seeking vocalist(s) for MJ devotional song

Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by herbskindessence, Mar 3, 2005.


    which is a free download, by the way

    the song is called "What A Friend We Have In Maryjane"

    anyway, this is a good song that deserves a much better vocalist (or vocalists) than I will ever be.

    I sing it well enough that, if you have a good ear, you can hear what it COULD or SHOULD sound like, though.

    I am only interested in hearing from vocalists to whom cannabis is not merely a drug but a sacrament or at least a respected ally on the journey of inner and outer development.

    it doesn't matter how far away you might be, with the proper digital tools, we can put yur voice onto this song, or onto a new version of this song. Bands are also welcome to respond, if it moves ya.
  2. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    It's funny. I used to have a great voice and sing beautifully. It was smoking pot that ruined my voice. I figured it wasn't like I was going to make a career out of it, so I didn't stop smoking to save it. Sorry I can't be of any help!
  3. Me 2.
    But, I can't believe at your young age, that your vocal chords couldn't rejuvenate if you did the smart thing, which is to begin an "eating only" intake restriction of your "pot" smoke, just eat...or, if you are super-flush with supply, rub a tablespoon of pure honey-oil all over your face, they way they used to do it, with the "annointing oils"... you'll be seeing god and tripping for 3 days, but...sometimes, that's a good thing :)

    as far as being any kind of a performer goes, you just gotta wanna do it bad enuf, then you won't let anything stop will find solutions to obstacles...

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