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Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by walsh, May 26, 2011.

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    I Kill My Self and Reborn Constantly,,,,, It's a Living Be-ing,,, not a Moment, Event, or Accomplishment
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    The "image", as you call it, that separates, is self image. Ego is social currency so it is important that your level of identification has real value. If you say of yourself that you are an individual that can be recognized only by your peculiar traits, then your ego takes an antithetical position to wholeness as a rule. However in classifying animals, it is the subjects similarities to others that gives them their classification. The thing that makes possible mans inhumanity toward man in any form, is the idea that the subject is not me or mine.

    You can restructure your level of identification to involve a larger sense of self that includes the well being of others as its baseline. You can make the same larger identification in the .choice of a sense of home. For instance instead of considering your house, or your city, or your country, your home, you could choose the earth as home and never ever find yourself away from it.

    Of course to change your sense of self in this manner you need deconstruct
    previous learning, as that sense of self, the social currency, was taught to us by our parents. Their criteria in many respects is to distinguish us from them. There is another teacher in the world and that one is not a-parent.
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    Everything is only temporary. Welcome to the human experince.
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    I don't know, my computer doesn't seem to have disintegrated over the last week, unlike the insight of my last acid trip.
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    How're about putting yourself through the Total Perspective Vortex?

    From Wikipedia:
    The Total Perspective Vortex is allegedly the most horrible torture device to which a sentient being can be subjected.
    When you are put into the Vortex you are given just one momentary glimpse of the entire unimaginable infinity of creation, and somewhere in it a tiny little mark, a microscopic dot on a microscopic dot, which says, "You are here."
    Located on the Frogstar, the machine was originally invented by one Trin Tragula in order to annoy his wife. Because she was forever nagging him for having no sense of proportion, he decided to invent something that would show her what having a sense of proportion really meant. The Total Perspective Vortex illustrated that "In an infinite universe, the one thing sentient life cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion."

    That should do it, although you'll have to invent it first. Good Luck! :)
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    Look at babes, look at what they say when they start talking. When they are hungry.


    One time existed a baby who's name was Peter. He was born without ego, a very pure and original human. They told him that he was Peter and that to him know him self he needs to know who is thinking. They asked him if he was hungry, he said "Peter is hungry". The parents were a little bit shocked by it, and they said to him "Say, I'm hungry". He repeated "Peter is hungry".

    Ego is not a question of right or wrong, it's a question of identification. By consequence the break of that identification make things working in harmony, so it can be confused with the "right actions". It's not right or wrong actions, it's neutral/harmony actions.

    How can one become full of compassion if he think "he is" without knowing what he is. He think he is a separated consciousness so he have the need to fight, to prove, or to do something that takes him high, to the top. He "lost" his confidence.

    The one fighting is the one who is very confused, very perturbed, so he is so blind, he is not really blind, but he wants to believe it, it's his dream. To be perturbed and dream with harmony, peace, but he tends to "create" suffer on others. The others are fools, they believe that they can be influenced, so they start to be.

    When one reaches his limit, his mind shut it's down, so he tries to work in harmony, because harmony gives peace. The harmony is accepted, there's no one against him, so he can be in peace, he thinks it's the right to be, then he believes in moral and ethic, and those bullshits. He starts to live an other face of ego, the opposite, he doesn't know nothing more than ego, than this small identification. He can try everything he wants, but he will always suffer, he will fight against suffer, so suffer will always be there because one that doesn't accept is always concerned about it, no matter if it is consciously or unconsciously.

    On the "wrong" side no one's accept him, so he tries everything to prove. On the "right" side, he starts to be accepted, but this acception has a need of attention. If he don't have this attention (to his inferiority complex) he will start suffering.

    That's a way of manipulation, breaking a person confidence. She will be blind by the suffer that she doesn't accept, so she will be living an "illusion". Always trying to be more confident, but it always get breaked. She can't make everyone accept her, since she was born everyone started to make her "better".

    Ego is necessary since we are in a lower way of communication, but the identification with thoughts creates the world we know. There can't be a revolution because a revolution can't be performed. But an big action of compassion can make all changes, can make a kind of revolution.

  7. walsh

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    How do you know? You haven't managed it, many others haven't, but you can't say it's not possible.
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    I'm refering this compassion to buddism. That's the only relegion I know that has all our intrinsic desires. They "trust" on all actions, they know that it will help us no matter if it's something not "right".

    But the change to make things work in harmony, and by consequence give us the so desired peace and joy, is a path of "non revolution". It's a "non logical" (it's very logical/instintive) way to do things.

    All masters said that everything must be done in peace (non in a repressing way). They said it because they know how equanimity helps, and how it's better doing things this way. It's just acting like in the begining. Sometimes we can't believe how life accepts stupid things, but she accepts, she don't judge and understand our needs.

    Every people that has come to follow the path, soon or later realize what masters said. What was before a "moral" has now a different meaning, and almost the full understandment about changing, and how it occurs.

    Revolution was a term used to the acts that are happening about world changing. It's not an unbalanced way.

    It's one of the most "logical" way to work out the problems.
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    take 20 hits and then meditate.....for as long as it takes..shouldnt be long
  10. nothing exists, this is the world of samsara, the world of sense pleasures, it is wholly illusion and empty, it is and has always been an infinite hologram which is non being, wanti
    all things are even lighter than light and more transient than the mist and air, this is the greatest of loves
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    Positive or negative vision of samsara?

    Why does everyone say that "this" doesn't exist? Everything exists. Spiritual and material world. It's different expressions from the same consciousness. We are already at home, there's no place to go, the only illusion I can see is if we are not balanced between interior and exterior world, we tend to suffer.

    Buddha was a master in interior world, but in exterior he was poor, there was suffer around him, he just accepted it and "didn't suffer".

    Look at a rich person, she is a master of exterior world, is that person happy? If yes you'll not see any manipulation, any desire to make people suffer. Pure compassion.

    If we can live between both worlds is because there's something to be done, using it's capabilities.

    All information about enlightenment, about samsara, are conditioning people, are creating desires. The whole teaching is based on interior world, exterior people can't understand shit, just the ones who go through the interior start to understand. It's necessary courage, it's the most risky adventure.

    The whole secret about it was a good thing, people can't handle this information. It is good to help people, but it needs to be in a proper way. This leaked information is just what was need to control people in ocident. They are maried with unhapiness and they dream about hapiness, this information is just food. People talk and talk and talk, there's 1 in 1000 that does something.
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    I find ego to be somewhat over done in this world.

    I can have an ego at times but, honestly, for me, I find that it really isn't hard at all to stop thinking egotistically.

    This is going to sound silly but, just look inside yourself. It seems that you might not know entirely who you are and what you want.

    Try to understand why someone might feel the need to up their ego.
    Once you find out the root of the cause, you'll have your answer :)

    For the most part, I have no interest in being the best at everything. I don't care to be looked up at and I definitely don't care to argue points to people.

    I look at it as, a waist of time. Also, you're bringing stress into your life without even knowing it.

    Buttom line, you really just need to learn why people do what they do. And once you do, things will become much clearer.

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