator to use it for personal consumption. Drug trials, approval, and scheduling exist to product the abuse of the compounds. Despite these safeguards, many drugs have successfully passed the approval process, made it to market, and later been found to have serious side effects, including death, that force their being pulled from the market and exposes the manufacturer to years of litigation. Synthesis techniques are readily accessible through the literature (references via "Chemical Abstracts" in any college library with a science department), so the only control is to limit access to the reagents. Other issues for limiting access to chemicals include personal safety (e.g., many are flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, pyrophoric, etc.). In untrained hands the results could be catastrophic. Another is safe disposal. Up until the 1980's an acceptable way to dispose of small quantities of research chemicals and products was to pour them down the drain and chase them with large quantities of water. :eek: As we can all appreciate, this is not in the best interests of the environment.
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    pour all that dose down my throat then and you can scratch the water:p
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    is phosphurous and iodine able to be purchased online in small amounts in the us legally

    is it legal to manufacture them in the us?

  13. How would anyone know if they are getting the correct RC or not?
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    RC's are the easiest things to find. That is of course if your not a new guy, take some time do your research and you will find legitimate vendors. The main objective of RC sites is to let the people who are interested in them, educate themselves before they can actually find the chemicals.
  15. I just don't feel safe doing RC's. I stick to obvious things that I know I am getting.
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    The only "obvious" thing where you truly KNOW what you're getting are plants, fungi, or something marketed legally with nutrition facts and lists of ingredients.

    A blotter, pill, powder, or liquid truly could be anything...RC's are not more dangerous than illicits in this regard.

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