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Discussion in 'COOL Books' started by summerjasmine, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. summerjasmine

    summerjasmine Member

    I'd really like to purchase a Timothy Leary book but i'm abit lost on which to buy? Suggestions and opinions would be great! Thankyou:sunny:

    Jasmine :peace:
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  2. matt-you

    matt-you Member

    i just bought "the psychedelic experience" for my first Leary book, i didn't get around to reading it yet tho I still gotta Finnish true hallucinations by McKenna.
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  3. gypsyfox

    gypsyfox Member

    true hallucinations by mkenna is a reaally neat read, matt.
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  4. SuperPsychMe

    SuperPsychMe Member

    I still need to read The Psychedelic Experience, but 'Design for Dying' changed the way I view both life and death. I highly reccomend it!
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  5. Boldy Coyote

    Boldy Coyote Member

    Don't forget "High Priest", his autobiography
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  6. MichaelPan

    MichaelPan Members

    "The Psychedelic Experience" - my favorite.
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