The Fabulantastic 2013 HipFora Member's Choice Awards

Discussion in 'Hip Awards' started by xxaru, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. xxaru

    xxaru Guru of Porn

    The Fabulantastic 2013 HipFora Member's Choice Awards

    Welcome to what will hopefully be the first anual "Fabulantastic HipFora Member's Choice Awards."

    Below you will find the list of "official nomination categories", which we'll continue updating throughout the year as people suggest. If you'd like to see a new category added to the list, just post up so we can get it added.

    We'll start the official voting process in Nov/Dec. But you can use this thread to post links and make recommendations for awards throughout the year as you come across individual posts, threads, etc., so people can all see and remember them when the voting begins.

    2013 Official Nomination Categories

    Best Thread
    Best Post
    Lifetime Achievement Award
    Most Interesting Poster
    Angriest Poster
    Biggest Drama Queen
    Best Newcomer
    Troll of the Year
    Best Fight/Argument
    Funniest Poster
    Coolest Poster
    Sexiest Poster
    Nicest Poster
  2. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i don't know if this goes under best thread, post, newcomer, or troll, but it deserves some sort of recognition:
  3. xxaru

    xxaru Guru of Porn

    ^^^ That's a good one :smilielol5:
  4. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    Wtf! This is the first o fme seeing this - fucking hilarious! Thanks for sharing undies!
  5. xxaru

    xxaru Guru of Porn

    I'm sure the things in this thread alone should get our lovely friend Stp nominated for something :). Biggest Liar, Biggest Temper Tantrum? It's too bad some of the really good posts got deleted though.

    I was just thinking we should also add a "Biggest Hypocrite" category. I can certainly think of a few people who could be nominated for that, lol.
  6. xxaru

    xxaru Guru of Porn

    Maybe I should nominate myself for "Most Narcissistic"? At least that's what my haters seem to think most about me :)
  7. xxaru

    xxaru Guru of Porn

    Just stumbled across this one and thought... there should be a category for this. I'm thinking "Dirtiest Post award" :D ??

  8. Faelixx

    Faelixx whatever dude

    I nominate STP or jmt for angriest poster
    troll of the year.. nz male for sure
    lifetime achievement probably orison
    biggest drama queen... too many to nominate just one
    the rest.. obviously me
  9. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Nominate me for things
  10. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    most likely to be german
  11. Faelixx

    Faelixx whatever dude

    most likely to be nominated for something
  12. Lodog

    Lodog killing them softly

    Sure this thread may be "Fabulantastic", but can it reach Superphantasmagoric levels?
  13. roamy

    roamy Senior Member

    i vote immy for the funniest poster
  14. Orison

    Orison my dog is full of stars Staff Member Super Moderator

    :daisy:.. I love UNDIES.. :daisy:

    I love you all..
  15. roamy

    roamy Senior Member

    so dose immy,cos he's always in his underwear ha! ha!:)

    i vote specs for the nicest poster
  16. Best Thread - probably one of bird_migration
    Best Post - also probably one of bird_migration
    Lifetime Achievement Award - bird_migration
    Most Interesting Poster - bird_migration
    Angriest Poster - someone else
    Biggest Drama Queen - someone else
    Best Newcomer - undecided yet
    Troll of the Year - bird_migration
    Best Fight/Argument - bird_migration vs someone else
    Funniest Poster - bird_migration
    Coolest Poster - bird_migration
    Sexiest Poster - bird_migration
    Nicest Poster - someone else

    Hope this helps.
    Love, bird.
  17. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    the bird wins! (the real one that is ;) )
  18. BeachBall

    BeachBall Nosey old moo

    New category: Most incomprehensible post

    Nomination: bird migration, for any of the game threads he has tried to start (which invariably bomb, despite the best efforts of some diehards who insist on trying to take part ...)
  19. odonII

    odonII O

    Thanks for dragging this thread back up. it seemed to have died.

    What are the results?
  20. morrow

    morrow Free as a bird

    Yeah, have they happened?:daisy:

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