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Discussion in 'Hip Awards' started by LauraMay, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. LauraMay

    LauraMay Rainbow Humper

    Who do you nominate?
  2. LauraMay

    LauraMay Rainbow Humper

    Odon and Greengirl :)
  3. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    Thanks, May. I'm going to start :blush5:
  4. LauraMay

    LauraMay Rainbow Humper


    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Thanks May, I'm Going To Start

    Cheers Glen.
  6. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    Get ready to fill another bucket, Glen.

    LauraMay. [​IMG]
  7. naedhippie

    naedhippie Banned

    too hard!
    or mojo
  8. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    I take it you are a BIG fan of women?
    This is a shame.
    Oh well, one less vote for me. :tongue:
  9. naedhippie

    naedhippie Banned

    Oh Or .. cherea !

    TBH odon I thought you were a girl for the longest time, and I don't remember what you look like.:eek:
  10. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    Lol. no. So, I come across as a girl?
    I could be Cherea's better looking younger brother.
    (Ok, maybe not)
    Page: 34,35 and 39 (39, this is where things go down hill fast.)
  11. naedhippie

    naedhippie Banned

    CAME..Yeah, at first. I don't remember why I thought that.LOL

    You have horribly dif page settings than me that thread is only 32 pgs long. I found you and I sorta agree, thats eerie. :eek:
  12. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    No worries. With out pictures it is sometimes difficult to know.

    "...things go down hill fast."


  13. DazedGypsy

    DazedGypsy fire

  14. Greengirl

    Greengirl Senior Member

  15. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    I think this is the point where less polite members of the forum would be thinking...then posting: Pictures or get the fuck out of here.
    I'm not one of those impolite posters though.
  16. DazedGypsy

    DazedGypsy fire

    take my word for it
    i have pics for anyone interested but i don't really want to post them to the world.
  17. odon

    odon Slightly Popular

    I'm vaguely interested, merely just to compare yourself with myself.
    So, send me a PM if you like... :rolleyes:
  18. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree Remain In Light

    Luxiebow, she's an angel from Heaven
  19. whimbrel

    whimbrel Wasteland Soldier

    lynzxx all the way
  20. lynzxx

    lynzxx Senior Member

    aww ... whimbrel... shes one sexy laaddyyy :)

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