Think of the message being sent to the kids?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by DdC, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Fawkes

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    I am way too drunk to read all that shit you wrote, which is a bit hypocrital of me, cause I tend to write a lot. But I think I agree with you. Cause as it stands right now it is far too easy for the youths (or the "utes" as Pesci would say in "My Cousin Vinny" I fooking love that movie!!!!) to get ahold of the weed as it is. So, I support legalization because then the go'ment could regulate who gets it and who don't. Then maybe I could bullshit a doc into givin me a scription so as I could smoke legally. But at the same time, 16 year old kids that don't have no control would have a harder time getting a hold of it. If I were sober I could propose a whole system. But who gives a fuck cause the go'ment won't never listen to me. Even though it would greatly increase the economy, health and happiness of our great country.

    I will be posting a new thread on this. And I will be putting my website on that new thread, I just wanted any readers of this thread to see my new thread on the topic and my website on

    Go to

    legalizalo means "legalize it" in spanish. but was taken. maybe this guy has good info as well. So maybe go check both of our pages, cause we are all friends, right?
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    there is a way of knowing if someones stoned? obvious physical effects. Like the field test, walk the line for drunk people ect. im sure it would work. and they can test saliva to see if theres traces of thc or something.

    yes we need people to listen DUH we also need someone to be telling them whats up!!! If you got some ignorant person to sit down and watch The Union-The Buisness Behind Getting High, im pretty sure their view would have to change somehow. We need more informational videos. Then we need someone to watch them. idk, support groups like LEAP and NORML. The best way would probably be just to show everyone you know some video like have a big "watch in" or some shit like that. Then have them show their friends ect. Deffinatley if all these people want to GO GREEN. they should probably know about fucking hemp. it IS the answer.
  3. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

    check out this dudes system, and what i had to say about it its pretty legnthy and on the 4th page.

    feel free to check out the rest of the stuff they have to say on other posts. but since theres a decent system thought out on there i thought i would share it. (by junk104)
  4. Fawkes

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    Holy crap, Ddc. How do you compile all this.

    Maybe we need to all write Obama with some of this. Not bombard, but send a little bit. Maybe one of his staffers that read his emails will actually be intrigued. MAYBE that way we can get the ball rolling.
  5. Loba

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    Ok pot doesn't kill your brain cells, I wraps them in the thc and it is just harder for your brain to function because of the fight to get through the thc to get to the cell. Just like arteries and heart attacks....ok sooo i think this is all a choice and people should be able o choose freely whether or not to smoke. I know how it affects us and I still choose to if u want to smoke...smoke if not please shut up and let us be. We make a choice and so do you....why fight when we can just all get along?

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    Think of the message being sent to the kids?

    Thats the job is up to the parents to sit kids down and have talks with TV off.

    Oakland just passed added 1.2% state sells tax on medical bud by landslide 80%, state will landslide in 2010 with sales tax legal for all

    This tells kids pot has some true value its just as good as other medicines
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    I've asked myself what I want to say to the children with my activism.. And I want to tell them the truth. That cannabis is better than alcohol, and addiction has nothing to do with the drugs, but with the habits and the personality profile. I want to present science and facts and show that some drugs is in fact harder and some drugs not as hard. I want no child to use any drug, but they do, the smoke cigarettes, drink beer, smoke grass. But that is only a parental issue.
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    Well Rusty Rivers I mostly agree with you - and it is sad that kids go for cigarettes to this'd think they'd have more sense.

    Thanks for reviving this old thread!
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    Might be time to rethink this one as a sticky, much of the information is no longer accurate given the current state of medical and recreational marijuana, and some of the links are now broken and redirect to domains name for sale, or just are relevant to the forum. Maybe someone can keep whats relevant, remove whats not, and add current road blocks to further progress for re-stickying as a new thead?
  10. Some of the basics are as relevant today as the day posted. But yeah, a lot has changed in fifteen years! I'm glad it's sticky or I wouldn't have seen it.

    People stop funding websites for various reasons, and the stuff posted disappears into oblivion if not duplicated elsewhere. Like here.

    The OP (DdC) hasn't logged in here since 2016 but we can still thank him for his contribution. We can overlook the silly and incorrect political misconceptions be was brainwashed to believe and focus on the medical and personal development well being aspect.
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    kids like drugs, kids get high

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