Small Business Survival In the Real World

Discussion in 'Hip Business Network' started by Tormentations, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Tormentations

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    How does your small business survive if people these days are out to keep their money from their spending?

    How does your small business survive if people don't trust people or small businesses?

    How does your small business even start with all these laws in place that may block you from accomplishing making money like how the U.S. mainly does have some laws against busking (street performing)?

    Do any of you run a small business? I just started mine yesturday over the net (check me out in the For Sale or Trade section). It has to do with over-the-mail though. It's a simple tarot card reading small business where I'd do touchstone readings if I had customers. Remember I'm the guy that has had no job for a long while. So I see it's time to make due, and just basically started another small business. The last small business I staretd failed long ago. But it just dawns on you the trust issue and people these days out to keep money rather than spend it. That makes it seem kind of hard for my fresh, new small business. In this new business of mine I only charge for a legal $5 dollar bill to be mailed to my business address in an secure envolope with a return address on it so that I can send the reading wanted in a print out I type out from my computer and printer. Simple concept. Do you suppose people see it as too easy for me to make money and wouldnt bother being a customer of mine out of jealousy?

    Oh yeah, what kind of small business do you have there? About how much have you been making in a week or a month?

    Looking forward to hearing from you fellow members trying to survive in the business world.

    Think about it... Without small business being given the time of day by prospects, what do we have? Nothing! How many of you would pass up being a customer of my styles tarot card reading done over the mail? Why come? Let me know so I may adjust my business practice in some areas.
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  2. thunk

    thunk Guest

    Answering a few of your questions, in order.

    My business survives...via hard work, constant learning, creativity and luck.

    My business is not an internet business. Trust is established via personal repore, word of mouth good reputation and from people seeing my product in person.

    Got started just by diving in, putting what little I had on the line.

    I do natural stone masonry. I lift heavy things. Heavier than tarot...but take a close gander at a rock sometime. I'd say the information density is comparable.
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  3. crochetsusy

    crochetsusy Guest

    it look enjoy thank you.
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  4. lovelyxmalia

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    I've been trying to start a small graphic design business and also a crafting business...but the competition is so brutal online.

    I think HF should make a networking system where we can all get services/products from other members that we trust will give us the business.
  5. Mothman

    Mothman Senior Member

    thunk said the magic word creativity. find new ways to get your product in front of people, don't limit yourself to the internet. Example...set up a booth at the local flea market and maybe sell a few related items. Sell some tarot decks, crystals etc. Get on craigslist and set up a tarot gathering of some sort and host it and do readings for free then give out cards with your website. People who enjoyed your first reading will return when they need advice again and gladly pay $5. Just some ideas to get you thinking, maybe you have already thought of all this but anyway...
  6. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Well.mine is differant ,in a way. It's roofing and people eventually have to re-roof. But--customer relations,honesty,and doing the absolute best at what you do is it.
  7. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian

    food stamps
  8. Yodhe

    Yodhe Guest

    ->girlfriend/partner/spouse with a decent job.

    Maybe oneday my work/busy-ness will work out and make some money and eventually a living, though I suspect I may well die before that day dawns.

    Though I knew before I started that psychedelic videos had a dodgy market audience. :D
  9. CBCO

    CBCO Guest

    I think it is time put in and finding good people who really don't want what they are spoon-fed by large Corps. There is a small amount of real and individual people who are out there just waiting for something new and support small business. Once you network to right-minded people the rest come following. Just a see-saw of sticking to a plan and having you eyes open for change, Lots of Creativity!!
  10. uisconnect

    uisconnect Guest

    do best in everythin you do... that's all we need i guess
  11. trndpage2006

    trndpage2006 Member

    People are afraid and distrusting of government that is owned by big banks and business with good reason and are not sure who to trust and it hurts everyone,so the best tool small business is word of mouth,many Fail not because of the product there sealing ,or not putting the time into the work
    after all why would some one put there life on holed for something thy dont belive in ,and if you believe in something you will fight for it till you cant fight no more,the trouble is we try to stand alone ,Ive went down with the ship several times myself but mistakes are only bad when we refuse to learn from them.
    when starting a business it takes on a life of its on,and its easy to get consume by it with all the problems to solve and often we are so close we cant see it till its to late,so take time to get out and meet other small businesses in your area thy are having a lot of the same problems,and maybe you can help each other by advertising for each other,maybe you have an answer for a problem thy over looked ,
    show your appreciation to you costumers after all there the ones that make you are bark you,invite to them cook out and let them know you care,or just have a free hotdog day for the people its a great way to meet people and let them know your there and what you do,a small kindness can go a long ways
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  12. Poneelovesyou

    Poneelovesyou Member

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