The Evolution Of Consciousness

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    The many crises that we see around us -- global warming, desertification, holes in the ozone layer, disappearing rainforests, polluted rivers, acid rain, dying dolphins, large-scale famine, a widening gap between the "haves" and the "have nots", nuclear proliferation, over-exploitation, and a host of other dangers -- all stem in one way or another from human self-centredness. Time and again we find decisions being made not according to the merits of the situation at hand, but according to the needs of the individual or special interest groups. Governments strive to hold on to power, businesses seek to maximize profit, leaders want to retain their status, and consumers around the world try to satisfy their own needs for identity and security. In the final analysis, it is our need to protect and reinforce an ever-faltering sense of self that leads us to consume more than we need, pollute the world around, abuse other peoples, and show a careless disregard for the many other species sharing our planetary home.
    Even now, when we recognize that we are in great danger, we fail to take appropriate remedial action. We continue driving our cars, consuming dwindling resources, and throwing our waste into the sea because to do otherwise would inconvenience ourselves.
    The global crisis now facing us is, at its root, a crisis of consciousness."
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    It is all from pride. I do think there is a growing pride in green efforts. The real riches come from not pissing people off.
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    In ten years of asking for the simple distinction between a lynch mob and a democracy I have yet to hear the correct answer even from academics, while over half the people I've spoken to have confided they are suspicious of the common dictionary despite being totally unaware it merely contains popular definitions. It can't be a crisis of conscience when the lights are always left on when nobody is actually home. Modern civilization owes all its success to classical logic being used to pound upon the excluded middle and suppress our sense of humor in favor of focusing on truth and beauty. Its been called the Seven Foot Inflatable Barbie because the law of contention promotes fanaticism and idealism. One in five Americans doesn't insist the sun revolves around the earth because they are having a crisis of conscience, but because they've learned that fighting decides who is right and wrong. Its Three Stooges slapstick all the way with everyone arguing over the definition of stupid and who is the better example.
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    If you get enough time read "Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution" by Ken Wilber. He does an amazing job breaking down and explaining the evolution of consciousness and the effects of each stage of that evolution and hypothesizing the new direction in human consciousness.

    Another great book is, "The Tao of Physics" by Fritjoff Capra which explores the parallels between Eastern Mysticism and Subatomic Physics.

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  5. I agree 100%. I think the solution is to create compassionate artificial intelligence systems.
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    Rainbow Warriors sometimes like to describe "Childhood's End" comparing modern civilization to humanity's puberty. Quantum mechanics implies all of humanity can evolve practically overnight into something beyond imagination that would be more harmonious and organic.

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