Socially Awkward At A New School...

Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Bonsai123, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Bonsai123

    Bonsai123 New Member

    I just moved to a new state and a new school. I am not *terribly* socially awkward, but I am rather shy, and it takes me a while to make friends. Anyways, here I go...

    I'm a guy, and I have two classes with another guy. I instantly developed a major, erm, crush on him. I've never experienced anything this strong with anybody. The thing is, I've never even talked to him. It was just the fifth day of school today. He is really confusing me. I think he is incredibly attractive (looks a bit like Shawn Mendes), but he seems pretty socially awkward. He really kept to himself the first couple of days, and now he seems like he is just walking up to random groups of people to try to talk, but then I see him heading to his moms car alone every day. Again, he seems a bit odd, which I noticed more than ever today. I sit facing him across the room in French class, and he usually keeps to himself, but he smiles at random things and fidgets a lot and mouths words. He isn't like a complete weirdo or anything, just different. And I feel very very strongly that I need to befriend him, but I'm not sure how to do that. I'm kind of socially awkward.

    I only see this kid in class two classes a day, and we sit too far away to talk. We made eye contact a couple times the other day, but that's it. The hallways are so crowded and rushed, and I only walk by him a couple of times. I do see him at lunch, but he has been sitting in the cafeteria, and I've been eating in the courtyard. I guess I could see where he's sitting and try to sit next to him, but what would I say? What if I ran into him outside after school or whatnot? What could I say that wouldn't sound creepy? "Hey *****, want to sit together at lunch today?"... Doesn't that sound kind of weird?

    I really need help. I am so infatuated with him, I'd love nothing more right now than to just talk to him and be his friend. Please, give me any advice at all, thanks!!
  2. TurmoilAndy

    TurmoilAndy Member

    You go up to him and say: "Hey whats your name" and go from there.
    Good luck :D
  3. morrow

    morrow Free as a bird

    Hand him a pencil, and say..I think you dropped this..
  4. Sarahy

    Sarahy Member

    hahahah this is the best, expecially if its actually your pencil
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  5. NoahUS

    NoahUS Member

    I am always akward, nobody cares :D
  6. morpheus85

    morpheus85 Member

    Ye just try this, its hard for it to go bad so dont worry :D

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member

    Be it, Male,Female / Male,Male / Female,Female, Social (and moreover emotional) interaction is always somewhat awkward - and not age-restricted - Sometimes you have to just jump in and; as with any liaison, it is friendship - compatibility - and then .. before lust takes over.
    A friendly chat perhaps on the subject matter of the lessons you are both taking is a starting point - once conversation starts, and develops, one can get a vibe and direction on which to continue
  8. Sarahy

    Sarahy Member

    Its only going to be akward if you think its akward :D
  9. Aerianne

    Aerianne Crazy Cat Lady Staff Member Super Moderator

    How old are you and this guy?
  10. Meloetta

    Meloetta Banned

    "Hi, I can feel you buzz electric, I'll pick you up at the gate this evening"
  11. Jafian

    Jafian Active Member

    I think what is awkward is trying to introduce yourself to someone you have a crush on while trying to make some pretense for it while trying to gracefully segway that to telling him you are queer and have a crush on him. It's better to say screw all that and just spill it.
    I say forget trying to be graceful and just be totally honest and let the chips fall where they may. Just say "Hey, I gotta tell you something. I got a crush on you. Is that ok? If he says yes, introduce yourself and start asking questions. If he says no, then move on.

    It might sound like a paradox, but the best way to be graceful is to be comfortable with being awkward. Because even cats are awkward sometimes.
  12. MorphGirl

    MorphGirl Banned

    do what he does and smile at him when you two make eye contact. He probably just wants a friend at this point... maybe try friends and take it from there... not sure how old you are? If his mom is picking him up every day the last thing he needs is a relationship that odds are will end... sounds like you could both use a friend at this point
  13. ChangMitchell

    ChangMitchell Member

    Just go up to him and introduce yourself, pertaining to something in one of your classes, chat a bit, as about having lunch together tomorrow, you think he's pretty cool, etc.
    Maybe invite him over to study, play Nintendo, etc. Don't let the crush interfere, that makes real tension you don't need.
  14. logansandres

    logansandres New Member

    I used to have troubles like that when I was a kind.
  15. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Which kind of kind were you?

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