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Discussion in 'Hip Business Network' started by BlissRainbow, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    Hi, Starlight Bliss Rainbow here, no longer in the military Navy due to my high school history and my trouble handling great amounts of stress, and now I am a self-named Freelancer as one who loves to do every thing and for any amounts of time as I please.~

    I am thinking about jumping into Forestry and I was wondering what exactly does that include?

    I am a 'hippie', I have very strong beliefs and views about every thing.~

    I like the sound of Forestry, but like many occupations out there there tends to be a few details that I do not like.~

    I see all things as equal, nothing has 'more' nor 'less' 'value' than another, for example: an Ant's life is equal to a Tree's life to a Human's life to me.~

    So Forestry sounds wonderful: being outside, living in nature, caring for the trees with my own hands, helping nature and human harmony,

    but I don't like the "trimming" of any thing, branch cutting, grass mowing, pulling out "weeds", etc. -> all very violent activities towards plants, for what? Who is any to say how any life forms are "allowed to grow into shape" through control through "violent butchering, killing, and disfigurement" to appease some very subjective view of "beauty" or "what is best", seems very arrogant of Humans to me.~

    Before any start to self-validatedly judge me: I know where my meals come from and in the simplest way to say it: I am a scavenger, I will eat almost any thing, but it has to be already dead and I refuse to kill any thing myself, although baby animals is the food type I refuse to eat as I don't like the idea at all.~

    I also have an Associate's of Arts in General Studies - Arts degree and I was hoping for some suggestions as for possible jobs I could get into.~

    I hope to one day join the Peace Corps to.~

    I was thinking about joining the Job Corps if I qualify so this all could help me choose what possible field to study in.~

    Things I would prefer in a job:

    Non-Violent (includes non-Humans even plants)

    Doesn't hassle me about my wildly grown un-cut, un-trimmed, fur all over my body especially my future head and face mane down to my feet or longer

    Is outside

    Is NOT in the "city"

    Is NOT constantly "fast-paced", I like to take my time as I prefer quality over speed and I would most preferably like to set my own pace

    Doesn't require that I "make a lot of money and/or a certain amount of money" as money is only as useful to me as I use it and I don't like to use it often and why would I work for some thing I don't value the same way my employers would?

    If I ever "charged" a "fee" of "money" (not likely as I probably barter ideally) for some thing it would probably be incredibly cheap as I love giving people discounts

    My strengths:

    I like helping people for nothing in return often by giving them advice, just some one to talk to, or with almost any thing they might need.~

    I like to cook often coming up with healthy recipes of my own invention

    I love nature as I will do any thing to protect, nurture, and respect it

    I tend to have very profound wisdom that just randomly comes from inside of me that often help people a lot

    I love to be physical as I love 'natural' movement such as climbing, running, swimming all as bare as probable

    I am very 'in-tune' with other species as I show them respect, but I dislike slavery so I don't like going to prisons and slave-trade markets like Zoos and Pet Stores

    I am very good at organizing things, but I work well with chaos to

    I am very creative often writing many short stories, drawing many things, painting every thing, etc.

    I'm actually gifted when it comes to video games, not only are they my own "world" much like a child Watching and loving every thing Disney going to Disneyland, but starting with The Elder Scrolls: Morrowwind Creation Kit with a little HTML coding and up to Skyrim Creation Kit so far I do very much enjoy creating video game content surprisingly (at least when it comes to Skyrim) more than I like playing it.~ o_O
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  2. Pink-Zeppelin

    Pink-Zeppelin Member

    Stay positive . keep a open mind .
    Godspeed .
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  3. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Forestry is government employees working for the benefit of loggers.

    What about botany?
    Could you eliminate a species to save another, such as certain larvae to save a host tree?
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  4. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member


    I just checked with the Job Corps, I have a feeling of dread when I think about joining the Job Corps so I won't do that.~

    I've decided I'm happy right now, a job would be nice to get some kind of money income, but I'm content.~

    I think I'll stay with my family for about 1 year then some how head over to a hippie commune, stay there for a few years maybe or check out different communes in California all how they did in the 60's: any way I can such as backpacking by foot, hitchhiking, driving, carpooling, public-transportation, etc. and then head on over to Europe by getting on the nearest boat or ship and working for food, a place to sleep, and a ride to where ever they're going.~

    Or not, what happens happens.~ :)
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  5. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Many of those methods have changed radically.
    Plus there's a zen in labor with cause.
    Might want to check out Slab City, though.

    You could sign up for WOOF.
    Volunteer with the Pacific Crest Trail.
    Volunteer with an animal shelter, no kill.

    Might find something that's lights up yr soul.
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  6. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    Thanks, I actually love to create things but the issue that comes up with getting into creative fields is they usually are required to cater to the "whims of the buyers" in order to "make money" and I don't like the idea of having a job like that.~

    I just want to create things and help nature, I don't want to have to "convince" some one, at least directly, to "buy" some thing in order to "make money for today".~

    I actually would like some kind of money income.~

    I do love to create video game content as that includes my writing skills for a story, game coding, game element combining, and visual art.~

    I have already designed some mods for Skyrim using the Creation Kit, especially this really big one called Werewolves Unleashed on the Skyrim Nexus that I am actually thinking about using as a starting base for creating a Werewolf focused campaign much like Dawnguard was for Vampires, I've actually already written the background story and was thinking about how to write the actual quest-possible progression of the continued player-driven-story-line.~

