Think of the message being sent to the kids?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by DdC, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. medicalbud

    medicalbud Member

    Dude,I'm talking about the people IMPRISONED by our archaic lawsI agree too many a years just for pot 700k+ get busted but almost 90 % it was not the deal,seller,grower but user.

    In FED prison 20k for pot 10k are Spanish.

    Now the young teens of the USA seem to be on the hit list now.

    Persons that done worse crimes still have things open to them that are no longer open to a pot busted person.

    Some would make you sick.

    Go after the real crazy criminals than teens smoking pot smoking but wait teens easier to take down.
  2. scudrehab

    scudrehab Member

    Everybody, just think. The U.S.A is what.... over a trillion doller's in debt. Now before people start going at the blame game, stop right there. IT"S NOT BUSHES FAULT!!!
    With that out of the way.
    Just think if marijuana was legal. The tax on marijuana alone would clear the debt deficite within a year to a few year's. I am not talking about when our children's children are 50. I am talking within the max of 4 year's. Marijuana could not only raise the U.S out of debt, but just think of the drop in crime rate, more money could go else where instead of billion's of doller's a year trying to prove a LIE. You cant prove a lie. This can all be settle with a simple plant. Just think if marijuana did become legal, the strain's that people would come up with. Good work everybody.
  3. I heard some estimates for what type of tax revune marijuana could bring if regulated and taxed. I think i heard it on NORML's podcast. Something like 4 billion a year. I may be way off, but I was suprized how much it was. That pod cast is a great source of info if any one is looking to become a little more informed on the subject.
  4. i vote 4 this to be stickied.

    i dont understand how you can make something illegal that is natural. i mean its been here for hundreds and thousands of years its just like saying oak tree's are illegal. i know its a halucegenic but does this matter theres probably all sorts of plants that are that no body knows about. Ever been to amsterdam? i have and i know that there the system works everyone is soo much more layed back and they seem to enjoy life alot more i dont know if this has anything to do with the fact its legal there but people are friendly theres very little rubbish on the streets and overall its just a pleasent place to be y cant people use amsterdam as a role modle n legalise it?
  5. Faye

    Faye Member

    The government is hiding the truth. They don't want people to know the truth about Canabis, because if people know the truth then they will start questioning why Canabis is illegal in the United States. Truth is, if it was legal the industries especially the pharamastical industry would lose a lot of money because people would be using weed to help with chronic pain, cancer, and even simple things like headaches and they don't want that to happen.
  6. cheebsco

    cheebsco Member

    On July 1, 2007 It was decreed that the Anochrats are standing up to rise against the war on Drugs. We are going to send funds to Marc Emery to fight the Selling Seeds charge, and work to better our community. If there is anyone that is interested in this cause, email me @ together we can win this war.
  7. GypsyCasey

    GypsyCasey Member

    I really have no doubts that marijuana will be legal pretty soon. A lot of older people, like my parents and the people I work with don't think that it'll pass, but you have to think about the number of people in the united states that smoke pot...honestly...The majority of the american population smokes down, and it's not like everyone will be stoned all the time and not get anything done ever, marijuana is legal in a lot of european countries and they do fine. Most of my friends get stoned everyday and go to work and function fine...they still get everything done. My dad's been smoking pot for basically his whole life and he did well. It's not going to destroy america's work ethic or anything like that...not that it's very good in the first place.

    Vote for Mary.
  8. cheebsco

    cheebsco Member

    There is a book that gives a very good answer for the kids on what pot is all about, it's called "It's Just A Plant". I heard of it, bought it, and love it. I just need some kids to read it too. Until I do, I simply read it to non-stoners, and they like it. It's a great way to smash the stereotype.
  9. jcat654

    jcat654 Member

    OF COURSE the gov. will discourage the use of marijuana. they just want you to buy their produce: cocaine. simple
  10. fondfarewell

    fondfarewell Member

    Aw man, I remember when that guy who wrote that book was on fox news. That was when I realized how much I hate fox news. Haha. They were such pricks to him! They basically called him an evil person for trying to tell kids the truth. God damn I hate fox news...
  11. DdC

    DdC Member

    Serving Our Veterans, Ditching The Ideology By John Ephland
    CN Source: Kalamazoo Gazette December 10, 2007 Michigan

    Everyone knows war results in the death and destruction of human life. Any veteran can tell you it's not like in the movies. And for those injured vets who live to tell about it, any and all effective, appropriate means for medical care are welcome. The only problem is, certain proven procedures have been ``off the table'' for non-medical reasons. One of America's leading organizations promoting innovative approaches to such care is Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access.
    Continued...cannabisnews/23543 *

    Sam Stone: Collateral Damage

    One of America's leading organizations promoting innovative approaches to such care is Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access .


