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    seeking three or four people to start discussions on survival with.
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    You're dead.

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  3. I'minmyunderwear

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    why don't you start the discussion and see what kind of input you get?
  4. trailblazer

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    just seeking other who are interested in survival as well. open to any and all input. if you know of any1 interested, please pass along my info.
  5. MeAgain

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    I would suggest eating bugs.
    There always seems to be plenty of those around, except if you're in the desert and then you can eat the sand-which-is there.

    (Sorry, I've been waiting years for the opportunity to use that.)

    Seriously... have you spent any time out of doors?
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    Really the only way to know what might be required to survive at any moment is to test through individual exposure. Stand naked in the rain for example and one might discover that shelter seems to be a fundamental urge in some conditions. How much shelter then is needed over time and how much effort should be devoted to the pursuit of it, etc.. Much of the shelter question can be mitigated through clothing. Modern textiles can provide a durable and functional micro climate for individuals. As long as you can remain temperate and dry then the elements are not a problem.

    Assuming we have secured at least a portable habit of sheltering then physical fitness is the first test faced. The normal activities of life in the city do not acclimate a person to life on native terrain. Being in an environment that is not predominately temperature controlled makes caloric demands on a person he is not used to so there is invariably a period of adjustment or a stressful learning curve about how you should compose your day.

    Procrastination is not an option when you are far from the energy multiplying machines that we are used to using. That is to stay warm in certain situations requires you build a fire for example and you don't have the option of turning up the heat and paying the bill later. You might notice then that life takes on a certain immediacy as well an intimacy of presence when you are in nature. To be in nature requires honesty in effort yet the terms are always equal.

    You might also notice in comparison that city life is a conglomerate of fractured components that do not know each other or in fact take pains to never meet. In such an environment your investments in being present to the task so to speak can be postponed it seems almost indefinitely. We tend to not want to get involved etc..To survive in such a world deceit is almost necessary. Certainly the fractional reserve banking system is founded in deceit of receipts or the affording of credit that is not backed with actual collateral. We pay them to make shit up.

    I think human survival in the long and short run depends on finding it's fundamentals in nature and that this training is necessary for us to become civilized about being in the world or civilized in our developmental economics. As it stands we are like bulls and bears in a china shop. Point being I guess that human survival is at issue whether you be camping out or not.
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    I'm your huckleberry. What do you need to know about survival? Are we talking SHTF or being stranded some where?
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    it is a camping survival while roughing it or lost....that would be the logical content

    then again conspiracy dudes are not logical...they are scared
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    "survival" as most "survivalists" see it or think to understand is unrealistic & over-rated.
    There are plenty of specialized forums for such nut cases.
    Try there.

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