    I'm thinking I could use my Liberal Arts degree to get into Game Script Writing as in Story-Writing, maybe getting into some creative computer classes might help me expand my knowledge some what although I've heard that Game Designers themselves are not usually required to have major computer technical skills nor knowledge to actually design a good-game, they simply mostly do Game Script Writing.~

    My Video Game Creation Areas as far as Skyrim Modding goes are Werewolf related any thing and every thing and "Realism", basically the things I felt and saw were "lacking" in the game.~

    I think it would awesome to design video games as my "official job", just thinking about that fills me with passion!~ ^_^

    Although in order to get into designing the kind of video games I want, I might have to sacrifice "making money" for "making a video game I can be proud of" at least for a few years.~

    So I wouldn't mind and in fact would love the idea of working in a Library since I already have experience in Volunteering in a Library for 2 years and loved it, but it would be nicer to get paid for it.~

    This could be my "income job" while designing games could be "one of my hobbies that I might one-day turn into a career", who knows, maybe I could one day some how end-up getting a Bacholar's Degree in Liberal Arts and qualify for even more jobs.~

    I actually don't mind the above I said about "living in the city" or "being fast-paced".~

    I just want to grow all my natural body-fur out some day, I don't mind bathing, I just don't want to shave...ever.~

    I don't want to "hurt things" for a living like mowing lawns, chopping down trees, "exterminating" things, etc.~

    I don't have to work doing a job that "helps" the environment, I just don't want to work doing a job that actively and intentionally "harms" the environment such as oil companies, toxic waste factories, mall, home, and condo developers, etc.~

    I would love to hear some more ideas from any one based on what I have said so far.~
  7. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Can you explain how creating video games helps nature?

    And it is have it have not finished your BA?

    I work with a start up that designs and builds solar powered intelligent greenhouses for urban markets. (Food justice meets sustainability)
    My income gig is massage therapy. (Healing)

    I've been a reporter, photographer and editor. concert director, assistant technical director, grunt labor at festivals and venues.
    I've installed audio and lights for venues.

    I've sold art tie dyes and band merch.
    Had a market garden to pay for college. Rotated with three other gardeners to keep one booth rolling at a farmers market.

    Painted and sold with a little success. Trade more of them.
  8. Gongshaman

    Gongshaman Modus Lascivious

    LOL, good call.
  9. Sallysmart

    Sallysmart Raynstorm Serenade

    Hippie jobs? I thought that was the first one up brewed the coffee and the second one up washed the dishes and the third one up had to fix the bus.
  10. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    Thinking about getting a degree in Cultures, some thing to do with Cultures...~ I love experiencing and learning about different Cultures!~ ^_^
  11. Gongshaman

    Gongshaman Modus Lascivious

    You could get a job as minister of culture, right?
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  12. Laci

    Laci Well-Known Member

    You could work for the Dept of Conservation or something and do presentations at schools about why we need to treat the environment with kindness

    You could work for an animal shelter, homeless shelter, crisis center.

    You could start your own small business selling things you're interested in, just make sure you don't give so many discounts that you don't make enough to stay afloat.

    You could work as a chef for a small, family-owned restaurant.

    You could work for a farmer (corn, soybeans, etc)

    You could be a farm-hand.
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  13. Bilby

    Bilby Freerangertarian

    Being a chef takes a fair amount of training and can be quite stressful.
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  14. Laci

    Laci Well-Known Member

    Well, I currently work as an assistant construction worker for a home remodeling company. I paint walls, help with little tasks like vacuuming, filing papers, loading things in and out of the truck, putting spackle on holes, little tasks like that and I really enjoy it so far. Making $10/hour. It allows me to work outdoors, not insanely stressful, doesn't require much more than common sense and the ability to follow simple directions. Something to think about. It also allows you to work fairly independently.

    I also work as a farm-hand and really enjoy it. I help feed the chickens, feed/water the goats, check them for any easy-to-spot changes to their health or well-being. I scoop poop, mow the lawn, help tend to the garden. I think you'd be really good as a farm-hand.
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  15. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Reviving this to make it an ongoing, I hope, thread.

    Two questions seem to arise here:
    What is a "hippie job"
    how do you find that work that calls to you, and hopefully will support you?

    I've always sought the employ that is interesting and feeds my soul as well as my belly. My previous posts detail many of those steps on my journey.
    But now, I've got to build a clientele (more so than a business, in my eyes).
    Marketing, oddly, is my downfall.
    I'm not the social media generation. I found HF in uni, in, not important...(cough,98,cough).
    It isn't a natural impulse to turn to FB, Twitter or Pinterest when I seek new clients.
    But it should be an impulse, to turn to FB.
    It's really the same as leaving my card at the health food store. But I can do it at 2 am. (And tell it to post during morning scroll times. That is cool.)

    As for creatives who are skilled enough to make a living doing their passion, there's got to be give and take.
    Great artists and craftspeople have always had patrons. Someone you keep just happy enough to do what you want to do.
    Artists who refused were dying in poverty.
    No shame in poverty, but I do think not trying carries shame. And should. A sense of shame is self propulsion to do better.

    Art compels work.
    Passions compel work.

    Work isn't necessarily employment in the sense of a paycheck.

    It's getting up at 4 am to write the next 1000 words before going to the paid job.
    It's coming in from one job and starting immediately on your side job.
    I come home and either paint, write, or tinker with my web site.
    One of these things I am really good at, now. Soon I'll be better at all of them.

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