    Dropped Charges in Pot Case Called Huge Victory By Julie Poppen
    CN Source: Rocky Mountain News December 18, 2007 Colorado

    Chalk up another one for supporters of medical marijuana. Two weeks after a judge in Fort Collins ordered that 39 pot plants seized from a couple be returned to them, an Aurora man is banking on the same outcome. Felony drug charges against Kevin Dickes, 39, a state-certified medical marijuana user and Desert Storm veteran, were dropped Friday by 18th Judicial District Attorney Carol Chambers. He could have faced six years in prison.

    Clubs Lose Appeal In Federal Court
    FoM December 13, 2007


  12. DdC

    DdC Member

    House Judiciary Leader
    Criticizes DEA’s Attacks On Medi-Pot Dispensaries

    December 13, 2007 - Washington, DC, USA
    Efforts by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) urging landlords in California to evict tenants who legally dispense medical cannabis to state-authorized patients has drawn public criticism from US Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

    For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, at (202) 483-5500 or Dale Gieringer, California NORML Coordinator, at (415) 563-5858. A transcript of Representative Conyer’s remarks appear online at:

    Ganjawar Pics & Toons

  13. gainer

    gainer Member

    Lots of great info. I've considered becoming some big marijuana spokewoman or something just because of how much people are misinformed. Oh, the number of times I've explained to people at school that it's not one iota as bad as ads and stuff make it sound. Those above the influence commercials/ads...cheese and rice, man. I get so angry everytime I see one. I've even emailed them at their website with info contradicting everything they were saying about how marijuana is bad.
  14. sasquatch420

    sasquatch420 Member

    the only reason marijuana was made illegal in the first place was the illegal immigrant problem in the 30's so to combat it they illegalized pot and now look thanks 2 that there r more illegals i the united.

    if there were no laws against it then the government could put a tax on it (like ciggarettes) and sell it in retail places (like walmart) it would boost the economy by putting jobs back into the work force in agriculture and it would help the shovenistic goverment for some goddamn reason and maybe if they were smart they could put it in the research for beneficial pharmicutical purposes in the hope of maybe finding a cure for cancer or glaucoma rater than putting innocent people (mostly teens) in jail.

    also every person that is put in jail is just more money out of our (the tax payers) money and its a waste of potential and integrity
  15. Zoonjoo

    Zoonjoo Member

    weed will never be legal.
    because old fucks vote. and the majority of old fucks hate young people. and to get back at us they vote on laws that fuck us young people over on a certain tuesday while we're at our jobs or school earning a living or getting an education. they dont care, as long as we're as miserable as they are because their generation sucked serious balls and they lost their youth when they were drafted. tough shit grandpa, deal with it. dont fuck me and my future kids over. this is when democracy just doesnt work.
  16. warmhands420

    warmhands420 curmudgeon

    I googled pot and came up with some history, colonial farmers were required to grow hemp. The production of medicine was one of the reasons given. Ashes from pot were found in a 3000yr. old tomb in Israel, archaeologists think it was used to relieve the pain of child birth. Look up W.R.Hearst, DuPont and Harry J Anslinger, the three of them lied to congress in order to make sure the 1932 Uniform States Narcotics Act and the 1936 Marijuana Tax Act were passed. Hearst owned 80% of the pulp wood in America, DuPont wanted to replace hemp rope with nylon, and Anslinger wanted the job as head of the new Federal Narcotics Bureau. A report from the bureau of prisons says that 1% of America's population is behind bars. Most for drug law offences. Laws built on lies. Look into it your self and then spread the truth. The ad that said pot kills brain cells? They hooked Rhesus monkeys to air tight gas masks and pumped in the smoke from 60+ Colombian grade joints, that much of any kind of smoke would do damage to brain cells. Look up Abe Lincolns speech Dec. 18, 1840 Illinois House of Representatives, it has to do with prohibition laws. We have to fight the lies if we are ever going to get the support of our neighbors (people who vote) to change the laws.
  17. MurkN

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    If weed was legalized they would more than likely take almost all of the THC content out and put a tax on it and there would be no point in buying it or smoking it.
  18. strat

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    Yup, it was made illegal because of political bullshit. I think we're close to having it legalized, though, now our politicians are coming from a good generation who has it's head out of it's ass. We need to push this before soccer moms and shit start taking office, we're likely to have it legalized in the next ten or twelve years or else it will never be legal.
  19. warmhands420

    warmhands420 curmudgeon

    Please never say never, if those soccer moms were born in the fifties, grew up in the 60's they are probably sparking up as soon as the kids are off to school. The fight goes on till we win, no matter how long it takes. Tell your Rep. to support Barney Franks bill for Responsible Use.
  20. Son of Peace

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    Fact of the matter is weed is not nearly as potent, corruptive, destructive, or in my opinion as easily addicting as alchohol or cigs. Least it isn't for me ya know. If weed is illegal those things should be as well!

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